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Celebration of Defence Day is very important because it reflects the great spirit of patriotism among the Pakistani nation.

On this special occasion, people from various walks of life pay homage to the armed forces. They hold celebration events in honor of Armed Forces in their towns and cities. It is also a day when every citizen of Pakistan joins hands to celebrate the sacrifices made by our brave soldiers who fought for us during the 1971 war of liberation against India.

The event has been officially declared as National Defense Day. Every year, the celebration of the defence day draws huge crowds. People from different backgrounds come together to offer prayers and take part in rallies held to express solidarity with the military personnel.

In fact, many believe that this is a time to thank God for protecting the state and thanking those brave souls who sacrificed their lives to ensure its independence. On this day, people wear white clothes or other traditional outfits to show respect towards those brave souls.

What is the Origin of Defence Day?

As a consequence, to divert the world attention from the Jammu and Kashmir dispute and the Kashmiris’ struggle for their freedom, India had started cease fire violations across the then cease fire line (CFL).

Ultimately these violations had turned into the military operations between the Indian and Pakistan armies.

Although the Indian army was suffering reverses, the operations remained confined to the disputed state of Jammu and Kashmir.

But, on 6 September 1965, India, without declaration of a war, launched a major military offensive against Pakistan, when the Indian armed forces stealthily crossed the international borders between the two countries and attacked in Lahore, Sialkot and other areas of Pakistan, with heavy thrust of their tank formations.

The Indian Army’s plan was to capture Lahore on the morning of 6th September 1965 and the Indian army’s high command had declared that they will capture Lahore and will have the breakfast in the Jimkhana Club of Lahore.

On that day, the Pakistani nation and the Armed forces rose to the occasion and defended Pakistan with exemplary unity, spirit and bravery.

The armed forces fought for the country in a heroic manner. To defend Lahore, Major Aziz Bhatti and his troops stood like a rock and fought like lions and did not allow the enemy to get near Lahore. Major Aziz Bhatti embraced Shahadat and was awarded Nishan-Haider.

Thus, the Indian army’s dreams of having breakfast in Jimkhana Club Lahore were blown away. The major tank battle was fought in Chawinda, Sialkot and Pakistani tank formations fought in a heroic way and caused major damages to the enemy and the Indian tank units had to retreat.

The Pakistan Air Force and Navy fought with an exemplary bravery and had almost crippled the Indian Air and Naval assets/bases.

The Pakistani nation stood like an Iron wall in front of the enemy during the 1965 war, especially after hearing a very charismatic, daring and morale boosting speech by the then President, Field Marshal Muhammad Ayub Khan.

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The Pakistan Army, Air Force and Navy gave an outstanding performance and the Pakistani forces, being a half in numbers than the Indian armed forces, were able to capture more Indian areas and cause more damages to India than what the Indian armed forces could do to Pakistan.

The Pakistani media, writers, poets and film industry singers also played an important role by writing and singing the mili-naghmas/songs to raise the morale of the nation and the armed forces’ officers and men.

However, after about three weeks the war came to an end with the mediation of the UN and the then Soviet Union.

In the light of the above mentioned spectacular success of the Pakistan’s armed forces and Pakistani nation in defending Pakistan the 1965 war,6th September is celebrated every year as Pakistan’s Defence Day with a lot of pride and fervor to:

  • remember and pay tribute to our armed forces’ successes in the war and to the sacrifices of our Shaheeds and Ghazis of that war;
  • to pay respect to their families; to tell our younger generation about our armed forces, war heroes’ sacrifices and the Nation’s exemplary unity shown during that war;
  • to display Pakistani nation and armed forces’ resolve to defend Pakistan against our enemy’s any future such aggression.

On 6 September, the Defence Day celebrations start with the prayers for Pakistan’s safety and security and for the 1965 war shaheeds and Ghazies who have left this world.

The day is marked by holding various kinds of national and armed forces activities/programmes including, flag hoisting ceremonies, holding debates and gathering to discuss/remember the Pakistan’s armed forces excellent performance in the 1965 war and about the brave acts of the officers and men of the armed forces during that war, which have been preserved in the form of the war history.

During the day the armed forces also organize exhibitions displaying the war fighting equipment for the people, the families, especially students/the young people to witness the equipment and weapons of war that generate general awareness about the armed forces.

