Progressive Group Task

Progressive Group Task is the essential part of ISSB in which students are being observed for their leadership qualities with different aspects. 

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Candidates are to show their abilities to work in a team and tackling problems in practical form. Their role as a team leader is being observed and students perform multiple tasks at a time. 

progressive group task

Progressive Group Task has 30 Minutes total time in which students perform group activity to complete the task as assigned by the GTO. If students show lethargic movements or less activities then all things are being observed there in depth. 

The whole group is required to work collectively and must be at one page for the the completion of the given task. Students must use their intelligence for the solution of all hurdles inside the progressive group task. 

Role of GTO in Progressive Group Task

GTO has the following roles during Progressive Group Task which are given below;

  • Explaination of the task clearly.
  • Explaining about what is Inbound and what is out of bound.
  • Explaining the role of Phatta, Bali, Rope or other material which may be used during the task.
  • Explaining the rules of the tasks.
  • Clearing the doubts of the students before starting the task.
  • Appreciating on completion of the task or further explanation of the task if not completed.

Points to Remember in Progressive Group Task

While explanation the task by the GTO, following points must be remembered:

  • Listen carefully the points of the tasks. 
  • Understand the rules carefully. 
  • Think solution before time. 
  • make a road map in mind quickly. 
  • Use material technically as we use Fulcrum with Phatta. 
  • Cooperate with the group in all matters. 
  • Give good suggestion if you have. 
  • Always be initiative. 
  • Must be responsible. 
  • Never cross the limits unless asked by the GTO. 
  • Have a good exercise before going to ISSB. 
  • Never feel stress. 
  • If someone break the rules intentionally or unintentionally then inform the individual and correct the candidates at the spot. 

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