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In Pakistan there are 13 different famous events which are celebrated happily with full zeal. Every, Pakistani love these public holidays because it becomes a social day also through which one may share his / her feelings and happiness with one another. 

A list of such Public holidays is given in the following.

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List of Public Holidays in Pakistan

S.NoDays or OccasionsDate
1.Kashmir Day5th of February
2.Pakistan Day23th of March
3.Labor Day1st of May
4.Bank Holiday1st of July
5.Independence Day14th of August
6.Defence Day6th of September
7.Iqbal Day 9th of November
8.Shab-e-MerajDates vary every year
9.Shab-e-BaratDates vary every year
10.Eid-al-FitrDates vary every year
11.Eid-al-AdhaDates vary every year
12.AshuraDates vary every year
13.Eid Milad un-NabiDates vary every year
kashmir Day

Kashmir Day is observed across the country as a Public Holiday by Pakistanis to express their solidarity with the people of Indian-occupied Jammu and Kashmir and Kashmiri Separatists’ efforts. 

It is to separate and liberate the area from the illegal administration of India since the partition of the Indo-Pak Subcontinent and to pay homage to the innocent Kashmiris that have died so far. This day is observed every year nationwide on the 5th of February.

2. Pakistan Day

Pakistan day 23 march 11zon

Pakistan Day (Youm-e-Pakistan) or Pakistan Resolution day is celebrated across the county as a Public Holiday to commemorate the Lahore Resolution which was adopted on 23rd March, 1940 by the Muslim League at the Iqbal Park where the Minar-e-Pakistan was later built which called for the creation a separate sovereign state from the provinces with Muslim Majority. 

This day is also mainly celebrated commemorating the adoption of Pakistan’s first official constitution in 1956 thus stating the name of the state as the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, hence making Pakistan the first Islamic Republic of the world.

3. Labour Day

Labour Day

Labor Day is celebrated in Pakistan as a public holiday on 1st of May as all Schools, Government and non-Government offices, businesses stay closed the following day. This day celebrates’ workers achievements, struggles and sacrifices. 

It is usually marked by rallies, processions, labor/worker union sessions and street demonstrations against the repression faced by the hardworking labor/workers of our society and demand equal rights and justice, better wages and facilities, and benefits.

4. Bank Holiday

bank holidays

Bank Holiday usually refers to the day as a Public Holiday on which the State Bank of Pakistan and other banks are closed for dealing every year.

5. Independence Day

Pakistan independence day

Independence Day (Youm-e-Azadi) is celebrated annually on 14th August as a Public Holiday. It commemorates the day Pakistan was made an independent state following the British Rule in 1947. 

Pakistan came into existence due to the Pakistan Movement started in The British ruled Indo-Pak Subcontinent which aimed for the creation of a sovereign Muslim state consisting of Muslim Majority Provinces and areas so as to provide the Muslims with religious freedom to practice their faith freely. This movement was led by The Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

6. Defence Day

defence day

Defense Day (Youm-e-Difa) is celebrated as a national day in Pakistan as a Public Holiday commemorating the sacrifices of Pakistani soldiers by defending the borders of Pakistan against the Indian Troops. 

The date of 6th September 1965 marks the day when the Indian forces crossed the International Borders into Pakistan as riposte to the Operation Grand Slam conducted by the Pakistani Armed Forces in the territory of Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir. 

Despite the facts it is commemorated as the day when Indian troops attacked Pakistan unprovoked and the gallant Pakistani soldiers defended the nation and won the war.

7. Iqbal Day

Iqbal day

Iqbal day is organized and celebrated on 9 November as a Public Holiday every year in all the provinces as a tribute to Allama Muhammad Iqbal, the “Poet of the East”. 

Iqbal was born on 9 November 1877 in Sialkot, within the Punjab Province of British India (now in Pakistan). He died on 21 April 1938 in Lahore, Punjab, British India.

8. Shab -e- Meraj

Shab e Miraj

Shab e-Meraj is an optional holiday, observed on the 27th day of the Islamic month Rajab. This event marks the night Allah took Muhammad S.A.W on a journey from Makkah to Jerusalem and then to the highest level of heaven and brought into the divine presence of Allah. 