A lot of interest is shown by the people to witness and enjoy the exhibitions. Such exhibitions also provide them a chance to interact with the armed forces officers and soldiers and see their discipline and love for the country. These events also attract the young people to join the armed forces.

On 6 September, in the evening the armed forces, the Army, Air Force and Navy, also organize their reception meetings, where parents and families of the Shaheeds and Veterans of the 1965wrare ted to pay homage to the Shaheeds, respect to their families and show solidarity with them.

During these events, where Shaheeds’ spirit of fighting and their success stories are discussed and projected by warphotographs and videos, the Veterans describe their deeds of bravery and success stories and they also talk about the events describing the overall war fighting spirit, and sacrifices rendered by our armed forcesduring the war.

This year also, 6th September as Pakistan’s Defence Day is being celebrated with the same love, zeal and fervor,  but in a very simple way because, because while about two third of the country is hit by the devastating floods, and a vast population have lost their homes and belongings and are living in tents at higher places, the government, the armed forces, other related institutions, and the people are busy in acolossal task of flood relief operations, such as evacuation, food supply, medical aid and peoples rehabilitation.

The people of Pakistan and the armed forces are carrying out the flood relief task in the support their countrymen with the same spirit and a sense sacrifice as they had defended Pakistan during the 1965 war.

In this context, Pakistan is thankful to our friendly countries for providing it the colossal flood relief assistance with the same spirit as they had supported us during the 1965 war.

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History of Defence Day

Defence Day is an annual holiday celebrated in Pakistan every year. The date was chosen to commemorate the first military victory of the country, the Battle of Attock against India in 1843.

In addition to commemorating this historic battle, the Pakistani Army, the Navy, and the Air Force also celebrate the occasion.

Pakistan celebrated the first military victory of the country, the Battle of Attock against India in 1843. On the eve of the battle, the British Indian army attacked the fort at Attock.

As a result of the attack, the defenders were forced to retreat. However, the attackers failed to take control of the fortress and eventually withdrew from the area.

On October 15, the anniversary of the defeat, the three armed forces observe the ceremony as a tribute to their ancestors who died in the battle.

This year marks the 141st celebration of the event. In order to honor the soldiers, the authorities have declared that all government offices will be closed on October 16.

The military personnel are also given an opportunity to visit family members. Moreover, they can attend religious ceremonies, which are held on the same day.

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How to Celebrate Defence Day?

Defence Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of August. This day commemorates the sacrifices made by soldiers who died while defending their country.

It was originally created in the United States, but the idea spread to other countries around the world.

In Pakistan, this holiday is known as Army, Navy, Air Force, and Police Day.

On that day, the military marches through cities and towns to show off its strength. There are also parades held throughout the country. People gather at the parade grounds to watch the marching bands and the different units of the armed forces.

During these celebrations, people wear uniforms and display flags and banners that represent the Armed Forces of Pakistan.

As well, there is a special ceremony where the President of the Republic awards medals to members of the military for their service.

This is a great opportunity for everyone to celebrate together.

You should try to attend the festivities if you live in the area. You can even dress up like one of the many characters from the Pakistani culture.

If you’re not able to be present, then you can still participate online.

The Pakistan Army displays its latest missiles, tanks, guns, Pakistan Army Aviation helicopters and armament being used by Engineers, Electrical and Mechanical Corps, Army Air Defense, Signals, Army Service Corps and the Army Medical Corps. 

Everyone is allowed to watch such functions live by going to specific places. These shows are also displayed on national TV channels. National songs, special documentaries about 6 September 1965 and the stories of the people who were martyred on that day are displayed on TV. The facts are told of how people sacrificed their lives for the defense of the country and what the responsibility is of the younger generation, the children, who are the future of Pakistan.

Importance of Defence Day

Defence day is a national holiday observed by Pakistanis. The main objective of this day is to pay tribute to the martyrs who have lost their lives in the line of duty. On this day, people visit cemeteries where the soldiers and other personnel of the armed forces are buried.

In the past, the government used to organize the ceremony on the first Saturday after Independence. However, due to political reasons, the date was changed to the last Sunday of August.

On this day, people wear the uniform of the armed forces and go to the gravesites. People also attend the funeral services held at these places.

Today, the Armed Forces of Pakistan celebrate the occasion with great enthusiasm.

This is a very important event for all Pakistani citizens. It is a chance to remember the sacrifices made by our brave men and women in the army and navy. In addition, it is an opportunity to show respect for the dead.

