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What is ISSB & ISSB Interview?

  • ISSB stands for “Inter Services Selection Board,” which is an exact abbreviation of ISSB. The basic purpose of ISSB is to select an individual for three forces, for Pak Army, for Pak Navy, and Pakistan Air Force as a commissioned officer. 
  • There is no need to apply online for ISSB. This is guided by the Pakistan Forces Information and Selection Centres regarding their students who wish to apply for Pak Defence Forces. 
  • There are different branches of the Pak Army, Pak Navy, and Pakistan Air Force in which individuals are selected as per different defined criteria. 
  • Whenever somebody wants to appear in ISSB, they have to apply for online registration against the different branches of Pak Defence Forces.
  • After qualifying for initial tests, their documents are sent to the ISSB, and then those candidates appear in ISSB for further selection. 
  • Basic initial tests have different subjects for appearing after online registration. 

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Aim & Role of ISSB Interview

  • Interview in ISSB has a key role in selecting the right candidate for the right branch. It aims to select a person having leadership qualities like an Officer.
  • A candidate has to present himself in from of Deputy President for face-to-face conversation so that the candidate may be judged in-depth for final selection.
  • The mission of ISSB is to select potential Officers who may perform well in training and must have mental, social, and dynamics qualities so that they may become successful leaders of Pak Defence Forces.
  • ISSB staff always put their best efforts into selecting the individual by following a set of time-tested protocols and predicting an excellent human personality.

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7 Most important Tips for ISSB Interview

While appearing in the ISSB interview, the following points must be kept in mind;

  • Prepare yourself for the best presentation in the Interview.
  • Must answer in specific timelines.
  • Always think before you speak.
  • Always Show your best confidence.
  • Always focus on the words of the Deputy President.
  • Always express an optimistic approach.
  • Always show your real interest for which you have applied.

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What is checked in ISSB Interview by Deputy President?

  • An interviewer always checks the candidate from all the possible angles to see whether the candidates are fit for Pak Defence Forces or not. 

Leadership Qualities 

    • The candidate should be able to bring out that they have exhibited leadership qualities by quoting instances from their life at various stages of life. 
    • A leader must possess the following qualities for clearing the ISSB Interview;
        • Intelligent in all way
        • Ability to solve day to day problems.
        • Responsible in completion of tasks and duties
        • Good organizational Abilities
        • Co-operative with team
        • Good communication skills
        • Friendly and understanding
        • Initiative in improvement
        • Good planner for future
        • Decisive in difficult situations
        • Confident to face the challenges
        • Ability to convince others
        • Determined with job
        • Courageous to fulfill task efficiently
        • Stamina in all tasks
        • Honest in all matters
        • Disciplined in life
        • Loyal with country
        • Ability to Express 
    • The candidate should convey his views, feelings, and ideas effectively with clarity and ease.
    • The candidate should be able to fluently use appropriate and suitable words supported by good logic and convincing power.

Professional Competence  

  • The candidate should possess knowledge appropriate to his age and experience.
  • He should be able to apply the theoretical knowledge gained over the years to solve day-to-day problems of varying complexities.
  • He should have the aptitude, temperament, and competence to solve problems related to his field of learning.

Level of Enthusiasm 

  • The candidate should be able to exhibit his strong liking and passion for the job.
  • He should be able to convey that he is extremely keen and motivated for the job.


  • Does the candidate believe in healthy competition and merit?
  • Does he believe in self-improvement? 
  • Does he have faith in the existing systems and procedures? 
  • How strong is his urge to progress in life?

Ability to Get Along with People 

  • The candidate should be able to exhibit that they are a team person who is highly cooperative, responsible, and friendly.
  • The candidate should be a person who enjoys the company of others, and the others also enjoy their company.
  • They should be readily able to mix up even with strangers.

Ability to Fit Into the Organization 

  • Does the candidate have a positive attitude?
  • Does the candidate want to contribute to the organization?
  • Does the candidate have his priorities right to work, and
  • How strongly does he believe in ethics and values?

Best Imagination 

  • Is the candidate imaginative?
  • Does the candidate think of aspects that are not obvious?
  • Imagination is the ability to form new images and sensations when they are not perceived through sight, hearing, or other senses.


