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Online Tests and Criteria of PAF Airman

Join PAF as an Airman / Airwoman at multi posts of Aero Trade and Aerosupport which are announced by the Pakistan Air Force.

PAF Airman / Airwoman jobs which is purely matric based. This Job of PAF Airman / Airwoman is same as there is job of Soldier in Pak Army or Sailors in Pak Navy. PAF announces vacancies of Airman / Airwoman in the month of August and February of Every year. 

Syllabus for initial tests to join PAF Airman or Airwoman includes Verbal Intelligence tests, Non Verbal Intelligence tests, English Tests, Physics Tests, Mathematics Tests, Biology Tests and Personality. After initial academic tests, medical tests and interview is being taken for final merit.

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If you are interested to apply for PAF Airman or Airwoman job then must see the criteria and do hard practice here. All past questions of PAF Airman / Airwoman are available in the following tests. Securing 100% marks in the tests here means that you are prepared for appearing in the final tests.  

Keep on practicing until you get at least more than 95% results in the following tests. It is assured you that you will clear all PAF Airman tests Insha Allah. It is the best practice to join Pakistan Air Force Jobs.

  • Online registration Date to Join PAF Airman Jobs : 08 Jan, 2024 to 14 Jan, 2024

Air Force Jobs are announced. Best opportunity for Males and Females to join PAF as an aero trade, GC, Provost, and PD&DI (Physical Fitness & Drill Instructor).

Online Tests of PAF Airman / Airwoman/ FMA

Criteria of PAF Airman Jobs

PAF Airman Jobs are the best jobs in Pakistan. Highly talented candidates are being selected after filtration from many different intelligence tests, academic tests and personality tests. The selected candidates, inducted to serve as airmen in the PAF, are sent to the Pre-Trade Training School (PTTS), Kohat. 

PTTS is an institution of well-reputed stature, which imparts basic military cum academic training to the airmen of all trades. Discipline, precision and excellence in profession are the hallmarks, which govern the atmosphere at PTTS.

These institutions are the School of Aeronautics, School of Electronics, Administrative Trades Training School and School of Logistics for PAF airman. Various specialized courses are also designed for the airmen, which enable them to have a firm hold on their profession.

These airman courses pertain to Aero Technician Trades, Aero Support Trades, Engineering, Air Defence, Medical and courses of miscellaneous nature. How to join Pakistan Air Force Jobs for females? Females are now eligible to apply for FMT (Female Medical Technician).

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To equip its personnel with appropriate knowledge and skills, the Training Branch of the PAF ensures that the responsibility of preparing the Air Warriors of Pakistan is entrusted to highly qualified, experienced and devoted instructors.

Thus the overall conducive environment of learning, modern teaching equipment and sound teaching methodology at the PAF training institutions, makes the PAF  airman, a part of an elite force, whose personnel have vowed to defend the aerial frontiers of Pakistan. PAF Airman Salary starts from 40K+ after basic and military training at bases. 

There is no doubt that PAF has produced and is still producing men with an extraordinary precision, whose vision is vast enough to encompass the slightest stir of its enemy. PAF Airman jobs are mostly announced twice a year. PAF Airman uniform is same as other personnel wear in summer and winter which is being used in PAF Airman academy Korangi creek.

Criteria of PAF Airman Jobs

All necessary books material is available at PaK Shaheens website regarding PAF Airman tests which is effort of different experts who arranged perfectly for uploading relevant questions. Tests of specific subject is given in each trade category selection criteria below. 

Click on each subject and try to solve the Quiz. If you get more than 90% result then you will be clear the test otherwise you need to do more practice here. PAF Airman requirements with all PAF Airman Eligibility criteria is given below. 

Pakistan Air Force Information & Selection Centers

Check below: 

1.     Pakistan Army Ranks and SalaryClick Here
2.     Pakistan Navy Ranks & SalaryClick Here
3.     Pakistan Air Force Ranks & Salary Click Here


Eligibility Criteria for Airman in PAF to Join PAF as Airman / Airwoman

PAF Airman Jobs (Normal Qouta)

PAF Airman Jobs (Rural Qouta)

PAF Airman Jobs (FATA Qouta)

PAF Airman Jobs (Baloch Qouta of Queta District)

PAF Airman Jobs (Baloch Qouta of other than Queta District)

PAF Airman Jobs (Gilgit Baltistan Qouta)

  • Declared permanently unfit on medical grounds for defence forces.
  • Candidates with dual registration at some or different Information & Selection Centre for one entry.
  • Dismissed from any government service or withdrawn from any service training institutes on medical or disciplinary grounds.
  • Convicted by the court of law for an offence involving moral turpitude.
  • Candidates whose documents are found tampered with.
  • Candidates unable to qualify initial tests or final merit list thrice for induction of airman.
  • Candidates who have concealed or provided any incorrect information at the time of registration.


List of Rural Areas





Kot Addu, Chubara, Kot Sultan, Dera Din Panah, Karor, Fateh Pur, Chowk Azam, Chowk Munda

Rajan Pur

Mithankot, Rojhan, Fazilpur, Harrand

Rahim Yar Khan

Islam Garh, Bijnot, Kandera

Bahawal Nagar

Tehsil Fort Abbas and Minchinabad




Sukkur III

District Sukkur District:- 

(a) Mirpur Mathelo Taluka 

(b) Ubauro Taluka 

(c) Dharki Taluka


Shikarpur Districte:- 

(a) Shikarpur taluka excluding Jagen.

