Word Association Tests is an essential parts of the ISSB where students are given 100 different words and students are asked to make a complete meaningful sentence by using that particular word. Time for each word is given only 10 seconds. 

If you are going to appear in the ISSB examination then you must do a lot of practice about word association tests so that you may able to write the best sentence in given specific time. Here, find the best instructions to make a right sentence.  

Always do more practice for Word Association Tests before appearing in ISSB. Because best practice keeps the originality of your mind pointing to the right direction. Find best methods to make the sentences best in ISSB. 

Instructions for Word Association Tests (WAT) in ISSB

How to prepare Word Association Tests?

  • WAT test is ISSB means Word Association Test in which 100 words are shown to the students for writing a complete sentence in English.
  • Each word is being shown for 10 seconds only and during this time a candidate has to write a complete and meaningful sentence having a larger scope in itself.
  • Word Association test can be prepared easily through Pak Shaheens. This website gives a complete preparation which is free and online.
  • A candidate can prepare Word Association Test by studying all these words given below and then he/ she must do practice as per video given below. If you become successful in writing at least more than 90 sentences then it means you are well prepared.
  • Best books for preparing Word Association Test is the website of Pak Shaheens. Where all types of excellent words sentences have been made for the students under the guidance of the ISSB Psychologists.
  • In psychology, WAT ISSB means that making a complete sentence on a word which shows your insight that what you have in your mind and what type of personality you have.
  • Here one can find ISSB WAT test online free for full preparation of Word Association Test.

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List of Solved Words Association Tests

Find the list of Word Association Tests below for more practice of ISSB. 

Solved Word Association Tests -1

S.No Words Sentence
1.   AgreeHe is agreed with my opinion.
2.   SoulSoul never die.
3.   AssistStudent was assisted.
4.   RegretHe feel sorry for his mistake.
5.   CannotHe cannot waste his time.
6.   DrinkDrink was cold.
7.   BeginHe began exercise in morning.
8.   HolidayIn holidays he learn new concepts.
9.   DisciplineOur army is well disciplined.
10.GirlGirls are hard worker.
11.PlaygroundHe does running in playground.
12.FollowFollow the leader’s command.
13.DictatorshipPeople were oppressed in Dictatorship.
14.DemocracyDemocracy provide good leaders.
15.RiskSoldier risked his life for country.
16.AwardHe was awarded with first prize.
17.WithdrawnThe enemy withdrew.
18.DefeatPakistan defeated India in cricket match.
19.SnakeSnake was black.
20.ContinueLife is the name of continuous struggle.
21.CustomHe developed a customized software.
22.EnjoyHe enjoy to play cricket.
23.GardenGarden is full of flowers.
24.  EnemyHis enemies frightens of him.
25. FaithKeep Faith in Allah.
26. HelpGod helps those who help themselves.
27.CinemaCinema was capacious.
28.MoneyMoney was enough.

Solved Word Association Tests No -2

1.BeardBeard enhance man’s beauty.
2.HonestHonesty is the best policy.
3.LoseIndia lost the match by two runs.
4.SimpleCoding was simple.
5.QuietStudents were quiet in the class.
6.SensibleHis teacher was sensible.
7.PatienceAllah love patience.
8.FlowerGarden is full of flowers.
9.PowerUnity is power.
10.SwordSword was sharp.
11.InterviewHe passed his ISSB interview.
12.AdversityDifficulties were solved.
13.InfluenceTeacher advice effected my mind.
14.MoralityProphet saw Morality is role model.
15.WisdomWise people save their time.
16.SuicideSuicide is a sin.
17.UppermostHis house is at uppermost hill.
18.EfficiencyOur forces work efficiently.
19.AnnoyTraffic sounds were annoying.
20.FearHe has a fear of Allah.
21.WineStay away from wine.
22.WillHis will is to become an officer.
23.FineHe is fit and fine.
24.LastGet knowledge till your last breath.
25.DefendHe defended his speech.
26.DangerElectricity wires are dangerous.
27.RentHouse rent was paid on time.
28.SacrificeSoldiers sacrifices their life for nation.
29.SoulSoul never die.
30.EscapeNo one can escape death.