  • Is the candidate flexible?
  • Are they approachable and open to new ideas?
  • Does the candidate have the patience to listen and accept/reject others’ viewpoints based on logic and reasoning?
  • The candidate is not expected to be rigid, unapproachable, and indecisive.

High Energy levels

  • Does the candidate have high energy levels?
  • Does he take pride in working hard?
  • Are they keen to win? If they are likely to give up when faced with an adverse situation.
  • Do they have strong willpower?

Goal Achievement

  • Does the candidate set goals for himself and then work hard to achieve those goals.
  • Are the goals practical, achievable, and realistic?
  • Are they an achiever?

Most important categories of ISSB Interview Questions to be prepared before ISSB tests preparation

  • A candidate must collect all necessary documents like; experience letters, academic certificates, and employment letters (if any) before going to the ISSB center.
  • A candidate must prepare the following points before appearing in an ISSB interview;
      • Academic backgrounds like total marks, percentage, roll number, etc.
      • Strength and weakness in different subjects of matric and Intermediate.
      • Achievements and accomplishments of life.
      • Hobbies and interests in life.
      • Likes and dislikes in detail.
      • Personal short and long life goals.
      • Acceptance of long travel and re-location of the workplace.
      • Disappointment encountered in life and how coped.
      • Values of life.
      • Study of Army, Navy, Air Force website.
      • Depth study of the branch in which it applied.
      • The rank structure of Army, Navy, and Air Force.
      • Jobs description, job responsibilities, terms & conditions, and privileges of service.
      • General how-to know about the training, academics, and entries.
      • General awareness about the equipment used in all Pak Defence Forces.
      • Overall role and task of Pak Defence Forces.
      • Must be aware of the daily awareness, international affairs, TV & Radio news.
      • Must do good practice discussion and communication skills. 

Best things to remember during ISSB Interview

  • Once in a five-day stay at the ISSB center, the candidate has to appear once in an interview before Deputy President.
  • The interview schedule is almost informed to the candidate as per their chest number.
  • Always reach 10 to 15 minutes earlier than the given time at the interview venue. So that fear of the interview may be absorbed easily.
  • Never feel any stress and remain highly motivated to give an interview with full confidence.
  • Try to mix with the fellow to feel free from the natural stress. Try to chat with friends and take a long breath before moving to the interviewer.
  • First, take permission before entering the room. “May I come in, Sir?”. After getting permission candidate must enter the room carefully and then keep the door closed safely and calmly with confidence.
  • Take short steps while approaching the deputy president. On reaching near him, do wish and stand near the chair facing front to the deputy president.
  • Then, ask permission to sit on the chair. Then, say “Thank you, Sir,” and sit on the chair when you get permission. While sitting at the chair, give impressions as it was the first and last in life to someone which must be so fine and impressive.
  • Keep right posture while sitting in front of the Deputy President. Legs should be slightly open, and hands must be at the knees/ thigh, eyes looking into the eyes of the Deputy President.
  • Avoid keeping legs in crossing, which shows disappointment and self-protection.
  • Listen to the question very carefully and with patience, reflect for a few seconds, and then start answering the question when the question ends.
  • Avoid unnecessary slouching, tapping feet, clearing throat repeatedly, biting lips, and putting hands into pockets.
  • Keep frequent eye contact and give a response with a little smile with a confident face.
  • While answering the question, always give the point answer and clearly explain the answer. Show your confidence, and exhibit your contribution and accomplishment in life.
  • Never try to become over clever, evasive, flustered, or panicked. Never criticize anyone rather at superiors, colleagues, siblings, teachers, or any institution.
  • If the interviewer asks questions in parts, focus on each part and give answers as per part but clearly by specifying each part.
  • Keep your answer simple, natural, genuine, global, and convincing. Never try to be superficial or ramble while answering.
  • If the candidate does not know the answer to the question, then respond by saying, “I am sorry, sir,” I will check it up later.”
  • If the interviewing officer explains the things, give your response with a nod, acknowledge, and do not argue with him.
  • If interviewing officer asks for any query or question that candidates may have in their minds, then politely decline to ask any question.
  • When the interview ends, stand up smartly but slowly with a little smile and say “Thank you, sir” and “Have a nice day” take your turn toward the door and walk out. If the interviewing officer wishes to take a handshake, give him a handshake with a loving smile.
  • The handshake must not be more than 3 seconds. But remember to keep eye contact while handshaking.
  • Say Allah Hafiz with good wishes. 