Supervisory Tapedar Circle

(b) Khanpur Taluka

(c) Chak Town

(d) Muhammad Bagh

Supervisory Tapedar Circle of Lakhi Taluka

(e) The following Tapedar Circles of Lakhi supervisory tapedar circle of Lakhi Taluka:-

   (i)     Buriri    (ii)    Rustam


Larkana District:-

(a) Larkana Taluka excluding Bero.

Chandio Supervisory Tapedar circle:-

(b) Dokri Taluka

Larkana III

Larkana District:-

(a) Ratodero Taluka

(b) Miro Khan Taluka

(c) Shahdadkot Taluka

Badin I

Badin District:-

(a) Matli Taluka

(b) Tando Bago Taluka


Tharparker District:-

(a) Mirpur Khas Taluka

Tharparker II

Tharparker District:-

(a) Kot Ghulam Muhammad Taluka

(b) Samaro Taluka

(c) Umerkot Taluka

Tharparker III

Tharparker District:-

(a) Chachro Taluka

(b) Mithi Taluka

(c) Nagarparker Taluka

(d) Diplo Taluka

(e) Kotri Taluka

(f) Thano Bula Khan Taluka

(g) Sehwan Taluka

Dadu II

Dadu District:-

(a) Dadu Taluka

(b) Johi Taluka

Dadu III

Dadu District:-

(a) Khairpur Nathan Shah Taluka

(b) Mehar Taluka

Sanghar II

Sanghar District:-

(a) Shahdadpur Taluka

(b) Tando Adam Taluka

(c) The following supervisory Tapedar circle of Singharpur Talukas:-

   (i)     Khadro    (ii)    Sinjoro

(d) Singhoro Town

(e) Khadro Town





Kohistan District


Chitral District


Dir District excluding the following districts:-

(a) Adinazi

(b) Timergara

(c) Balambat


Bajaur, Mohamand, Khyber, Orakzai, North/South Waziristan, Kurram, Frontier Regions attached to the districts of Peshawar, Kohat, Bannu & D I Khan

Districs of Swat, Buner, and Malakand Protected Area (Swat-Ranizai and Sam-Ranizai) 

(a) Swat District

Districts of Backward Areas of Swabi, District except Municipal Committee Swabi

(b) Buner District


(c) Malakand Protected Area (Swat-Ranizai and Sam-Ranizai)


(d) Backward Areas of Mansehra District (consisting area of tehsil Batagram)


(e) Kala Dhaka Area


(f) Upper Tanawal Area, Gadoon Area in Swabi, Zaida, Maneri, Marghuz





Zhob District

Sibi-cum – Kohlu-cum

(a) Sibi District

Dera Bugti-cum-Ziarat

(b) Kohlu Agency


(c) Dera Bugti Agency


(d) Ziarat District


Khuzdar District


(a) Lasbela District

(b) Gwadar District


(a) Turbat District

(b) Panjgur District




Gilgit Baltistan

Entire Gilgit Baltistan Province




Muzaffar Abad

Athmuqam, Hattian, Kel, Sharda and Leapa Valley


Haveli and Pir Kot


Hajira and Abbaspur


Fatehpur (Nakial), Chakothi, Nar and Kala Dhub




Binjosa and rawalakot


District Palandri


Initial Medical Tests

  • After qualifying initial tests, candidates have to appear in initial medical examination at the recruitment & selection centres. Those who qualifies medical tests appear in initial interview for further process of Airman.
  • Check your Weight as per your Height: Click Here

Important Questions for Interview

Last Date of Registration for PAF Airman Jobs -2024

  • Last date to Join PAF as Airman Online registration is: 14 Jan, 2024
  • Check your total age at: Click Here

How to Apply for Online Registration of PAF Airman Jobs-2024

  • If you qualify the above criteria to Join PAF as an Airman / Airwoman, and want to register yourself for appearing in the tests then click below and register yourself online before the last date of registration. Registration will be closed after due date. See PAF Airman advertisement ahead and for PAF Airman apply click on the text below.

|Apply Here for Online Registration

In case of any query, contact PAF Information & Selection Center. Airman Salary in PAF is equal to the same rank of Navy and Army. 

1.     Pakistan Air Force Information & Selection Centers Click Here

 ضروری کاغذات

1۔ اصل شناختی کارڈ (چِپ والا)، اگر آپ کی عُمر 18 سال سے کَم ہے تو بھی نادرہ آفِس میں جا کَر اَپنا چِپ والا کارڈ بَنوا لیں، بصورتِ دیگر آپ کو ٹیسٹ میں بیٹھنے کی اِجازت نہی دی جائے گی۔

2۔ اصل ڈومیسائل

3۔ میٹرک کی اصل سند اور ساتھ مارک شیٹ (اگر آپ کو میٹرک کیے دو سال ہو چُکے ہیں، نہیں تو صِرف  اصل مارک شیٹ ہی لے کر جانی ہے)

4۔ پاسپورٹ سائز کے چار عدد فوٹو

5۔ رجسٹریشن سلپ جو آپ کو رجسٹریشن کے وقت ملی ہے

6۔ والد صاحب کے شناختی کارڈ کی فوٹو کاپی (تصدیق شدہ)



 اُوپر دیئے گئے تمام کاغذات  (اصل) اور اُن  کی ایک ایک فوٹو کاپی بھی ساتھ لے کر جانی ہے جو کہ تمام تصدیق شدہ ہونے چاہیے۔

Pakistan Air Force Jobs Advertisement of Aero Trade, Provost, MTD, GC Sportsman and PF&DI

paf airman jobs aerotrade

Current Pak Forces Jobs 2024

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