Intelligence Tests Verbal

Best Intelligence Tests Verbal

In all initial tests of Army, Navy and PAF , Verbal intelligence tests have their great role in passing academic tests completely. If you want to pass the verbal intelligence test with 100% marks then do practice here. These tests give you 100% success rate and well practice. 

If you get 100% result in the tests given below then you can pass every test of Defence Forces easily. We assure you that these verbal intelligence tests are mostly used in the tests of commissioned and non commissioned tests of Pak Defence forces. 

intelligence tests verbal

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Verbal Intelligence Quiz

What number comes next ?   3,   6,   9,   12,    15,    ?

Which one of the following is different from the other?

Find the odd one out from the following:

Grass: Soil : : Seaweed : ______ 

Find the Odd man out ?

If the distance between two electric poles is one kilometer , how many poles  will be installed on 10 km?

What will come next ?

ACEG            HIJK         OQSU _____?

If 3 is subtracted from 12 then one third of the remaining will be ……..?

The opposite of “Never” is …………?

Spot out the  strange  figure in the following series :

Bank is related to Money in the same way as Transport is related to 

What number come next ?  64,48, 40, 36,?

Which one is  different from the rest ?

There are 10 birds sitting on a branch  of a tree . A hunter fires at them only 2  birds fall down .  How many are left in the tree?

Find the odd-man out .

If the price of one dozen bananas  is 21 rupees ,what is the price of  4  bananas?

Find the odd one out ?

If rupee is to Pakistan then Yen is to ……………?

Ship : Sea : : Camel : ? 

Which of the following is different from the rest?

What comes next in the sequence: 1, 1, 2, 6, 24, ____?

My mother is the sister of you brother .

What relation am I to you ?

If judge is to Justice as Teacher is to ?

Enough : Excess : : Sufficiency : ? 

ASLAM can do a work in 6 days . Along with AKRAM ,he can  do same work in 4 days .  In how many days  can AKRAM finish the same work alone?

Find the odd one out from the following :

Rashid eats cake ¼ th and Ali also eats ¼ th then how much cake is left ?

If a cake is to cut into 2 pieces then we cut these 2 pieces into 2 more pieces then in how many pieces a cake will cut?

Complete the series

5.5,  7,   8.5,    ……..?

Complete the relationship in the following :

CFE  is to GJI as SVU is to ______?


Complete the series

A, C, F, J, ……?

COW is to BARN as MAN is to ……?

Which number comes next?  10, 81, 8, 49, 6, 25, 4,?

What is 70% of 70 ?

A cake is cut so that one piece which is half of the cake, is twice as largest as the other piece. How many pieces are there?

Melt : Liquid : : Freeze : ? 

A  student got 70% marks out of 1100. how  many marks did he obtain?

Find the odd one out from the following :

Appraiser : Building : : Critic : ? 

40 % of 738 is ?

Elbow: Arm : : Knee : ______

Which one is different from the rest?

Boy: Child : : Man : ______ 

How many centimeter in an inch?

What number come next in the series   6,  9,  7,  10,  8,   11,   ?

A  student got 80% marks out of 1400. how  many marks did he obtain?

If GUIDE stands for 35712, then DEG stand  for____?

A is to E as C is to ……..?

Which is different?

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