Introduction of Pakistan Army Ranks

In Pakistan Army, ranks are followed by the procedures as it is being followed by the Britishers. Pakistan Army Ranks have been initiated by using Khaki uniform because it seems combat uniform. In British government, Officers were made by growing from lower ranks.

In Pakistan, commissioned Officers are to be promoted just after six months of training. Pakistan Army Ranks were introduced on the formation of Royal Air Force in 1918 A.D. Mostly, the uniform is same in all ranks, only the difference is of ranks those are categorized on the basis of qualification and service.

Now, in Pakistan Army, the ranks are normally placed on the chest with ranks insignia. When personnel wear Khaki uniform then ranks are placed at the shoulders.

Pakistan army ranks
naib khateeb

Pakistan Army Ranks can be seen on the shoulders of Officers and JCOs but NCOs wear ranks on Arms.  In Pakistan Army, the lowest rank is Sepahi (Sepoy) and the highest rank in the Pakistan Army is Field Marshal. Overall Chief of Army Staff does command of overall Pakistan Army, who gives right direction to every person of all categories.

Ranks and expected salary of each rank is given with their basic scales which gives overall idea of salary with each rank. Salary is given to all NCOs, JCOs, and Officers on their basic pay scales.

In Pakistan Army, if someone wants to join again after retirement then they can join Pakistan Army as a civilian in other different departments where Army officials are doing command of that department. 

Mostly the commands in Atomic Energy Commission are regarding from Pakistan Army Officials. Maximum age required to join Pakistan Army is 45 year

If someone wants to analyze that which force is the best in Pakistan, then Pakistan Army is the best Pakistani force of the world. Overall, among the Pak Forces, like; Pak Army, Pak Navy and Pakistan Air Force, Pak Army is the best Army in the world. In Special Services Groups (SSGs), all ranks are the same in both officers and lower cadre.

SSG is the special force where the personnel normally do the course and then spend remaining service here as a commando. Who may be an officer, JCO or a Sepahi. In Pakistan Army, girls can join Pak Army in different branches like Ladies Cadet Corps. Click Here for more detail of different branches of Army as Officer. Pakistan Army Ranks order is given below from Sepahi to Field Marshal including NCOs, JCOs and Officers. 

officers ranks of army

In Pakistan Army, personnel are divided into three main categories, i.e., Officers, JCOs (Junior Commissioned Officers) and NCOs (Non – Commissioned Officers) or Soldiers. Normally, at lower level the personnel are being awarded Gade-1 to Grade 16. Pakistan Army Ranks are dressed rather at Shoulders or at Arms. Detail of each rank is given below.

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Pakistan Army Ranks

pakistan army rank

Pakistan Army Ranks enlisted Order

1. Sepahi (Sepoy)

  • Sepahi rank is the first rank in Pakistan Army uniform personnel. This rank is being considered as the lowest rank of Pakistan Army. In this rank, normally salary of a Sepahi starts from Rs. 25000/- per month, where he/ she is given some extra allowances.
  • In this ranks, person is called a Army Soldier where he uses just a Pakistani flag at uniform. A Soldier gets promotion with service tenure of at least 5 to 6 years. Most of the soldiers do not prefer promotion and they do the whole service of more than 18 years in just Sepahi rank.
  • After the rank of Sepahi, next ranks come under Non Commissioned Officers (NCOs)

Pakistan Army Ranks of NCOs (Non Commissioned Officers Cadre)

2. Lanc Naik (L/ Nk)

  • This rank shows that a person who is enrolled in Pakistan Army has some experience and worked with more efficient ways.
  • Lanc Naik comes under BPS 9 which comes after the title of soldier. The basic salary of the Lanc Naik remains from 25000 to 30000 Pakistani rupees including some allowances.
  • Lanc Naik is being considered as the second lowest rank of Pakistan Army Ranks service of uniform personnel.

3. Naik (Nk)

  • Naik is the 3rd title in Pakistan Army Ranks of uniform personnel. In this rank, some extra responsibilities are given to the individual like management of duty roster for guards.
  • After getting promotion from the rank of Lanc Naik, a person becomes Naik.
  • Naik comes under BPS 10 and get salary approximately from 28000 to 35000 Pakistani rupees per month.

4. Havaldar (Hav)

  • Havaldar rank is the 4th rank of Non Commissioned Officers (NCOs) in Pakistan Army Ranks and is considered as the highest rank in the ranks of NCOs cadre.
  • Havaldar Rank has different pay scale which is from BPS 11 to BPS 13. A Havaldar gets monthly salary of Rs. 35000 to 40000 Pkistani rupees per month.
  • A person who has the rank of Havaldar, may contain three Naiks rank persons under his supervision to run the administration smoothly and effectively. Each Naik becomes responsible for 10 soldiers who is directly responsible to his Havaldar.
  • Other type of Havaldar is one who leads two Naiks with one Lanc Havaldar for his assistance more in befitting manner. This honour is being awarded to the Havaldar for his extraordinary hard work and efforts. 
army other rank insignia

Categories of Havaldar in Pakistan Army Ranks

Havildar Rank has some other types in Pakistan Army Ranks, in which designation of Havaldar like Battalion Quarter Master Havaldar major is being considered as at the higher level among Havaldar Ranks. Types are given below;

  • Company Quarter Master Havaldar
  • Company Havaldar Major
  • Batalian Quarter Master Havaldar
  • Battalian Quarter Master Havaldar Major

In Pakistan Army Ranks, duties and responsibilities have been divided into certain categories which are called units. So, we can say in any one unit or in any one Battalian, there are three companies; names as Alpha, Bravo and Charli.

