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If you want to pass the tests of English paper in initial tests of Army, Navy and Pakistan Air Force then this is right and best place to solve tests of English. Solve these Tests of English here with keen interest. These tests cover all aspect of grammar. 

Tests of English need your attentions and focus. If you get 100% result in the tests given below then you can pass every test of Defence Forces. 

We assure you that these tests are mostly used in the tests of Army, Navy and PAF. Work Hard. we always pray for you. 

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Tests of English MCQs (Basic)



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English Quiz

The words which have the same function as Nouns have are called?

The sentence with correct capitalization is

______ a bath.

Sign of Exclamation is ….?

It is 8 ‘ O clock. Let _____ on the TV.

“My teacher met me ____Monday”.

The correct preposition which can be used in the blank of the above sentence is

Antonym of the word “Height” is ______.

He has been living in Switzerland _________ two years.

Ali flies kites. (Make its passive voice)

This, that, these, those are called determiners or demonstrative determiners.

What is “Rose” in part of speech?

The Auxiliary verbs are also called ______verbs.

He said to me, “He goes to school daily.” (Convert into indirect speech)

“The King” What is it?

King is ________.

Levis Strauss invented the blue jeans.  (Convert into passive voice)

Ali can’t speak ____ he becomes 6 years old.

I was watching ______ I go to bed.

The word with correct spelling  is :

Comparative form of “Young” is?

Football is played by the children. (convert into active voice)

A new broom sweeps (clean).

We need to find _______ method to solve this problem.

He had ____ his homework.

I read all books but _____ find any interesting things.

The monster is ugly. What is “ugly”

He has been ill ____ 10 days.

Ali flies kite. (Make its passive voice)

“Margin” what is it?

How log will it take to complete job. (“Long” is what in grammar?)

Words like ‘or’, ‘and’, ‘but’, ‘because’, ‘so’, are called?

As there were no buses, she __________ home last night.

What is plural of the word “Scenery”?

I want _______ milk.

He was healthy and he ran fast. (This sentence is ____ Sentence.)

She succeeded by ________ hard.

Do not beat …………bush.

The correct sentence of past indefinite tense is :

We are planning __________ out to dinner tonight.

The sentence in present continuous tense is :

I ______him only one letter yesterday.

He says to me, “I shall play cricket”. (Convert to Indirect

She __________ for the upcoming tennis tournament.

Plural of “Aircraft” is?

King is common noun.

He said that he had been there before. What is ‘that’
Opposite of “Casual” ….?

The synonym of ‘Snollygoster’ is …………..

Noun, Pronoun, Adjective and Adverb are called ?

The woodcutter ______ his sons to work on that day .

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