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"The Pakistan Army is the pride of our nation and a symbol of strength, courage and resilience. They have stood guard over our nation, and have stood by us in our darkest hours. We owe them our utmost respect and admiration for their bravery and commitment."
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Join Pakistan Navy
"The Pakistan Navy is an exemplary role model for courage, strength and valour. It stands with pride and honour, embodying the spirit of the nation."
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"The Pakistan Air Force is one of the premier air forces in the world and is recognised for its courage and valour. We are truly blessed to have such brave warriors who are ready to take risks for the nation and defend it from any external threat."
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Pak Defence Forces

In Defence Forces jobs, Shaheen Forces Academy prepares students to join Pak Army, Pak Navy and Pak Air Force. It prepares the students for forces tests & commissioned branches as well as for Soldiers, Airman, Air Woman, Sailors and Civilians also. 

Shaheen Forces Academy is the best forces academy in Pakistan. Because, it provides facility of face to face and online class as well for all initial tests of Army, Navy, PAF, ISSB and Cadet Colleges.

It guides the students and parents as well in choosing the right direction while going into the Pak Defence with the help of right personality assessment of the students. Students can join online classes in a very less fee structure. 

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Join Pakistan Army

Join Pak Army as an Officer, Soldier and Civilian. In Pak forces, Pakistan Army offers jobs in multiple categories of Officer cadre, in lower formation or in Civilians with different grades and jobs specification. 


Join Pakistan Army through PMA Long Course, Direct Short Service Commission, Medical Officer, ICTO, Lady Cadet Course, Technical Cadet Course, M-Cadet, AMC, AFNS or in Short Service Regular Commission.


You can find all past papers based on the past experiences of the candidates who have prepared themselves from this website and doing jobs in Pakistan Army at multiple ranks. For more detailed information CLICK HERE.

Join Pakistan Navy

Pakistan Navy offers different jobs at commissioned , Non-commissioned and civilians level where officers receive ranks from BPS 17 and in lover formation like Sailors get start their service from the grade 9 and ends at BPS 16. 


Pakistan Navy enroll officers in different branches like PN cadet, M-Cadet, Supply Branch, Medical Branch, Marine Engineering Branch, Education Branch, Operation Branch, Weapon Engineering, Ordinance Branch and IT Branch. 


Pak Navy also announces different jobs for Sailors and Civilians in Technical Branch, Marine Branch where they have been rewarded different grades as per qualification and experience.  For more detail CLICK HERE.

Join Pakistan Air Force

Pakistan Air Force is always pride of the nation. PAF offers her jobs at commissioned level, Airman level, and in Civilians. In Airman separate induction is being considered for Religious Teacher, Education Instructors and Civilian Religious Teachers. 


PAF offers jobs through GDP Branch, Air Defence, Education Branch, Religious Branch, Accounts Branch, Logistics Branch, Met branch, Admin and Special Duty branch, Aeronautical Engineering Branch, Legal branch, Engineering Branch and Medical Branch and Special IT Branch. 


PAF offers more jobs for civilians who want to join as a civilian other than uniformed personnel they can apply through online registration and may join PAF as their career. PAF always groom their personnel for having high professionalism. 

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Online Practice Tests and Notes


Students can prepare all Intelligence Tests, Academic Tests and Interview as well. Moreover, it includes tests for practice like; Verbal Intelligence, Non-Verbal Intelligence, English Tests, Maths tests, Physics, Chemistry Tests, Biology, and General Knowledge.

Moreover, it includes Current affairs and all syllabus of initial tests of Pak Army, Pak Navy, PAF, and Cadet Colleges. 

It provides the right guidelines to the students  in all respects related to the Pak Defence jobs. Moreover, one can prepare all Initial Tests of Defence jobs generally and ISSB in particular with analysis of thorough personality assessment.  

Join this academy physically or online and learn a lot. For best guidance or query, contact us at WhatsApp (+92-334-8480890).

Learn Here the Concept of Forces Tests

Why to Join Pak Shaheens?

Shaheen Forces Academy is the best forces academy in Rawalpindi (Pakistan) because it has totally free online services to join Pak defence Forces and Cadet Colleges. 

It guides the right direction to the both males and females if they are interested to join Pak Defence Jobs. We are providing best services in true sense and with sincere efforts. 

We train our students with optimum utilization of our resources so that one may join Pak Defence jobs with more confidence and courage. 

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