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Basic role of Air Defence branch officers is to keep an eye on the movement of enemies aircraft. PAF enroll officers in air defence branch so that aerial defence may become strong.

Complete guidance is available about initial tests including intelligence tests and academic tests of PAF Air Defence Branch jobs. 

If you have applied for career in PAF Jobs as an Officer in Air Defence branch then you must do practice here for 100% passing result in the academic and initial tests of air defence. 

Past papers of Air Defence and PAF Tests are available here. Always see the advertisement and apply as per given terms & conditions. You can do online practice for all tests that you find after registration at PAF website to Join PAF.

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All types of notes are also available. For Notes CLICK HERE. For Online practice tests CLICK HERE

Current PAF Job Advertisement for Air Defence Branch -2024

PAF Jobs 2024

Criteria & Procedure of Air Defence Branch Officers

Age 16 to 22 Years
Nationality Male citizens of Pakistan
Marital Status Single
Height Male: 163 cm or 5′ 4″ (Check your Weight HERE)
Educational Qualification 

A candidate must have passed FSc (Part I & II) with at least 60% aggregate marks in any one of the following :-

  • (a) FSc (Pre Engg / Pre-Medical / Computer Science)
  • (b) FSc with Physics and any two subjects ie Statistics, Maths, Computer Science or Biology
  • (c) A- Level with Physics and Maths or Biology (O- Level in five subjects). 
Written Tests for Air Defence: 

Tests pattern for Air Defence Branch  includes the following subjects in which main two tests are being conducted i.e., Intelligence Test and Academic Test. Intelligence test includes Verbal and Non Verbal and in academic paper of English and Physics tests are included: 

See More PDF Notes for PAF Initial Tests:

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Last date of online registration for PAF Air Defence Branch is April 13, 2024 

Online Tests for Air Defence Branch

Check Also: 

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Past Experiences of Admin & Special Duty Branch

Center Abbottabad
Timing issue h Entry 8 bjy hoe but Test 3 bjy hoa
Branch: Air Defence
Status: passed Alhamdulillah ❣️
Intelligence Timing ka issue h 40 Verbal Theey 60 Non verbal
Total 100 in 40 minutes
Overall verbal easy theey zyda Alphabetical order k theey
Non Verbal Bhut Tough thaa!!
Physics:overall Moderate thaa Basic concept pochy gy theey 75 Mcqs in 40 min some of them are :
1) dimensions of momentum & Torque
2) Compton effect obey which law?
3) Transformers works on principle of?
4)Step Down transformer primary and secondary coil Ratio
5) SHM Mai sai 3 Mcqs theey
6) Electric flux mathematical
7) Magnetic flux at certain area?
8) Height of projectile?
9) At certain hight Body have which energy?
10) Ending of light?
11) When light moves from air to vacuum which property is not change?
12) Compton effect obey which law?
13) Lenz law definition
14 ) Ac motor definition
15) Light Year is unit of? (Distance ke unit h )
16) first law of thermodynamics
17) Entropy
18) In CGS Unit of work?
19) Equation of continuity
20) Benaouli ke application
21) Drag Force obeys which law?

English ✔️
Overall English K 100 Mcqs theey Time 40 min
Snonym Antonyms 15
Sentence 35
Preposition 50
Snonym Antonyms was very tough But main portion contain prepositions!!
GooD LucK All of You ❣️

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