Solved Word Association Tests No -3

1.WorkHard work is the key to success.
2.AtomAtom is the smallest particle.
3.CountryOur country is beautiful.
4.ArmyOur Army is strong.
5.StepHe stepped into the technology World.
6.CompanyHe has a good friends company.
7.LoveLove your Parents.
8.DutySoldiers are dutiful.
9.GirlGirls are hard worker.
10.EatDo care in eating.
11. DecideHis decision was correct.
12. BeatBeat your enemy.
13.FightFight for your rights.
14.LieLie has no feet.
15.GivePlease give your address.
16.EnjoyHe enjoys to play cricket.
17.CarefulBe careful in journey.
18.SuccessSuccess is due to hard work.
19.TrustIn trouble trust in Allah.
20.SolveProblem was solved.
21.StoryChildren love story.
22.BreakGame rules were not broken.
23.FearHe has a fear of Allah.
24.DefeatPakistan defeated India in cricket.
25.EnemyOur forces do not afraid of enemy.

Solved Word Association Tests No -4

S.No Words Sentences
1.PeaceIslam is a peaceful religion.
2.FineHe is fine and fit.
3.DelayIt was delay in dinner.
4.CharacterHe has a good character.
5.HardStone is hard.
6.JourneyJourney was amazing.
7.GhostHe saw ghosts in dreams.
8.RespectRespect your elders.
9.DutySoldiers are dutiful.
10.LifeLife ends with death.
11.PoorPoor people are hard worker.
12.ClimbLadder is used for climbing.
13.ProblemWeb code problem was solved.
14.AttemptHe passed ISSB in first attempt.
15.HappyHe celebrate birth day happily.
16.BooksBooks were in the box.
17.RestHe took rest after finished the task.
18.ShortHe answered the question in short.
19.DesignHe designed a new web page layout.
20.SaveHe saved your time.
21.SickHe took medicines due to sickness.
22.WarWar and Peace is a part of life.
23.AloneHe finished the task alone.
24.FatherHe love his father.
25.SystemEducation system is computerized.
26.FalseIndian media is based on falsehood.
27.NatureOur body is nature greatest gift.

Solved Word Association Tests No -5

1TableTable was suitable for study.
2DarkIt was dark in night.
3MusicMusic should be listened in earphone.
4DarknessLittle light seen in darkness.
5ManMan was strong.
6DeepOceans are deep.
7SoftHe like making software.
8EatingDo care in eating.
9MountainMountain was high.
10HouseHouse was decorated.
11BlackThe was black
12MuttonMutton was tasty.
13ComfortHe felt comfort after exam.
14HandWash your hands.
15ShortHe was shortlisted.
16FruitFruit was delicious.
17SoftHis speech was so soft.
18EatingWash your hands before eating.
19FruitFruit was tasty.
20ShortThe distance of mosque is short.
21SmoothSurface was smooth.
22CommandLeader’s commands was successful.
23SweetSweet was tasty.
24WhistleHe blows whistle loudly.
25WomanWomen should get technical education.
26ColdIt was cold today.

Solved Word Association Tests No - 6

1WishHe wishes to be an officer.
2DarkIt was dark night.
3LazyExercise is better than laziness.
4DifferHis answer was different.
5TearHis tears were of happiness.
6CarFormula one car are fastest.
7ShowShow your computer skills.
8DefendHe defended the wicket.
9BowBow in front of Allah.
10TeamHe likes team work.
11FlowerFlowers are beautiful.
12PainNo pain No gain.
13SmokeSmoking is injurious to health.
14SlipFloor was slippery.
15SpendHe spends time with parents.
16LooseKeep aim high instead of losing temper.
17SwimSwim fast.
18ProsWindow process was sharp.
19WoundHis wound was fine now.
20CatchCatches win matches.
21KeyHard work is the key to success.
22PastPast always be remembered.
23NightNight was cold.
24DirtRoom was dirt free.
25TearHe sheds tears for parents health.

