Inter Services Selection Board plays a vital role in the selection of Pak Defenders who want to become an Army Officer, Naval Officer, or PAF Officer. Commission services have different types. Now a days in some Short Service Commission, ISSB is also mandatory. 

Candidates can prepare all tests of ISSB here with complete practice. If you want to know about your personality traits, whether you are fit for Pak Forces as an Officer then our psychologists will help you to see yourself in depth with all parameters which are being observed in ISSB.

Learn here to fill Bio Data Form, Urdu Sentences, English Sentences, Picture Stories, Pointer Stories, Lecturate Topics, Words Association Tests, Group Planning, Group Tasks, Interview Questions, Personal Questions of Interview, Obstacles, Progressive Tasks, and OPI Tests in detail. Each Test is given below.

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Welcome to Inter Services Selection Board (2024)

ISSB stands for “Inter Services Selection Board”. Every human being has some particular qualities gifted by Almighty Allah that he/she does not know. We provide complete guidelines regarding  his/her personality which help to face different situations as given in the ISSB. If a candidate performs as per his/her characteristics then the candidate will be surely recommended by the Board. 

We give clear picture to the individual through personality assessment test & tests given below which clearly guide to pass the ISSB with high marks. If some body has interest to start preparation then he / she must follow this page where each test is given with detail comprehension. 

Mostly students remain worry about this question that how do i qualify ISSB Tests (Inter Services Selection Board)? so its answer is very simple that just read out  this page and start preparation of each test from this website. Because Pak Shaheens is providing you the exact information in a very easy language step by step. 

Find here all ISSB Tests with past papers of ISSB. Four main types of tests are being conducted at ISSB centers, i.e. Intelligence Tests, Psychological Tests, GTO Tasks and Interview. There are total three ISSB centers i.e., Kohat, Malir and Gujranwala. 

Now, remember that Inter Services Selection Board is totally relying on your mental abilities which is the core requirement of Inter Services Selection Board. There is no need of any book, because books are actually having a lot of distraction. Books spoil your qualities because the reason is that if writers are good psychologists then why they were not officers? 

This website is prepared by the qualified teachers of Pakistan Air Force who have served in forces and spent a life. Here information are more authentic as compared to the Books. Each and every thing is given here regarding ISSB. This material gives you the 100% best result. 

Main Tests at Inter Services Selection Board Centres

Intelligence Tests in ISSB - 2024

  • Intelligence Tests are being taken again at ISSB (Inter Services Selection Board) centres. Those students who are repeaters , they are not supposed for Intelligence Tests. 
  • Mechanical Aptitude tests ISSB are basically being taken to check your mental inclination that after passing out which branch suits to you, and accordingly that branch is allocated to the cadet. 
  • In intelligence tests, students are being given 75 total questions in which Verbal and Non Verbal questions are included. Total time for this test is to be given i.e., 40 minutes. 
  • Total chances for ISSB are two. After availing two chance, one extra chance can be availed after doing Master in any subject as required in different branches of Defence Forces.
  • If any student who has submitted his/ her form for ISSB and waiting for call letter, then status of call letter can be checked HERE. If you have appeared in ISSB then wants to see the result of ISSB then CLICK HERE

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Psychological Tests in Inter Services Selection Board

  • These tests are being taken by the Psychologist where a candidate has to prove his / her qualities for selection. In ISSB Bio Data form, always take care of writing about yourself. It must be brief and short but comprehensive. 
  • In Urdu Sentence Completion tests, candidates are given a paper with 26 urdu sentences written on it, and a candidate has to fill all the sentences in 6 minutes. For practice click below. 
  • In English sentence completion tests, same number of sentences are given in English, and candidates are to fulfill those all in 6 Minutes. For practice click below. 
  • In Picture stories writing, candidates are to write a story on watching a picture. That story must have a complete sentence. For more practice and pattern, click below. Total time is to be given 4 Minutes.
  • In Pointer stories, candidates are given with a half line of a sentence and then candidate is to ask for writing a complete story by completing that line of the sentence. Total time is to be given only 4 Minutes. 
  • In word association tests, 100 words are shown to the candidates and they have to write a complete sentence on it. Each word has 10 Sec time to write a sentence. For more practice click below. 
  • Remember, always write your Merits and Demerits carefully. For knowing your traits, you must do your personality assessment test in which you are being informed about your whole personality. 

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GTO Tests in ISSB (Inter Services Selection Board) - 2024

  • In GTO (Group Testing Officer) tests, different types of tests are included like, ISSB group discussion topics, ISSB obstacles, GTO test preparation, and progressive group task. 
  • In group discussion, candidate is given with two topics and it depends upon individual that which topic he / she chooses. In Group Planning of ISSB, a candidate is to execute the plan as it is directed by the GTO. 
  • In individual obstacles, 02 minutes are given to each candidate to do all the tasks, if individual completes within time then it may be repeated and it remains at the discretion of the individual to choose any one or many to complete again. It adds to the total merits of the candidate which becomes helpful in final merit list. 

Interview / Re-Interview in Inter Services Selection Board

  • This section is related to the ISSB Deputy President Interview and considered as the important portion during ISSB tests preparation. 
  • In ISSB Interview, questions may be asked of any nature, rather it may be related to the personal life, Islamiat general knowledge, mcqs about Holy Quran, World knowledge and current affairs questions are included. 

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