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What is meant by Command Task? 

This is one of the parts in ISSB GTO Tasks. Command task is basically the activity in which a short interview is being taken from the individual while walking with GTO. 

After taking a short interview which normally seems very very friendly and individual normally behave friendly also, expose their many traits in front of the GTO. 

Then GTO takes him at a particular place where he guides about Command task and gives instructions that in the entire task he will be commander. 

Moreover, individual can do use his own strategies to complete the task.

Then, the individual calls his group with shouting (loud voice) and then gives briefing about the given task. After giving detail of the task, he takes his start as per his own strategy and complete the task. 

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Important Points while performing Command Task

  • Always listen carefully to the GTO that he gives briefing about task. 
  • Always give proper and to the point answer to the GTO
  • Never ever, give explanation of the reply unless it is asked by the GTO 
  • Always remain serious during his short interview that usually GTO takes while walking before giving the instructions about command task. 
  • Do not look toward the GTO during performing the task unless GTO asks or ask for attention. 
  • Always cooperate with the fellows during the command task. 
  • Before starting the command task, always take suggestions from the fellows. Because, sometime those suggestions may become fruitful for you. 
  • Avoid to ask questions after GTO briefing.
  • Do not become harsh while performing the command task. 
  • Always give complete briefing before starting the task. 
  • Assign area of work to the specific persons so that each one must know his responsibility during the task. 
  • Always keep an eye on each individual during the command task about their performance and also their activity. 
  • Always ask about their health issues before starting the task from the fellows. 
  • Always call the fellow with the chest No, friend, buddy or some suitable name during the task. 
  • always keep morale high and never loose temper at any cost. But if someone lacking into some activity, then boost him with some encouraging words, like; well-done, you can do, do more effort etc. 
  • Always do it as considering it as your final task. 

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commnd tasks
command task

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