Solved Word Association Tests No - 7

1JoyHe feels joy with brothers.
2DeathLife ends with death.
3ShootShoot the target correctly.
4CinemaCinema was capacious.
5QuickRun quickly.
6FootOne foot equals to twelve inches.
7PickPick the main points to teach.
8FrontBow in front of Allah.
9HabitControl diet in a good habit.
10SteamSteam goes upward.
11BurnIn winter we burn woods.
12BowBow in front of Allah.
13DearMy brother is dear to me.
14SwimHe was fast swimmer.
15OppositeMosque is opposite to my house.
16BeerAvoid to take beer.
17RuleRules was obeyed.
18StopStop to sleep late night.
19FootballFootball match was interesting.
20UnableHe was unable for horse riding.
21AdviceHis advice was meaningful.
22ChildChilds was innocent.
23NeedHe needs new books of computer.
24ChairHe has broken a chair.
25MoneyMoney was enough.

Solved Word Association Tests No - 8

1PuzzleCube puzzle was solved.
2ErrorHe found a fix to code error.
3DefendWickets were defended.
4FallWaterfall was amazing.
5FindHe found no error in coding.
6RiverOceans are deep
7BeautifulFlowers were beautiful.
8WindowOpen the window for fresh air.
9WindowWindow process was fast.
10RoughSurface was rough.
11CitizenHe is a Pakistani citizen.
12FootHe has strong feet.
13SpiderSpider was clever.
14NeedleNeedle was sharp.
15RedBlood is red.
16SleepChild needs eight hours sleep daily.
17AngerControl your anger.
18CarpetCarpet was green.
19GirlGirls are hard worker.
20HighHe secured high marks.
21WorkingToday was working day.
22SourGrapes are sour.
23EarthEarth is round.
24troubleTroubles were solved.
25SoldierSoldiers are brave.

Solved Word Association Tests No - 9

1LuckyHe was lucky.
2KnifeKnife was sharp.
3EncourageI encouraged my brother to study.
4DangerElectricity wires are dangerous.
5FamilyHis family is living happily.
6BadDoor’s color was bad.
7OfficerHis wish is to be an officer.
8MusicMusic was disturbing.
9MoneyTime is money.
10AngerControl your anger.
11BadHe saw bad dreams.
12DecideHe decided to join Pak navy.
13BrightLight was bright.
14AttackAttack was stopped.
15SolveProblem was solved.
16DifferHis ideas were different.
17ErrorSoftware was error free.
18FallWaterfall was amazing.
19KnowledgeGet knowledge to last breath.
20LiveMay you live long.
21HomeHis home was near to mine.
22BloodBlood is thicker than water.
23WifeNo life without wife.
24DislikeHe dislikes volleyball.
25UpsetHe is upset for parent’s health.

Solved Word Association Tests No - 10

1ReligionIslam is a true religion.
2LeadTeam work leads to success.
3MouthSmall mouth nice words.
4ThinkHis thoughts were deep.
5FamilyHis family is educated.
6FightFight for your rights.
7ObtainHe obtained high marks.
8MuslimMuslims are brothers.
9DelayDinner was delayed.
10HillLooking down the hill is awesome.
11NeedSuccess needs hard work.
12SleepHe sleeps on time.
13BrightHis future is bright.
14KeyHard work is the key to success.
15QuickHe quickly solved puzzle.
16LampTable lamp was used for study.
17DeepHis thoughts were deep.
18TeacherTeachers were honest.
19KnowledgeKnowledge is power.
20PrayHe prayed for future.
21BoyBoys are intelligent.
22BloodBlood is red.
23WifeWife is cooperative.
24WearWear neat dresses.
25BoyBoys are hard worker.

Solved Word Association Tests No - 11

1EfficiencyArmy works efficiently.
2KnifeKnife was used for cutting.
3AnnoyTraffic sounds were annoying.
4DangerElectricity wires are dangerous.
5FamilyThey live like a family.
6WillHis will is to be an officer.
7OfficerHe wishes to be an officer.
8FineHe is fine.
9MoneyMoney was enough.
10AngerIn anger he goes to garden.
11LostIf he lost he will try again.
12RentHouse rent was paid on time.
13BrightHe loves bright future.
14SacrificeSoldiers sacrifice their lives.
15SolveProblem was solved.
16DifferHe thinks differently.
17ErrorEssay was error free.
18FallPride hath a fall.
19KnowledgeKnowledge is power.
20WorryHe is worried for his future.
21SoulSoul lives forever.
22EscapeMouse try to escape but cat caught.
23PoorPoor people are hard workers.
24DislikeI dislike enemy of Pakistan.
25UpsetHe is upset for sister’s health.

