Tests of Physics

All past tests of physics are available here which are very helpful for the 100% results in all initial tests of Officers, Airman and Sailors tests. 

Those who want to apply in Pak Army, Pak Navy or Pak Air Force, they must read all the tests of physics carefully. 

tests of physics

Online Practice Tests of Physics

Tests of Physics are especially prepared for the students who want to Join Pak Defence Forces like Pak Army, Pak Navy and Pakistan Air Force.  

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Physics Quiz

The substances through which heat does not conduct easily are called?

Which of the following has same dimensions?

Ozone layer protects the Earth from __________ radiations from the Sun.

A helium nucleus comprising of two protons and two neutrons with a charge of 2e is?

The kinetic energy of mass attached to spring at extreme position is?

The symbol of sigma is:-

………………is the Number of moles of solute in 1000 g (1kg) of solvent.

The steering of a car has a radius of 15 cm. The torque produced by a couple of 40 N will be?

  A block weighing 18 N is lifted 7 m vertically upward. The potential energy stored in it is?

The property of material due to which it attracts or repels other objects is?

The international system of units is commonly referred as?

The energy stored in Coal is:

 In home utensils such as handles of sauce-pans, spoons, hot-plates etc. we use?

The high concentration of red blood cells increases its viscosity from :

In longitudinal waves the distance between two troughs is called_____:-

During natural radioactivity the unstable nucleus disintegrates to become more?

 With the gain of altitude, the value of g?

What will be the value of § for a solid for which o has value of 2 x 10*5  KU?

An apparatus for reducing or increasing the voltage of an alternating current is called ……………….

The force and friction R remains in ………………?

If the efficiency of a machine is 100 per cent then it is called a-_______.

If the girls see in the horizontal line then angle will be _______.

The magnetic lines are greater on ______the pole.

Ga is the symbol of …………………?

The relationship between Stress and Strain is called ____?
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