A few years ago, the military had banned any kind of celebration. However, they have now decided to allow civilians to observe this special day.

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Role of Pak Army, Pak Navy and Pak Air Force on Defence Day

Pakistani military has been playing an important role in the country’s history. Pakistanis have always wanted to be a powerful nation, but the country was never able to achieve that goal. Nowadays, the Pakistani armed forces are still fighting for their independence.

In this article, you learn about the Army, Navy and Air Force. You’ll also discover why these three branches of the military play such an important part in the lives of most people in the country.

Pakistan has its own national Army. The Army is made up of soldiers who fight for the country. This means that they protect the borders, help people in need, and defend the country from external threats. In addition, the army helps to keep order within the country.

The second branch of the Pakistani Military is the Navy. People use the word “Navy” for the ships that sail on the ocean. But the navy is much larger than just the ships. It includes a variety of different units, including the coast guard and marine corps.

The third branch of the Pakistani Military is the Air Force. As you might expect, this group of soldiers’ flies’ planes all over the world. They are used to fly cargo, transport passengers, and even drop bombs on enemy targets.

The Importance of the Defence Day for Pakistan Army

Pakistan is a country that has been invaded by many countries in its history. This means that the Pakistani military needs to be ready at all times to defend itself against attacks from enemies. That’s why the Defense Day is so important.

The Defense Day was first introduced in 1973, and it marks the anniversary of the founding of the armed forces. On this day, the Pakistani military shows off their best weapons and equipment to the public. People come to watch these displays, and they also get to learn more about how the soldiers protect themselves.

It is very easy to forget the significance of the Defense Day because it doesn’t happen every year. However, there are other days that the Pakistani government holds in honor, such as the National Flag Day.

This is one way that the Pakistani people show respect for their military members. It gives them a chance to appreciate what the soldiers do for the country.

The Importance of the Defence Day for Pakistan Navy

Pakistan is one of the largest countries in the world. If you look at its population, you will notice that the country has a large number of people living in cities.

However, there are still many villages and towns in this country. There are also many places where there isn’t much development. This means that there are plenty of opportunities for the military to use their skills.

The main role of the army in Pakistan is to protect the citizens from external threats. However, the navy plays a similar role, and it does so by protecting the coastlines.

Both the army and the navy have important roles to play in the defense of the nation. On April 6th, both services celebrate the Defense Day.

Defence Day is a holiday that celebrates the contributions that the two branches of the Pakistani armed forces make to the security of the country.

This day was first celebrated on the date of the birth of the founder of the Pakistan Army, Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

The celebration of this holiday has grown since then, with people across the country taking part in parades, sporting events, cultural festivals, and other activities.

The Importance of the Defence Day for Pakistan Air Force

Pakistan is a country that loves its military. Whether it be the army, navy, or the Airforce, each branch has their own pride in being able to protect the nation. On the other hand, they also have a lot of respect for the civilians. That’s why they want to make sure that everyone knows how important the defence day is to them.

On this special occasion, all branches of the armed forces are allowed to march through the streets of Islamabad with full honour. This is done to show off their strength and to remind the people of the importance of the defence day.

It should come as no surprise that the Pakistani Airforce is one of the main participants in these marches. In fact, it was a member of the Airforce that first suggested that such an event take place.

How Pakistani Celebrate Defence Day?

Pakistanis love their country. So much so that many of them will go to great lengths to show how patriotic they really are.

This is why the military gets such a warm welcome when they come home from war. People give them gifts, sing songs for them, and even get down on their knees in front of them.

But this isn’t just an act of patriotism; it’s also part of a tradition that dates back hundreds of years.

In fact, the idea behind the custom of celebrating the army comes from the Mughal Empire. At one point, the emperor wanted to send his soldiers off with a special gift. However, he didn’t want to spend any money on a present because it would be considered wasteful in a culture where most people were poor.

So, the emperor decided that instead of buying anything, he would make the soldiers feel like kings by giving them gold and silver coins.

The tradition continued after the British took control of Pakistan in 1947. In fact, when Pakistan became independent in 1971, they still celebrated their independence on the same date.

Today, the military receives a lot of respect around the world for what they do to keep peace. The Pakistani government even celebrates this event as a national holiday known as ‘Defence Day’.


Pakistan Defence Day is being celebrated with honour and dignity. Pakistani always love such events and consider it as their great achievements.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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