Merits and Demerits differentiate the individual from other and this is the reason that in ISSB when somebody writes about himself regarding his/ her merits or demerits then psychologists match the real picture of your personality with your sayings. 

If it suits and matches with your sayings and your outlook then your recommendation chances increase. Always speak the truth but this is most important that before going to the ISSB, get your personality assessment from some authentic institution. 

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So that you may know about yourself that in real what is your personality and how you have to behave during five days of ISSB. 

Best Merits used in ISSB

In the following, some characteristics are given which may be written in the ISSB bio data form or when candidate writes about himself / herself. If you do not know about the characteristics and drawbacks then you can get idea from the given ones which have been written by the past students and got recommendations. If you want to know your personality then contact us. 


Good Planning

Good Emotional Stability




Fluent in Speaking

Influencing Personality

More Practical

Good Facial Expression

Having good patience

Good memory


Good respondent

Good Observer

Good Common Sense

Sober Approach

Independent in Nature

Highly Creative


Like Variety

Good in Financial Management


Good Administrative



Having real feelings

Rational Decision

Like Freedom

Good Organizer

Generous Approach

Fast in thinking

Demerits in ISSB

Remember, these drawbacks are given in general which may be used as per your personality. The most best method is to analyse your personality and then choose your demerits from this chart. For more detail contact us at WhatsApp. 

Likes freedom


Keep distance between object & people

Having new Ideas


Not good listener


Fear of failure

Trust in Selective People

Prefer less talk

Like Routines

Single Minded

Little Sharing

Take a lot of Tea

Less Subjective




Exhaust with over work

Like independence

Things to Remember 

The question is that “Why writing characteristics and demerits are important in ISSB?”, this is because of knowing that whether the person is aware about his / her characteristics or not. Therefore, it is necessary to work on personality traits because this matters in the selection of commissioned tests. 

Note: If you want to get your personality assessment then Contact us at WhatsApp No.  0334-8480890 

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