Shaheen Forces Academy prepares students for Pak Army, Pak Navy, Pak Air Force and Cadet Colleges. Those who want to pass the initial tests and want to get 100% result in all initial tests, they can join us immediately. 

We offer physical as well as online class coaching for all tests preparation. 

We basically prepare students for Commissioned Officers, Soldiers, Airman, Air Woman, Sailors and civilians who have their interest to join Pak Defence services. Free and paid services are also available. 

For free preparation subscribe YouTube channel of Shaheen Forces Academy or Shaheen Forces Intelligence

For free online practice install Mobile App of “Shaheen Forces Academy” from Google play Store. Getting more than 95% marks at least at mobile app or website, means you can pass the initial tests easily. 

Otherwise, there is need to do practice more unless you get more than 90% marks in the tests. 

Build the students for Creativity, and High Performance 

Our Mission is to equip students with ultimate knowledge about every subject that he/ she wants to appear in the tests of Pak Army, Pak Navy and Pakistan Air Force with free resources and overall train the youth for their practical life. 

Key Features about us

  • Army Initial Tests
  • Navy Initial Tests 
  • PAF Initial Tests 
  • ISSB Complete Preparation 
  • Cadet Colleges 
  • Digital Marketing 
  • Fiverr Account 
  • On page SEO / Off Page SEO
  • Up-work Account 
  • Website Development 
  • Content Optimization 
  • Website Ranking 
  • Website Content Optimization 
  • Website Audit 
  • Website Development in WordPress
  • Key Word Research
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We always welcome you for being part of us in helping poor/ needy for preparing them to join our Pak defence forces.

If you wish to assist such students who can not afford academies then donate us so that we may arrange free classes for such students.
Contact Here to Donate 

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