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All past papers of Chemistry are included in the following tests of chemistry which are very very helpful to get 100% results in the initial tests of Pak Navy and all other defence forces tests.

If you have applied in Pak Army, Pak Navy and PAF then you must do free practice here until you get 100% results in the given tests of chemistry. All important questions related to Chemistry are available here. These MCQs are very helpful and to join Pak Defence Forces. 

All the tests have been collected from the past students and their experience also have been included here. These are applicable for all officers and  tests of below ranks. For more notes of the subjects CLICK HERE

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Chemistry Quiz

tail spin

Which is lightest metal?

Number of bonds present in methane:

Mercury is the metal which exist

Pure alkali metals can be cut simply by knife but iron can not because of alkali metals have :

When U.325 break up, it produces:

Low pH value means

These pollutant are the wasted or exhaust product driven out because of combustion of fossil fuel and organic matter

All of the following are tri-atomic molecules except:

Indicator have____ color in acidic or basic solution

Transfer of electrons between atoms results in

Sodium- potassium alloy is used in nuclear reactor as a:

Percentage of CO in atmosphere by volume is ____?

The electronegativity of nitrogen is:

The empirical formula of glucose is:

Boilig point of sodium is:

Methyl orange is ______ in alkaline solution

The colour of Br is:

How many types of formula of organic compound

Which element is found in most abundance in the atmosphere?

Atomic size of sodium atom is:

The empirical formula of glucose is:

A benzene ring is made of carbon atoms

Lead pencils are made by maxing graphite with clay in the  %age of?

Which one of the following is less malleable:

Carbohydrates are _____ in water.

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