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Practice of English Sentences Completion Tests

English Sentence Completion Test-1


  • 1. In trouble trust in Allah.
  • 2. You cannot succeed until you work hard.
  • 3. The way is long but we reached in time.
  • 4. At midnight moon was shining.
  • 5. He did everything and succeeded.
  • 6. Follow the man who leads.
  • 7. Our Country is good in technology.
  • 8. He decided to start exercise in the morning.
  • 9. His greatest fear is of Allah.
  • 10.    He is worried because of his parent’s health.
  • 11.    The woman should get technical education.
  • 12.    An intelligent person solve problem easily.
  • 13.    He is happy because he is selected in ISSB.
  • 14.    Go ahead with motivation.
  • 15.    When she saw me she became hopeful.
  • 16.    Let us discuss about WordPress.
  • 17.    Love your parents.
  • 18.    Garden is full of flowers.
  • 19.    The new generation love advanced technology.
  • 20.    A teacher’s duty is to teach honestly.
  • 21.    I do not like over eating.
  • 22.    The student often feel successful.
  • 23.    Hard work is the key to success.
  • 24.    The problem of Kashmir is to get solved.
  • 25.    War and Peace is a part of life.
  • 26.    People of Pakistan are hard worker.

English Sentence Completion Test-2


  • 1. During journey he was alert.
  • 2. Our country is developing in technology.
  • 3. Follow the man who leads.
  • 4. He is worried because of his brother health.
  • 5. An intelligent person solved problems.
  • 6. He is happy because he is recommended.
  • 7. When she saw me she felt secure.
  • 8. He devoted his life to study.
  • 9. Love your work.
  • 10.            I do not like too much tea.
  • 11.            The student often worried to secure good marks.
  • 12.            Leaders work with responsibility.
  • 13.            Memories of childhood were beautiful.
  • 14.            In trouble trust in Allah.
  • 15.            Our country is beautiful.
  • 16.            He decided to start morning exercise.
  • 17.            Let us discuss about technology.
  • 18.            The new generation is intelligent.
  • 19.            Among new people he feels confident.
  • 20.            When faced a hard task do it with dedication.
  • 21.            When something happens pay more attention.
  • 22.            A humble person respect everyone.
  • 23.            I feel I am good in programming.
  • 24.            If someone disturb him he handles the situations.
  • 25.            When sitting alone he does coding.

English Sentence Completion Test-3


  • 1.  Horrible dreams come and passes.
  • 2.  Our feelings are hurt when someone hurts Pakistan.
  • 3.  He always likes programming languages.
  • 4.  New ideas bring innovations.
  • 5.  He thinks his health is fit.
  • 6.  In his childhood he was healthy.
  • 7.  My parents loves me.
  • 8.  When he is angry he controls his temper.
  • 9.  If someone tries to make fool of him he does not take it serious.
  • 10.             His father is retired from Army.
  • 11.             When working together then success is ours.
  • 12.             My dislikes are the enemy of Pakistan.
  • 13.             If I had a knife I cut fruit easily.
  • 14.             I need a friend who is well in computer.
  • 15.             My mother loves me.
  • 16.             I am worried about parent’s health.
  • 17.             He touches the legs of woman to check the knee injury.
  • 18.             I want to complete task in time.
  • 19.             I feel I am fit.
  • 20.             If someone disturb him he pays more attention.
  • 21.             When he has nothing to do he reads books.
  • 22.             He thinks he read the book once.
  • 23.             I cannot waste my time.
  • 24.             He often disgraces the enemy of Pakistan.
  • 25.     Looking down the hill is awesome.

English Sentence Completion Test-4


  • 1.  His worst enemy is the enemy of Pakistan.
  • 2.  During strikes people fights for their rights.
  • 3.  Our forces are strong.
  • 4.  Alas my childhood brings more opportunities.
  • 5.  I hope my future will succeeded.
  • 6.  Greatest mistake of my life is to learn few computer languages.
  • 7.  If lost he will try again.
  • 8.  His future is successful.
  • 9.  His home is well decorated.
  • 10.             You are good developer.
  • 11.             When he does nothing he does computer coding.
  • 12.             During journey he was reading news paper.
  • 13.             Our country is beautiful.
  • 14.             If someone disturb him he handles carefully.
  • 15.             His father is good leader.
  • 16.             When something happens keep focus to deal.
  • 17.             He likes programming languages.
  • 18.             Living together is the message of Islam.
  • 19.             He is afraid of Allah.
  • 20.             What annoys me is the noise of traffic.
  • 21.             Pakistan Army follow strict discipline.
  • 22.             The Muslims are brother.
  • 23.             The life of Muslims is disciplined.
  • 24.             Wine is prohibited in Islam.
  • 25.             Evil spirits have no intentions.

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Tests of English Sentence Completion (Part-1)

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