3 Most important Element of ISSB Interview to get 100% success

  1. Personal Information Questions (PIQ)
  2. Dressing
  3. Body Language

Personal Information Questions

  • Before the candidate’s appearance before the interviewer, the interviewer examines the candidate’s PIQ and forms an opinion on the candidate.
  • It is, therefore, crucial for the questionnaire to be filled in with care properly, precisely, and thoroughly. Many of the interviewers’ questions are primarily based on the information given by the applicant in their PIQ.
  • The PIQ’s information includes socio-economics and education background, details about the family and the amount of involvement in extracurricular activities, including games or sports played, and the candidate’s positions. The candidate should be prepared to respond to all questions regarding the information by the PIQ.
  • Candidates must ensure no discrepancy between the information provided in PIQ and what they provide when answering questions in the interview.

A few aspects to be kept in mind while filling up PIQ are as under:-

  • Don’t write too much or in the wrong spot. Be sure to write the information in the appropriate space for it.
  • It is not recommended to cut or erase.
  • Input the information in capital letters.
  • The information must be genuine and authentic. Don’t alter information.
  • In the case of a landline telephone number, you can make it prefixable with an STD code. In the case of mobile numbers, prefix it with the number +91, or zero.
  • Prefix Mrs/Mrs, or with some proper, respectable name.
  • Do not include any achievements or participation at a young age, for example, less than 7th grade. Your level of selection must be more than the intermediate level. 

Dressing in ISSB Interview

  • The objective of each candidate should be to create an impression that is positive to the person interviewing them.
  • The way a candidate is dressed is the most significant non-verbal statement that a person makes about him and himself. The clothes convey confidence, reliability, and a sense of sexiness.
  • Therefore, if a person isn’t certain what dress they should wear, they should lean towards the traditional fashion. Candidates should stay clear of prints and loud colors.
  • The clothes should be fit clean, comfortable and neatly ironed.
  • Men should dress in a conservative two-piece dark suit navy blue or moderate to the deep grey long-sleeved blue-white or light plane shirt, with a silk tie matched with color or style—Black or brown sneakers with simple socks.
  • The socks must be of similar color to the shoes.
  • The belt should be similar in color and style to the shoes.
  • Male candidates shouldn’t wear jewelry such as necklaces, earrings, or bracelets and Rings.
  • Candidates should avoid using powerful perfumes or deodorants as they can create discomfort in a closed space.
  • Women candidates should wear a dark, conservative dress or any other dress that looks elegant and respectable.
  • The dress’s color must be neutral, and the dress must be properly fitted and ironed. The shoes shouldn’t have a heel greater than an inch. The makeup must be simple and be in neutral tones.
  • Only a small amount of conservative jewelry is recommended. Deodorants and strong perfumes should not be worn.
  • Candidates for women should not carry any folder, certificate, or purses to the interview area.

Body Language in ISSB Interview

  • Gestures reflect the state of mind. Psychologists define body language as a set of signals.
  • Every day, we subconsciously transmit a variety of signals via our bodies. Research into body movement is known as “KINESICS” and claims that 40-50 percent of information regarding an individual’s personality, influence, and credibility is transmitted through body language.
  • A small fraction of meaningful conversations is exchanged using words, whereas 55 percent of information is communicated through body gestures and movements.
  • So, the proper use of body language could assist a candidate in creating an excellent impression on the interviewer.

During an interview, a candidate must maintain eye contact with the interviewer, smile, and nod often when the interviewer is trying to make an observation. Candidates should not slouch when sitting, cross arms, tap their feet, clear their throat, or bite lips or nails.

