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If you want to pass the tests of English paper in initial tests of Army, Navy and Pakistan Air Force then this is right and best place to solve tests of English. Solve these Tests of English here with keen interest. These tests cover all aspect of grammar. 

Tests of English need your attentions and focus. If you get 100% result in the tests given below then you can pass every test of Defence Forces. 

We assure you that these tests are mostly used in the tests of Army, Navy and PAF. Work Hard. we always pray for you. 

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Tests of English MCQs (Basic)



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English Quiz

tail spin
Subjective case of ‘them’ is what?

He is looking for accommodation ______ in a flat or shared house.

Number of words forming a complete sentence is called?

King is ________.

Did it ………….last week?

Have your father ever been to Australia? (What is “father”?)

The words which have the same function as Nouns have are called?

He is an Honourable. Honourable is adjective in grammar.

Piety makes ____ happiness.

The farmer uses tractor ______ the field.

She __________ the driving test to get a license.

The words shows the position relationship between two nouns or pronouns are called?
Although, as , because, after, before, if, are called?

Choose the correct spelling from the following.

Time  passes very _______.

Opposite of “Dependent” is called?

“Used to” is what ?

My friend bought a new car. (Convert into passive voice)

Correct the spelling from the following?

He said, “I know all answers”.(convert into Indirect)

Opposite of “Lovely” is _____.

The president was elected ______ the people.

I will have played hockey. (What is “played” in part of speech?)

Very hot. Very is …………..?

__________ the bad weather, the outdoor party was rescheduled.

Which one is correct in the following?

I _____ food in Faisalabad.

One obeys ________ parents.

Antonym of “Covered” is…?

Corona Virus is ____ of town.

Opposite of “Protect” is ?

Vary is …………….?

It is our problem, not __________.

If I had had money. I ______ it yesterday.

She _______ a lot of money.

Write accurate spelling of the following word.

Similar of “Effect”

Words link balanced words, phrases and clauses are called?
______ I was cutting hair.
 Justice delayed is (justice) denied.

She could not arrive _____ any conclusion.

A wise man can handle even the_______situation.

You can go neither by train ____________ by bus.

“the sentence with correct negative from is:

Who cannot live without water?

“My teacher met me ____Monday”.

The correct preposition which can be used in the blank of the above sentence is

I am ____ love with you.

K-2 is ____ highest Peak.

The moon disappeared _____ the cloud.

“more” is what in English grammar?

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