In one company, total Havaldars remain almost 08 with different designations and duties. In that company, one Havaldar becomes “Company Quarter master havildar” who is being considered as the most suitable person with multiple qualities to handle different administrative matter of a Company.

Main responsibility of the Company Quarter Master Havildar retain;

  • To fulfill requirements of food.
  • To facilitate personnel for official Helmets.
  • To provide guns and weapons related equipment to the personnel.
  • To provide bullet proof jackets to the soldiers.

Main responsibilities of the Battalian Havaldar Major as per Pakistan Army Ranks who gets this designation on the basis of good behaviou, good administration and social relationship with the more vigilant behavior are:

  • To collect information regarding the daily tasks and routines matters like duty of the personnel, food fluency, messing,
  • To manage personnel for different duties as a guard or for other some specific tasks.
  • To get leave for the soldiers from the senior Army Officers.

In one battalion, total 24 Havaldars work with different tasks & responsibilities. Among those 24 Havaldars, one serves as a Company Quarter master Havaldar who overall observes the activites of all Battalian.

At the same position, one more Havaldar, called Battalian Havaldar Major, who serves for providing complete report to the seniors and that person is being considered as the most educated and well-mannered Havaldar among all the responsible officials. He completely send reports of overall performance and analysis of different activities going on to the seniors Pakistan Army Officers. 

A cadre of Junior Commissioned Officers (JCOs)

5. Naib Subedaar (JCO)

  • This is JCO rank among Pakistan Army Ranks which is also the lowest rank in the JCOs cadre of Pakistan Army. This rank is being awarded to the personnel who becomes Havaldar and remains on many responsible duties. On being a most suitable person on his performance and qualifying some tests, this rank is given to the Army personnel into their promotion.
  • Basic pay scale of a JCO (Naib Subidaar) is BPS – 14 and his pay or salary remains above 50K. He becomes eligible to get free marries accommodation of a Banglow inside the unit or cant area.
  • Rank of a Naib Subedaar has one strip and one crown. He usually get reports from the company Havaldar, or Battalian  Havaldar Major.

6. Subedaar

  • Rank of full Subedaar is just after the Rank of Naib Subedaar. It is represented with one strip and two crowns.
  • Basic pay scale of Subedaar is BPS 15 and he gets his salary near to One Lac.

7. Subedaar Major

  • Subedaar Major Rank is the highest rank in the OR Cadre, or In Junior Commissioned Officers ranks. This rank is higher than full Subedaar rank. It is represented with one crescent (moon) and a star.
  • Basic pay scale for Subedaar Major is 16 and its salary is about more than One Lac. Mostly he takes salary equal to an Officer of BPS 17 or above that because of service. In this rank, more facilities are given to the individual like Banglow with a servant who takes care of his personal as well as office work.
  • In Pakistan Army Ranks, this is the most important and authoritative rank. Those who performs their extra work they are being awarded honorary rank of Captain at their retirements.
  • The rank of Subedaar Major is being considered as the father of the Unit or Battalian because of his paying more dedication to the service matters.
  • Normally, an officer has been posted to the next unit but an Subedaar major never sent on posting. This is due to have a lot of experience of the battalion as well as units. 
Pakistan Army Ranks1

Pakistan Army Ranks (Officers Cadre)

1. Second Lieutenant (1st   in Pakistan Army Ranks)

Pakistan Army Ranks
  • This is first Rank of the Officers in Pakistan Army Ranks of Officers. The rank of Second Lieutenant has one crown. This rank Officer is being considered in BPS 17 and then being promoted as per service procedure after passing necessary qualifying tests.
  • Rank of Second Lieutenant is Equal to Midship Man of Pak Navy and Pilot Officers of Pakistan Air Force.
  • Overall, in Pakistan Army Officers Ranks, this rank is also called the lowest officer rank. In this rank, officers lead the Army personnel in a battle. He does command of Platoon and hold the position for 2 to 3 years with 30 soldiers. 

2. Lieutenant (2nd in Pakistan Army Ranks)

Pakistan Army Ranks
  • Rank of Lieutenant is the second rank of Pakistan Army Officers Rank. This rank has equality with Sub-Lieutenant of Pak Navy and Flying Officer Rank of Pakistan Air Force.
  • This rank officer comes also under BPS-17 and expected salary at this rank is almost more than 70,000/- Pakistani rupees. Rank of Second Lieutenant is represented by the two crowns. 

