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In English, Masculine Feminine means male and female part. Masculine and Feminine are opposite to each other with respect to the gender. In paper of English, normally Masculines are being given and you normally write feminine of that word.


In Masculine Feminine Tests, questions seem very easy if you learn all given below in the initial tests of Army, Navy and PAF. 

are very helpful and important particularly for those students who are preparing tests for joining Cadet Colleges. These are also useful for the tests of Airman / Airwoman and Sailors tests of English. 

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Masculine Feminine (Part-1)


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In Gender, we mean to categorize the living things into Male, Female, or Neutral. In most of the forms Gender is also replaced with sex which means that living organism is rather male or female.

The word “Parents” is neutral gender. It is neither male nor female.

The word “Decision” is Masculine (male). Like we can explain that it was decision which made the story interesting.

The word “Germany” is Masculine (Male) in English grammar point of view.

Masculine defines and explain the traits of Male and Feminine explains the characteristics of Female. 

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