Group Planning

Group Planning in ISSB

In Group Planning, students are given a plan with some resources and particular time in which they are to complete the plan with 100% success. This is actually to see the planning ability of the students that in any difficult situation during the service, how an officer will defence the situation accurately. Method of Group planning in ISSB is same for Army, Navy and PAF.

Students must be alert while listening the instruction of the psychologist because most of the students do not pay their attention and when psychologist ask about the questions then they remain fail to explain. Those who are worried about group planning they are advised to see the list of group planning given below for getting best results in ISSB. For more understanding some links are given at the end. Must see them. 

group planning

Group Planning Methods and Techniques

In Group Planning, students are given a plan with men, material and resources in which they are to execute the plan and must accomplish the task. If they divide their groups to execute the plan for different tasks separately then it means they have done best group planning. Some of the examples are given below. 

List of Group Planning Tasks

Note: If you want to get more information about your personality , then take guidance from Psychologists. 

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