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Welcome to the page of  ISSB, where there is detail explanation about pattern of writing Pointer Stories. Students can find here all necessary points which must be kept into the mind while making Pointer Stories.  

Students are normally given 4 minutes, in which they are to think for 30 seconds and then they have to write a complete own stories about that incomplete line of the story in remaining 3 minutes and 30 seconds. 

Detail of some past stories are given here for guidance. If you want to write other short stories then contact us for your complete personality assessment so that you may write correct words with right thoughts covering broad ideas.

We provide all necessary information about ISSB and try to give you the true picture about your personality. For the preparation of all tests, Click Here and for notes Click Here. Further detail may be taken at any time. Contact us for more detail.

Detail of Pointer Stories (Part-I)

Detail of Pointer Stories (Part-II)

Note: If you want to get more refinement into your psychological tests, then take guidance from Psychologists. 

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ISSB stands for “Inter Services Selection Board”.

Picture stories writing in ISSB means to write complete story covering; 

  1. Name of the Character. 
  2. Current jobs or Status of the character.
  3. Prepare character to face any challenge. 
  4. Using some specific strategy to solve the current problem. 
  5. At the end showing character living happily and feeling proud to be a part of some better organization.

If you want to find picture stories solved then first of all analyse your personality whether you are fit for the current job or not. If you are not fit then find the reasons and then according to your merits try to make the picture stories or pointer stories in ISSB.

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