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If you want to pass the English paper of initial tests of Army, Navy and Pakistan Air Force then this is right and best place to solve tests of English paper. Solve these Tests of English here with keen interest. These tests cover all aspect of grammar. 

It needs your attentions and focus. If you get 100% result in the tests given below then you can pass every test of Defence Forces. 

We assure you that these tests are mostly used in the tests of Army, Navy and PAF. Work Hard. we always pray for you. For more MCQs of the subjects CLICK HERE and if you want to get notes then CLICK HERE. Subscribe our YouTube channel and also install our Mobile application .Link is given below.

Tests of English MCQs (Basic)



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English Quiz

Superlative form of “Cold” is?

Is the coffee too hot _____ you.

A word that tells what the noun does is called?

The word which determine quality of noun is called _____ Noun.

If you work hard you will succeed.

He married _____ an American.

It is_____honour to meet you.

Knowledge is power against_______?

Synonym of the word “Reasonably” is ______.

Choose the correct spelling from the following.

_______to sleep.

The telephone was ___________ by Alexander Graham Bell.

The emperor ______also a tiny thing.

She can ____ Latin and Greek.

He is ……………boy in our school.

I go for a walk. (what is “go” in part of speech?)

MohenjoDarro and Harrapa were discovered in……..?

I like this house by the river. (Convert into active voice)

Ali is _________ Noun.

Quality of a Noun or Pronoun is called _______?

I was watching a TV program, when he __________ in.

He must go either I? (Which one is correct?)

Kill the snake _____ a stick.

You should not jest ____ his poverty.

If you want to speak English then you _____ work hard.

‘Dog’ , what is it?

I was amazed ___ his behavior.

Superlative form of “High” is?

He had ____ his homework.

_____ I am having a haircut then you can shopping.

Superlative form of “Fast” is?

She must be a stupid. (What is ”Stupid”?)

Combination of two words is called?

“Each other” what is it?
Subject which is being used for Weather, temperature, time and distance is called?

He has been ill ____ 10 days.

Pride ……..a fall.

The Pakistani should behave nicely ______ the foreign country.

He is looking for accommodation ______ in a flat or shared house.

“Family” is what ?

He has been ill ____ 10 days.

Synonym of “Bitter”

Who works on wood is called _____.

‘He had no ticket, but he went anyway’. What is conjunction in this sentence?
Most nouns that end in o are made plural by adding ____ as video?
“Liberty” what is it?

Ask them ____ help.

Ali is the greatest boxer of the world. (“the” is what?)

She ______ make a noise.
Many nouns that end in ‘f ’ are made plural by changing the ‘f ’ to _____?

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