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Online quizzes and notes are available for getting 100% results in th initial tests of Pak Army, Pak Navy and PAF. If you want to join Pak Defence Forces then start doing practice here.

All tests have past papers and past experience of the candidates which help the students about the right direction regarding each subject quiz and most repeated questions of the academic tests.

Practicing here means to become confident and fully prepared for appearing into the all Officers, Soldiers, Airman, Sailors and Civilian Tests. Moreover, those who are prepareing for GDP, PAF Logistic, PMA, TCC, LCC, AFNS, SSC, DSSC, PN Cadet, and other commissioned branches they can visit concerned pages and find their related tests.

If you get more than 95% result here then you will be pass  inshallah. Practice makes a man perfect. Install it ito your mobile or find our mobile application from Google Play Store. 

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Note: For detail understanding about Verbal and Non-Verbal Tests, subscribe our YouTube Channel ofShaheen Forces Academyand moreover install our mobile app ofShaheen Forcesfor online practice and Notes of different subject. Complete notes of ISSB are also available in Mobile app. In case of any query, contact at Skype.

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Subject Notes

After Quizzes, yo can find here subject notes in PDF format, Image format from the following which helps to imporove your knowledge about academic tests. In case of non-availability of notes related to your tests then leave your comments in the comments section below for our guidance. Soon those notes will be uploaded here. 

Address & Contacts of Selection Centers

1.     Pakistan Army Selection & Recruitment CentersClick Here
2.     Pakistan Navy Selection CentersClick Here
3.     Pakistan Air Force Information & Selection Centers Click Here

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