Solved Word Association Tests No - 12

1AppearHis appearance was good.
2KnifeKnife was of silver color.
3ChildChildren are innocent.
4DangerPoisons are dangerous.
5TasteBeef was tasty.
6BadHe saw bad dreams.
7WentHe went to Murree.
8MusicMusic was listened in earphones.
9DrinkDrink was cold.
10AngerControl your anger.
11ClimbHe completed climbing tasks.
12DefendSpeech was defended.
13BrightLight was bright.
14HateI hate enemy of Pakistan.
15SolvePuzzle was solved.
16VillageVillage was beautiful.
17ErrorError free software was build.
18StruggleStruggle for your rights.
19DisciplineArmy is well disciplined.
20FailureFailure leads to success.
21WorkWork hard to achieve goals.
22BloodBlood is red.
23FamilyHe is from educated family.
24PracticePractice makes a man perfect.
25BoxBooks were in the box.

Solved Word Association Tests No - 13

1UppermostThe uppermost story was decorated.
2SuicideSuicide is prohibited in Islam.
3WisdomHis advice is full of wisdom.
4MoralityHe has high morality.
5InfluenceHis personality influenced me.
6AdversityFace adversity with courage.
7InterviewHe passed the ISSB interview.
8PowerKnowledge is power.
9PatienceAllah love patience.
10SensibleOur teachers are sensible.
11QuietStudents were quiet in the class.
12SimpleThe question was simple.
13LoseIf he lost he will try again.
14BeardBeard is sunnah.
15HonestOur forces are honest.
16AtomAtom is the smallest particle.
17CountryOur country is beautiful.
18ArmyArmy is well disciplined.
19StepWe are stepped into the Artificial Intelligence.
20CompanyHe has a good friend company.
21LoveLove your parents.
22DutySoldiers are dutiful.
23GirlGirl are hard worker.
24AdversityDifficulties were solved.
25Dictatorship.Musharraf was a great dictator.

Solved Word Association Tests No - 14

1ForeignAmjad is foreign qualified.
2EscapeMouse try to escape but cat caught.
3PriestPriest was humble.
4StoreStore more words.
5CrushBest crush was used in building.
6GardenGarden is full of flowers.
7FaithKeep faith in Allah.
8HelpHe has helpful friends.
9CinemaCinema was capacious.
10MoneyTime is money.
11PeacePeace brings prosperity.
12FineHe is fine.
13DelayDinner was delayed.
14CharacterHe has good character.
15JourneyIn journey he enjoyed.
16GhostHe saw ghosts in dreams.
17RespectRespect elders.
18DutySoldiers are dutiful.
19LifeLife is the name of continuous struggle.
20PoorPoor people are hard workers.
21UseHe used high security in site.
22ClimbHe climbed using rope.
23ProblemProblems were solved.
24AttemptHe has done task in first attempt.
25HappyHis family lives happily.

Solved Word Association Tests No - 15

1JusticeJustice brings prosperity.
2InjusticeGovt. has laws for injustice.
3BooksBooks were in the shelf.
4RestHe took rest after hard work.
5ShortThe shortest distance is called displacement.
6DesignHis design model was amazing.
7WorkHard work is the key to success.
8AtomAtom is the smallest particle.
9CountryOur country is beautiful.
10ArmyArmy is strong.
11StepHe step up the stairs quickly.
12CompanyHe has a good friends company.
13LoveLove your parents.
14DutyHe was dutiful.
15GirlGirl are honest.
16EatEat balanced diet.
17DecideHe decided to join forces.
18BeatPakistan beat India by two runs.
19FightFight for your rights.
20LieLie has no feet.
21EnjoyHe enjoys to play cricket.
22CarefulHe is careful in his work.
23SuccessSuccess needs hard work.
24TrustTrust in Allah.
25StoryStory’s end was happiest.

Solved Word Association Tests No - 16

1 solved pic scaled

Solved Word Association Tests No - 17

2 solved pic scaled

Solved Word Association Tests No - 18

3 solved pic scaled

Solved Word Association Tests No - 19

4 solved pic scaled

Solved Word Association Tests No - 20

5 solved pic scaled

Solved Word Association Tests No - 21

6 solved pic scaled

Solved Word Association Tests No - 22

7 solved pic scaled
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