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Best Intelligence Tests Verbal

In all initial tests of Army, Navy and PAF , Verbal intelligence tests have their great role in passing academic tests completely. 

If you want to pass the verbal intelligence test with 100% marks then do practice here. These tests give you 100% success rate and well practice. 

If you get 100% result in the tests given below then you can pass every test of Defence Forces easily. 

intelligence test verbal

We assure you that these verbal intelligence tests are mostly used in the tests of commissioned and non commissioned tests of Pak Defence forces. 

We always keep these tests updated with past papers. For more MCQs of the subjects CLICK HERE and if you want to get notes then CLICK HERE

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Verbal Intelligence Quiz

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Write the number of pairs which is dissimilar from the other.

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Which one is different from the rest:-

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Wave: Crest : : ______ : Peak 

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Evening is to night as autumn is to-------------------.

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The room was illuminated by the early ………of the sun .

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Find the odd-men out ?

7 / 25

Which is different from the rest?

8 / 25

Point out the odd number:

2    4    6    8    9    10    ?

9 / 25

Which is different?

10 / 25

Which one is the different from the rest ?

11 / 25

10 11 13 16 20_--:-

12 / 25

Write the letter  which falls in the middle  of D and T in the alphabetic order ?

13 / 25

Which letter come next in the following series ? A  C  E   G  I  K

14 / 25

Insert the missing number :

214 (17) 325      

523 (23) 247     

157 (20) 412     

268 ( ? ) 315 ?

15 / 25

Poor  is TO Rich as Pauper is to …………

16 / 25

How many months in a year which have 28 days?

17 / 25

A student obtained 680  marks out of 850 marks . find out what percentage did he obtain?

18 / 25

What comes next in the following series;

53    8    63     9     73     ?

19 / 25

If the price of 30 bananas  is 55 rupees ,what is the price of 9  bananas?

20 / 25

Uncle is to Aunt as Cock is to………….

21 / 25

If the speed of a train is 180  km per hour,  how much  time it will take to cover a distance of 63 km?

22 / 25

Which is different?

23 / 25

Build is to Break as Tight is to …………

24 / 25

Which one of the following is different from the rest?

25 / 25

Which is different from the rest ?

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Verbal Intelligence Tests PDF

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 Intelligence Tests Verbal in PDF

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