Most repeated Questions of ISSB Interview

Personal Questions in ISSB Interview

  • What is your name?
  • What is your name meaning?
  • What is your father and mother’s name?
  • What are your cast and sect?
  • What are you doing nowadays?
  • What is your mother tongue?
  • What are your weight and height, age, and place of birth?
  • What is your rank among them?
  • What do your father?
  • How many marriages has your father done?
  • How many siblings do you have, and what do they do?
  • What is your favorite personality (reason?) 
  • Which NEWS paper did you read?
  • Who is the editor of your favorite NEWS paper?
  • Why do you like this game?
  • What are your achievements in your life? 
  • What is your strength? 
  • What is our weak point? 
  • Who is your favorite personality? 

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Academic Questions in ISSB Interview

  • What is your qualification?
  • Convert your weight into pounds, height into cm, and age into days?
  • What is your father’s salary?
  • If I give you 100000, what will you do with this amount?
  • What are your metric and INTER Roll numbers with percentages?
  • What is your favorite subject?
  • What is the price of a newspaper, and which part do you most read?
  • What is CGPA? 
  • If a car covers 90 km/hr, what will be the distance covered in 15 minutes? 
  • If the price of one dress is 3000/- rupees and the discount is 20%. Then how much do you pay the shopkeeper? 
  • What is the proportion of the Budget of the three forces? 

Self-Assessment Question in ISSB Interview

  • Why did you join the Pakistan army (reason)?
  • Introduce yourself in 6 to 8lines?
  • What are your good qualities and bad qualities?
  • What are your hobbies?
  • What is your favorite color name?
  • What is your favorite game?
  • Who is your best friend?
  • List the good and bad qualities of your best friend? 
  • Have you ever told a lie?
  • When and where do you tell a lie?
  • If we do not recommend you, what will be your next step?
  • If we recommend you and transfer you to another defense force, do you agree or not?
  • Are you a smoker or not? 
  • What is BP? 
  • Have you ever seen BP?
  • How many times have you seen BP?
  • Does the face show you saw BP 5000000 times?
  • Where did you see BP the first time?
  • Why did you see BP?
  • After seeing if you liked BP or not?
  • After seeing Bp, what did you do?
  • What is HP? 
  • Have you done HP ever?
  • Why did you HP?
  • Have you any boy or girlfriend? 
  • How many girlfriends do you have?
  • Which type of girl do you like?
  • Did you kiss sex or touch your girlfriend?
  • Which type of thing do you like with your girlfriend?
  • What is DAT?
  • Have you ever gone on DAT?
  • When and Where have you gone?
  • If I asked you to give your girlfriend one night, what would be your reaction?
  • How have you done or completed your sexual urges?
  • What thing do girls wear under kameez?
  • What would you do if your sister went to the supermarket with a stranger boy?
  • If a girl puts off his clothes, what will you do?
  • If I married your sister?
  • What would you do if your sister slept in a bed without clothes? 
  • What would you do if you became president for one day? 
  • There are three people in a room with a fire. What would you do to save them?
  • Do you have a boy/girlfriend? 
  • What is the mischief of your life? 
  • Have you ever quarreled with anyone? 

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Mathematics Skills Questions in ISSB Interview

  • 34 x 67 = ____?   Ans = 2278
  • 58(34+9) = _____?  Ans = 2494
  • 34 x 58 + 34 x 9 = ______? Ans = 2278
  • 1,972 + 306 = ______? Ans = 2278
  • (9 + 58) 34 =______? Ans = 2278
  • If Plane is going with 90 km/hour Speed then in 35 Mint how much distance will it cover?  Ans = 52.5
  • What is 5% of 75? Ans = 3.75
  • If your monthly income is 2200 then what will be your yearly income? Ans = 26400
  • The price of 1 dozen egg is Rs. 22 than what will be the price of 30 eggs? Ans = 55
  • Which is bigger 2/3 or 4/5? Ans = 4/5
  • The speed of an aircraft is 180 km/h, how much the aircraft travel in 20 minutes? Ans = 60
  • What is the 20% of 240?  Ans = 48
  • If one dozen oranges are in Rs.30/- then what will be the price of 3 oranges?
  • If a train has speed of 600 km/hr then how much time will it take to cover 40Km?

