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Those who want to apply in Pak Army, Pak navy or Pak Air Force, they must read all the tests of physics carefully. 

tests of physics

Online Practice Tests of Physics

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Physics Quiz

A straight line parallel to time-axis on a distance-time graph tells that the object is__?

The process of takes place in the sun and other stars.

First-person who gave the idea of Gravity is _____.

The motion of a simple pendulum is________.

 If 100 waves pass through a medium in 20seconds and their wavelength is 6cm then the velocity is?

A force of 10 N acts on a body for 5sec.What will be the change in momentum:

The mass of earth is?

A body is in equilibrium when its:

A device which stores charge is called?

Due to moisture in air the speed of sound :

Thermal conductivity of air is?

The objective of a reflecting telescope is a________.       

Which colour come next in the Rainbow Red, Orange, Yellow, Green..?

A train moves with a sped of 90 kmh⁻¹ , produces sound of 100o Hz, frequency heard by driver will be:

Formula of Kinetic Energy:

Unit of power is called ______.

Bernoulli equation is applicable in case of:

  Kinetic energy is the energy possessed by a body due to its?

The inertia of a body depends on the________ of the body

Astronaut uses radio link to communicate with each other.

Formula of Mirror is________?

Height of closest orbit of earth is:

1 Watt = ____?

1 bel is equal to?

AND gate involve …………..operation?

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