Best Practice of Non Verbal Intelligence Tests

Non Verbal Intelligence Tests are given here for doing best practice to pass the intelligence test. If you want to become an Officer in Pak Army, Pak Navy or in Pakistan Air Force then you must get 100% result in Non Verbal Intelligence Tests as given below. 

Non Verbal Intelligence Tests are given here for those who have applied in PMA Long Course, Lady Cadet Course, Direct Short Service Commission, Technical Cadet Corps, Army Medical Course, Armed Forces Nursing Services, and Short Service Regular commission. 

Non Verbal Intelligence Tests are also equally important for PN Cadet, Naval SSC, Naval Medical Cadet, Operational Branch, SSG Branch, Engineering Branch, Logistic Branch, ICTO, GDP, Aeronautical Engineering, Air Defence, Engineering Branch, Legal Branch, Account Branch, Education Brach, Logistic Branch, Medical Officers, metrology Branch, Admin & Special Duty Branch and ICTO in PAF. 

Non Verbal Intelligence Tests for Forces




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Non Verbal Intelligence Quiz (Advance)

10 Dz 1
1 1
62 B ds
47 2
5 D 3
64 C ds
17 1
17 A
1 A
7 2
33 2
5 D 1
9 D 1
38 D
19 D
4 B 2
30 1

Q. Find similarities from the following; 

7 D vv
2 D
29 3
23 E
48 2
5 A
18 3
5 D
25 3
12 C ds
5 D 1
8 E
10 B 2
29 B
46 1
27 3
3 5
46 2
43 2 z
1 A
18 3 z
6 D
2 A
61 C ds
15 D ds
8 A
27 D sx
1 C
39 4
10 Dz
6 Cz
78 E ds
47 2 z

If result is not improving then first see all lectures at YouTube Channel of Shaheen Forces Academy or YouTube channel of Shaheen Forces Intelligence. First do practice to get 100% results at basic tests of Non Verbal Intelligence Tests and then solve these advance tests of Non Verbal Intelligence tests. 

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