Social Life Questions in ISSB Interview 

Generally, what we do in our social life is asked in ISSB interviews. In social life-related questions, some of the following questions are being asked; 

  • Do you use Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram?
  • Who is your best girlfriend and why?
  • Several total friends you have in your life. 
  • The good habit of some ideal person in your friend list.
  • How many male friends do you have on your Facebook or other social media?

Religious Questions in ISSB Interview 

  • What are the duties of angels? 
  •  Kiraaman Katibin,Jibreel, Israfeel, Mikail, Munkar Nakeer, Malak Am-Maut.?
  • The biggest Surah Of the Quran name is?
  • The shortest Surah Of the Quran is named?
  • Total rukus, Sajde ,in Quran etc?
  • Which Prophet Is Said to Be “Abu-al Bashar”?
  • Total rukus, Sajde in Quran?
  • Biggest Surah of the Quran?
  • Shortest Surah of Quran?
  • Total no of Ghazwat is 27?
  • Total no of massagers sent by GOD ?.
  • The name of surah has no بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم.Is surah toba.
  • The name of surah has two times بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم.Is surah naml
  • Difference between the namaz of eid and the namaz of juma,
  • First hajj is performed by Hazrat Abu Bakr (Abdullah ibn Abi Quhafa)( رضی اللہ تعالٰی عنہ)
  • What is Ashra Mubashra?
  •  Namaz-e-janaza is a fer z-e-kafaya. 
  • List the faraiz of the wazoo, gussel, and namaz?
  • Remember dua Dua Qunoot ,six kalmaz? 
  • There are 14 sejjdas in Quran.
  • Umar e Sani is called Hazrat Umer bin Abdul kathab.
  •  Check the Islamic dates Ghazwa e Badar, Ghazwa e Uhud, Ghazwa e khandaq, Ghazwa e Khyber, Ghazwa e HUNAIN, Ghazwa e Tabook fought in which Hijri year? 
  • Fatah Makkah was done on 8 hijri?

Abbreviation for ISSB Interview 

  • ISSB stands for Inter-Services Selection Board
  • UNDP stands for United Nation Development Program
  • CSS stands for Central Superior Services
  • USB stands for Universal Serial Bus 
  • SIM stands for Subscriber Information Module
  • WIFI stands for Wireless Fidelity
  • FATA stands for Federally Administered Tribal Areas
  • MPEG stands for Moving Picture Experts Group
  • IP stands for Internet Protocol
  • ASIAN stands for Association of Southeast Asian Nations 
  • DOS stands for Disk Operating System
  • FANA stands for Federally Administered Northern Areas 
  • GSM stands for Global System for Mobile
  • PSO stands for Pakistan State Oil
  • WAPDA stands for Water and Power Development Authority 
  • OGDC stands for Oil and Gas Development Company
  • SUPARCO stands for Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Cooperation 
  • PAEC stands for Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission
  • WHO stands for World Health Organization 
  • WASA stands for Water and Sanitation Agency 
  • BRB stands for: Be Right Back / Bomba Wali Ravi Baidiann Link Canal 

Pak Armed Question for ISSB Interview  

  • NEWS stands for
  • Extract Zakat of your father’s salary?
  • What is FATA? 
  • Highest military award of Pakistan? 
  • Chief of army staff? 
  • DG ISI name? 
  • DG ISPR name? 
  • Defense minister name? 
  • Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee (CJCSC) name? 
  • Vice Admiral Name? 
  • Chief Of Air Staff name? 
  • Vice Air Marshal name? 
  • CHIEF OF Army STAFF of India name? 
  • Chief of air staff Air of India name? 
  • CHIEF OF NAVAL STAFF of India name? 
  • List the wars between Pakistan and India? 
  • List the duration of world wars? 
  • List the Operational awards and Non-operational awards of Pakistan? 
  • How many soldiers and officers received Nishan-e-Haider? 
  • List the names of the soldier and officers that received Nishan-e- Haider? 
  • Who was the first receiver of Nishan-e-Haider? 
  • What are the Motto of the Pakistan navy army and air force? 
  • Compare the Ranks of Pakistan’s defense forces? 
  • What is the coastal line length of Pakistan? 
  • Why is the Pakistan navy called a four-dimensional force? 
  • Latest Tank, Warships, Helicopters, Submarine, Aircraft names? 
  • Supreme Commander of Pakistan’s name is? 
  • (Yummy Takbeer ) celebrated on? 
  • Pakistan became an atomic power on 28 May 1998? 
  • India became an atomic power on?

