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If you want to pass the tests of English paper in initial tests of Army, Navy and Pakistan Air Force then this is right and best place to solve tests of English. Solve these Tests of English here with keen interest. These tests cover all aspect of grammar. 

Tests of English need your attentions and focus. If you get 100% result in the tests given below then you can pass every test of Defence Forces. 

We assure you that these tests are mostly used in the tests of Army, Navy and PAF. Work Hard. we always pray for you. 

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Tests of English MCQs (Basic)



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English Quiz

He is _______ best player in his team.

Still water, run deep. “Still” is ….…?

“Creativity” & “Beauty” in grammar are _____ nouns.

The play was fantastic. (What is “play”?)

Opposite of “Happy” ….?
Make a passive voice of “I shall visit market.”

Antonym of “Invariable”

Aslam knows these girls and _____ fathers.

The man runs …………….the thieves.

He said, “I am going to Lahore”. (Convert into Indirect)

What is number of English language?

To make  “am _ esty ” a meaningful word, we have to fill in the blank with.

Asmah __________ a book yesterday.

They _____ hard all the day.
Opposite of “Despair” is ….?

He got ___ his illness in two weeks.

King is ________.

Carpenter works on ______.

He has been ill ____ 10 days.

The word which shows the action of the subject or pronoun is called ?
This golden ring is too (costly) to purchase.

Time  passes very _______.

Things that happened in the past are called?
Raza reached ______ last night.

Selena is my best friend. “Best” is what?

Verb + ing when acting as a noun is called _____.

What is opposite of the word “OVERT” from the following?

Antonym of the word “Charming” is ______.

_______ I come, you could do shoping.

Where are you going? What is “you” in English grammar?

He paid the dining bill ___________ a credit card.

______ a magazine.

A word that explain or describe the name of a person, thing,  place or idea is called ?

The electricians test the fire alarm. (Convert into passive voice)

Synonym of “Disperse” ?
Words join subordinate clause to a main clause is called?

He paid the dining bill __________ a credit card.

Very hot. Very is …………..?

You should refrain ___ hurting her feeling.

Much cry little wool. (What is “Much”)

Correct the spelling from the following?

This, these, those are called _______ pronoun?
Preposition with Accused…?
What are you anxious ______?

“Iron is one of the hardest metal.” . Adjective used in the above sentence is :

The quality of a brave person is called _______.

Opposite of “Good” is ?

He is capable ____doing anything.

The woodcutter ______ his sons to work on that day .

She is _____ forth building floor.

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