All past tests of physics are available here which are very helpful for the 100% results in all initial tests of Officers, Airman and Sailors tests. 

Those who want to apply in Pak Army, Pak Navy or Pak Air Force, they must read all the tests of physics carefully. 

tests of physics

Online Practice Tests of Physics

Tests of Physics are especially prepared for the students who want to Join Pak Defence Forces like Pak Army, Pak Navy and Pakistan Air Force.  for more understanding Subscribe our YouTube Channel of Shaheen Forces Academy. Keep on practicing until you get 100% result in the tests given below. 



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Physics Quiz

If we double velocity of the body then its Kinetic Energy will be _____ times.

 Longitudinal waves move faster through?

If an object is moving with constant speed then its distance time graph will be lie a  straight line______?

Force of 5N acts on a body of 5kg for 5sec then the rate of change in momentum is:

 The colored portion of the eye that controls the amount of light reaching the retina is known as?

One Mega = ____?

 The temporary memory of computer is?

Who give the title “Quaid-e-Azam” to Muhammad Ali Jinnah?

  In a transformer, the primary coil is connected to?

The total momentum of an isolated system is______.      

If error in the measurement of mass is 1% and radius is 2%. The maximum error in moment of inertia is?

Angle between angular and linear Velocity is:

When a conservative force does positive work on a body the P.E of body

The velocity of a body becomes double, then its kinetic energy will:

Newton’s  first law of motion is valid only in the  absence of_______?

 In SHM of a simple pendulum, the component of weight which is directed towards mean position is?

One of the basic property of all oscillatory systems is

  A block weighing 18 N is lifted 7 m vertically upward. The potential energy stored in it is?

In a D.C motor the coil in a magnet rotates maximum to about?

A student claimed the diameter of a  wire is 1.032 cm using Vernier Calipers   upto what  extent. Do you agree with it.

The international system of units is commonly referred as?

The diastolic pressure is about:

If two resistance R₁ = 3 Ω and R₂ = 6 Ω then total resistance of the circuit is ……………..?

The number of significant figures in 0.00580 Km is____?

Formula of Kinetic Energy:

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