This blessed journey took place during a time when the Prophet S.A.W was facing intense hardship and pain. His emotions were tested with the passing of two of the most beloved people in his life.

9. Shab -e- Barat

shab e barat

Shab-e-Barat is considered a major event in the Islamic calendar and observed on the 15th of Shaban, where Muslims collectively worship and ask for forgiveness of their wrongdoings. It rewards them with fortune for the whole year and cleanse them of their sins. 

It is also a night when prayers are offered to forgive one’s deceased ancestors. It is also called as the Night of Forgiveness.

10. Eid -al- Fitr

Eid ul Fitr

Eid-ul-Fitr is one of the most celebrated festivals in Islam as it marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan, a month when Muslims across the world hold fast from dawn to dusk. Muslims celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr on the first day of Shawwal. 

They offer special prayers on this day in the morning in addition to the obligatory Fajr prayer and Muslims celebrate it as Public Holidays. This Eid is marked by the act of the elder people of the family giving eidi (money) to the younger ones. This Eid is also called the lesser Eid or simply Eid.

11. Eid Al- Adha

Eid ul Adha

Eid-ul-Adha is one of the two eids in Islam which honors the willingness of Hazrat Ibrahim A.S to sacrifice his son Hazrat Ismail A.S as an act of obedience to Allah’s command. In commemoration of this sacrifice and animals are ritually sacrificed. 

Part of the meat obtained from  the sacrifice of a got, sheep, cow, etc is consumed by the family offering the sacrifice, one to the poor and needy and one to the relatives and neighbors. This Eid falls on the 10th of Zil-Hajj and lasts 3-4 days.

12. Ashura


Ashura is an Islamic holiday that occurs on the tenth day of Muharram, In general, the two main practices performed on the day are fasting and mourning. 

Ashura coincides with the date on which the Battle of Karbala took place, resulting in the martyrdom of Husain ibn Ali, it is thus preeminently an occasion for mourning.

13. Eid Milad-un-Nabi

eid milad un nabi

Eid Milad-un-Nabi is an annual celebration to commemorate the birth anniversary of Prophet Muhammad and is observed in the month of Rabi-ul-Awwal, the third month of the Islamic lunar calendar, which commences with the sighting of the moon. 

The occasion also marks the death anniversary of the Prophet. Muslims celebrate the occasion by wearing new clothes, offering prayers, and exchanging gifts.

Public Holidays of Christian in Pakistan

S.NoDays or OccasionsDate
1.EasterApril – Varies each year
2.Christmas Eve24th of December
3.Christmas Day25th of December

Easter is one of the principal public holidays, or feasts, of Christianity. It marks the Resurrection of Jesus three days after his death by crucifixion. For many Christian churches, Easter is the joyful end to the Lenten season of fasting and penitence. 

The week before Easter is called The Holy Week. Many Christians worldwide celebrate Easter with special church services, music, candlelight, flowers and ringing of church bells. In addition to Easter’s religious significance, it also has a commercial side. 

2. Christmas Eve

christmas eve

Christmas Eve is the day or the evening before Christmas, the Christian public holiday to celebrate the birth of Jesus, the central figure of Christianity. 

Most Christians celebrate Christmas on December 25, making Christmas Eve December 24. Christmas Eve is the day when gifts are exchanged between people. 

In several parts of the globe, Christmas Eve is seen as the day when people buy their Christmas trees which are then decorated in time for Christmas Day. Carol singing is a huge part of mid-night masses on Christmas Eve.

3. Christmas Days

chrismas day

Christmas is an annual festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, observed primarily on December 25 as a religious and cultural celebration among billions of people around the world. Christmas Day is a public holiday in many countries, is celebrated religiously by a majority of Christians. 

Popular customs include exchanging gifts, decorating Christmas trees, attending church, sharing meals with family and friends and, of course, waiting for Santa Claus to arrive.


Public Holidays are being announced by the government of Pakistan officially. It depends upon the government of Pakistan that any public holiday may be cancelled due to some authentic reason. 

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