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General Knowledge Questions for ISSB Interview

  • Who are the neighboring countries of Pakistan tell with direction? 
  • On which rivers Tarbela, Mangla, and WARSAK dams are built?
  • Chairman of HEC name?
  • Chairman of state bank?
  • Chairman of FBR name?
  • Speaker of NA and chairman of Parliament of Pakistan?
  • How many seats of NA and parliament house? 
  • Remember The Name Of the Chief Ministers, Governors, And Ministers of Pakistan’s Most Important Department?
  • The total area of Pakistan?
  • Check information about the Pakistani flag and national anthem? 
  • What is loc?
  • Is the Indus water treaty agreement done? 
  • What is the height of the Siachen glaciers and K2? 
  • What is the two-nation theory?
  • What Is GT Road & Who Made It?
  • Check the Locations Of the Following Seas? Dead Sea – Caspian Sea -Black Sea – White Sea – Yellow Sea-Baltic Sea-Red Sea? 
  • UN stands For? 
  • Headquarter of the UN is located in? 
  • The name of the Secretary-General of the UN is? 
  • How many members of the UN? 
  • Veto countries name s? 
  • List the President, prime minister, defence minister, and foreign minister names of the following countries Pakistan-India-china-USA-Iran-Saudi Arabia Syria-Afghanistan-Iraq-Israel Bangladesh. 
  • Is Russia the largest country in the country?   

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

How many people are selected for ISSB?

  • In ISSB, there are no fixed criteria for selecting the candidate. ISSB’s task is to filter the candidate as per set standards of the Pak Defence Forces to choose the best leader. It has no concern about the total number of vacancies. 
  • If all students of the entire badge seem fit, then all candidates will be recommended, and if no single person fulfills the set criteria, nobody will be selected.

What do you say in an Army interview?

  • In an Army interview, the major thing necessary is your confidence and overall personality like a leader. 

What questions are asked in the ISSB test?

  • In the ISSB interview, there are no set standards of interview. It depends upon the interviewer where they take a start. They observe 16 basic qualities in the individual. 
  • Most interviewers emphasize the weak area of the individual that the candidate lacks, which seems prominent to the interviewer. 

How can I prepare for the ISSB exam?

  • ISSB exam is not so much difficult. It required hard work and the right guidance. For this purpose, Shaheen Forces Academy provides the right guidance and free. 

Click Here for the Best Guidance on ISSB Test Preparation 

What questions are asked in the ISSB test?

  • Generally, in ISSB interviews, questions are asked about personal, social, motivational, emotional, military, general knowledge, and mathematical skills. 

How do I pass ISSB?

  • Continuous efforts and the right guidance always help to pass the ISSB.
  • Never do cramming of the market books, which are the main cause of not recommendation.
  • Always seek guidance from the armed personnel.
  • Those who have no resources may join Shaheen Forces Academy for the right guidance where the qualified staff of the Retd Armed Forces is available. Click Here

What happens in the ISSB test?

  • In ISSB, a candidate spends five days and undergoes different tests like Screening Tests, Psychologist Tests, General Testing Officer tests, and Interviews with the Deputy President. 

How can I prepare for ISSB at home?

  • Always remember that every human being has certain traits given by Almighty Allah. There is only a need to polish our merits. If a person truly wants to become an Officer in Pak Defence Forces, then they must do some work before time. 
  • In this regard, candidate must give their personality assessment tests to know the real picture of their personality. In this way, they may improve their skills at home just by joining Shaheen Forces Academy

How many chances are in ISSB?

  • There are only two chances of ISSB in life, whether it is availed in Army, Navy, or Pak Air Force.
  • Candidate may use their chance both times in one force or partially indifferent force.

Why do candidates fail in ISSB?

  • The basic reason for the candidate’s failure is the lack of study and hard work. Success always reaches the doorstep of a hard worker. 
  • Most students think that this is luck, but this is not paying serious attention to ISSB preparation. 
  • Students who seriously work for it and give extra time to mold their personality deserve success. 


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