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Selection of Officers in PAF Education Branch

Find here best criteria and selection process of PAF Education Branch Officers. Those who have done master in English, Physics, Computer Science, Urdu, Islamic Studies, and Mathematics, they can apply in Pakistan Air Force to become PAF Officer. 

Syllabus of PAF Education Branch is quite simple which includes Intelligence Tests and subject paper like English, mathematics, Physics, Islamic Studies, Urdu, Pak Studies and Computer Science. Those candidates who have some teaching experience of any reputed institute, they are always preferred. 

Complete guidance about tests pattern and online tests are available here to get 100% success in the academic as well as in the psychological tests. Always see the advertisement carefully and apply as per given terms & conditions. All types of notes are also available. 

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Criteria & Procedure of Education Branch Officers

Age :21 to 30 Years ,
Nationality :Male / Female citizens of Pakistan
Marital Status :Married / UnMarried
Height :Male: 163 cm and Female: 147 cm (Check Weight HERE)
Educational Qualifications :A Candidate must have any of the following qualification :-
1. ISLAMIAT: MA Islamiat with Farigh? Fazil Darsi Nizami from any recognized Madrassa Board of Pakistan 2. Mathematics: Ph.D, Age : 21 to 45 Years, Rank Squadron Leader.
Other subjects also offers like Physics, Mathematics, English, Psychology and Computer, age 21-30 years, and rank is given Flying Officer Initially. 
Academic Tests for PAF Education Branch:

In the initial tests of PAF Education branch, there are two types of tests which are being taken. Intelligence Test and Concerned Subject Test. Intelligence test includes total 100 Questions (MCQs) and this is to solve in 40 Minutes. Intelligence Test is prepared with 25 Questions of Verbal Intelligence MCQs and 75 Questions of Non Verbal Intelligence MCQs involving figures and pattern shapes. 

Note: If you are worried about to solve Intelligence Tests then must see YouTube channel of Shaheen Forces Academy and Shaheen Forces Intelligence carefully then do practice of the following quizzes. 

If your score come more than 95% at least then we are assure that you will pass the academic tests easily. Otherwise keep on practicing until your score reach the top. 

Online Tests of PAF Education Branch

Current PAF Job Advertisement for Education Branch -2023

SSC Edu Branch

Online Notes for PAF Education Branch

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