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(Permanent Commission as PN Cadet)

PN Cadet means “Pakistan Navy Cadet” in Pak Navy. Pakistan Navy induct individuals in different categories as an officer whereas the PN Cadet is one of them. Those who are interested to Join Pakistan Navy as PN Cadet, they have great opportunity to become PN Cadet. Pakistan Navy gives this opportunity twice in a year to those who have done Matric and F.Sc with 60% marks.

Students who have good marks in Matric and in intermediate so they can become a commissioned officer in different branches like; Operation Branch, Weapon Engineering Branch, Marine Engineering Branch, and Supply Engineering Branch. 

During the training, Pakistan navy gives stipend of more than 50K as a Midshipman then, after training of two years, the candidate becomes Sub-Lieutenant which is equal to Lieutenant in Army and Flying Officer in Pakistan Air Force.

Complete guidance about the criteria of PN Cadet. Remember, this is general guideline which may change with the passage of time. Always see the advertisement and apply as per given terms & conditions. 

You can do online practice for all tests that you find after registration at Pak Navy website to Join Pak Navy as PN Cadet. All types of notes are also available. For Notes CLICK HERE. For Online practice tests CLICK HERE.

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Online Registration Start from Date: 12 Nov, 2023

Last date of Online Registration: 26 Nov, 2023

Join Pak Navy as PN Cadet- (Term-2023 B) Advertisement

Criteria and procedure to Join Pak Navy as PN Cadet

PN Cadet jobs

PN Cadet Eligibility Criteria

  • Unmarried Male Citizens of Pakistan
  • Age:
    • Civilian Candidates 16 – ½ Years
    • Service Candidates 17-23 Years (Armed Forces in Uniform only)
  • Height: 5’ 4” (Minimum)

Educational Qualification

The candidates must have passed both Matric and FSc or O/A Level with at least 60% marks with any of the following subjects:

  • Physics, Maths and Chemistry
  • Physics, Maths and Computer Science
  • Physics, Maths and Statistics
  • Candidates of O/A level are required to submit equivalence certificate.
  • FSc/A level part-II appearing candidates with at least 65% marks in Part-I can also apply. However, they have to provide a hope certificate from the head of respective College/ Institute.
  • If a candidate fails to attain 60% marks after providing hope certificate, he will be disqualified at any stage of selection process or discharge during service.

How to Register

Note : Applications sent directly to Recruitment Directorate at Navel Headquarters will not be entertained.

Selection Process

Only short list candidates would be called for preliminary medical / interview and Physical Efficiency Test (PET) at respective PNR & SCs. The PET standards are as under:

RunningOne Mile (1.6 m)8.30 Minutes
Push-ups10 Repetitions02 Minutes
Sit-ups10 Repetitions02 Minutes
Chin-ups02 Repetitions02 Minutes
  • Application forms will be issued to those candidates who qualify / preliminary Medical / Interview and Physical Efficiency Test (PET).
  • Only Short listed candidates as per merit would be called for Test/ Interview at ISSB
  • Medical Examination of ISSB recommended candidates would be held at the nearest CMH / Naval Hospitals.
  • Final selection will be done by Naval Headquarters in order of merit.

Note: The candidates are advised to get ear waxed & teeth cleaned by a specialist doctor prior reporting for medical examination.

Future Prospects

Grant of permanent commission after two years of training and one of the following degrees shall be awarded upon successful completion of basic training.

  • Operation Branch:                          BS (Maritime Sciences)
  • Marine Engineering Branch:          BE (Mechanical)
  • Weapon Engineering Branch:       BE (Electrical)
  • Supply Branch:                               BS (Supply Chain Management)

Note: Subject to aptitude and academic progress, selected officers may be sent abroad for MS and PhD.

Other Benefits

  • Free medical treatment of self / Family and Parents.
  • Family accommodation or house rent allowance and servant facility or allowance after marriage.
  • Opportunities for visits / courses / assignments abroad
  • 50% concession for self / Family on Travel by Air / Railways.
  • Subsidized Education of Children in Bahria Colleges / University / various professional Institutes.
  • PN Cadet Salary starts from more than 50K while training at Pakistan Navel Academy, Karachi.


  • Twice rejected by ISSB or GHQ/ NHQ/ AHQ selection Board or once rejected by ISSB and once rejected by GHQ/ NHQ/ AHQ selection Board.
  • Withdrawn from any academic / training institution of Armed Forces on any ground.
  • Withdrawn from any bonded Armed Forces college / institution on disciplinary grounds.
  • Tested within one year validity period (as validity of ISSB / GHQ / NHQ/ AHQ Selection Boards stands for one year) for recommended candidates.
  • Tested four months (120 days) from last ISSB appearance (for candidates rejected by ISSB)
  • Dismissed / Removed / Debarred / Resigned from Government service including Armed Forces.
  • Convinced by a court of law for offense involving moral turpitude.
  • Declared medically unfit by an Armed Forces Appeal Medical Board.
  • Declared unfit by Armed Forces Hospital except those cleared by Appeal medical Board.
  • Submitting tampered original academic certificates.
  • Concealment of information in the application forms.
  • Candidates holding dual Nationality unless they surrender the dame prior to commissioning / passing out or within the period of 06 months of joining PN whichever is earlier.

Intelligence Tests

Academic Tests for PN Cadet

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