3. Captain (3rd in Pakistan Army Ranks)

pakistan army ranks
  • The rank of Captain is very famous for general public. This rank has three crowns and officer of Captain Rank also comes under BPS-17 with approximately salary of Rs. 75000/-.
  • The rank of Captain in Pak Army is equal to the rank of Flight Lieutenant of Pakistan Army and Lieutenant of the Pak Navy. Normally, under this rank of Pakistan Army, more than 100 soldiers remain under command, where he/ she is assisted with NCOs (Non-Commissioned Officers).
  • This Rank has its grace that everybody wants to reach at this rank. Often who leave this service due to some domestic reasons, they must want to become Captain at least. This rank officers usually teach in different training schools of Pakistan Army.
  • Officers are being promoted into this rank after 4 years of service in Lieutenant rank. Captain serves almost for 8 to 10 years of service then he / she promotes to the next rank. It depends on two things rather age may be between 34 to 36 years of age or total service may be between 12 to 14 years.

4. Major (4th in Pakistan Army Ranks)

pakistan army ranks
  • This is fourth rank of Pakistan Army Officers as it is shown with One crescent and a star. Major comes under BPS-18. Salary of the Major in Pakistan Army is more than one Lac approximately.
  • Mostly, this rank officers perform their duties in operational areas. He normally does his duties in the absence of his senior Officer like Lieutenant Colonel. The rank of Major is equal to Squadron Leader rank of Pakistan Air Force and Lieutenant Commander of Pak Navy. 

5. Lieutenant Colonel (5th in Pakistan Army Ranks)

pakistan army ranks
  • This rank has with One Crown and Crescent & Star. Rank of Lieutenant Colonel is equal to the Wing Commander rank of Pakistan Air Force and rank of Commander in Pak Navy.
  • This rank comes under BPS 18 and salary of this rank is about more than one Lac. This rank officer does his command of whole Platoon where normally more than one thousand soldiers serves with extra ordinary NCOs as his assistants.  

6. Colonel (6th in Pakistan Army Ranks)

pak army ranks
  • Colonel is recognized by two crowns, one crescent, and one star. The salary of a Colonel is according to BPS-19 and its rank is equal to Group Captain of Pak Airforce and Captain of Pak Navy. Colonel is the senior army rank.
  • This rank is very important to enter into the next higher authorities. This rank officers normally serves as the connection between battle fields and main GHQ. They are answerable to the Brigadiers and acts as senior advisor regarding most important official matters. 

7. Brigadier (7th in Pakistan Army Ranks)

pakistan army ranks
  • Brigadier rank officer in Pak Army is generally considered in General Officers. This rank is being represented at shoulders with one crescent and star, with three crowns.
  • He is also called one star general who is considered in BPS-20. Salary of this rank officer is more than 2 Lacs.
  • Rank of Brigadier in Pak Arm is equal to Air Commodore rank of Pakistan Air Force and Commodore rank of Pak Navy.
  • A Brigadier has a choice whether he want to command a Brigade or to command in a field or work as a Staff officer. Three units come under command of one Brigadier and he does command of it. 

8. Major General (8th in Pakistan Army Ranks)

pakistan army ranks
  • Major General rank Officer is called two stars Officer. Its rank is recognized by one crossed of swords with one crown. This two stars officer does his command on three divisions where each division has three Brigadiers.
  • Under one major General, 10 to 15 thousands personnel remain under command who are led by one Major General.
  • The rank of Major General is equal to the rank of Air Vice-Marshal in Pakistan Air Force and Rear Admiral of Pakistan navy. 

9. Lieutenant General (9th in Pakistan Army Ranks)

9 Lt General
  • Officer of this rank is also called three stars officer in Pakistan Army. Rank is represented with one crescent and star with ne cross baton.
  • Rank of Lieutenant General in Pakistan Army is equal to the rank of Vice-Admiral in Pakistan navy and rank of Air Marshal in Pakistan Air Force.
  • This rank Officer controls the whole Corp which is consisted of three divisions. Usually two corps come under one division. This rank officer does his command over more than 20000 personnel. He acts as appointing staff in Ministry of Defence. 

10. General (10th in Pakistan Army Ranks)

pakistan army ranks
  • This rank is called four stars (****) General in Pakistan Army Ranks. This rank shows one cross Baton with one crown and one crescent & star. Mainly there remain almost two general in overall Pakistan Army. One general does command as overall Chief of Army Staff and other General acts as Joint Chief of Army Staff.
  • The rank of General in Army is equal to the rank of Air Chief Marshal of Pakistan Air Force and rank of Admiral in Pakistan Navy.
  • This rank is considered as the most experienced and highly committed officer fought different battles within their jurisdiction. The Chief of Army Staff is also remains in a Rank of General. 

11. Field Marshal (11th in Pakistan Army Ranks)

pakistan army ranks
  • This rank is also called Five Star Officer (*****). In the history of Pakistan Field Marshal Rank is achieved by only one person who was Field Marshal Ayub Khan.
  • This is highest rank in the Pakistan Army Ranks showing two crossed baton, one crescent star and both in wreath of oak leaves.
  • This rank is given to that person who won the war and leads the Army of One or Two country’s Army. Although, General Ayub khan did not lead more than one countries but he gave many motivation lectures to the Army personnel of other countries. 

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