List of Famous Group Discussion Topics in ISSB

Find here most repeated group discussion topics and lecturates which is the first task of GTO (Group Testing Officer) in ISSB. In this task, GTO gives a topic to the entire group for discussion and one topic is given to the individual. 

Shaheen Forces Academy prepares students physically in campus as well as through online with complete personality assessment in which individual learns to know about his/ her weaknesses for attmpting ISSB tasks ore carefully. 

Groupd discussion concern is to check the knowledge of the candidate in depth and courage with logical answers which is a prime quality of the leader. mostly, overall 16 qualities are being checked by the psychologist in which a candidate has to score more than 80% of the results from different perspectives. For more detail subscribe YouTube channel of Shaheen Forces Academy

group discussion topics

List of Famous Group Discussion Topics in ISSB

  • Who plays the important role in the grooming of children father or mother?
  • Struggle for women’s right is obligatory in country or not? Discuss
  • The personal interest are prevailing over our national interest. Discuss
  • The movement for the rights of women is imposing negative effects on society.
  • What is impact of CPEC on the development of the country?
  • How Pak China relations are useful?
  • Should Pakistan keep relations with America or not?
  • Why western nations are more developed than us?
  • What is the reason of deterioration of moral values in our society?
  • Football is cheaper than cricket. Why government of Pakistan is not bringing up a healthy environment for this game?
  • Causes of Terrorism in Pakistan.
  • What are the reasons of unemployment in Pakistan?
  • Deeni Madrassas are playing an important role in educating poor children but their impression is not good. What steps should be taken to improve their impression?
  • The reasons for increasing the smuggling in Pakistan and what steps should be taken to overcome this?
  • Should we recognize India as regional power?
  • Islam gives the message of peace but we are murdering one in another. Discuss
  • How can we encounter western and Indian media?
  • Should Pakistan change parliamentary system?
  • What are benefits of Technical education in Pakistan?
  • Should we surrender from the nuclear power or not for the sake of country development?
  • How can Pakistan strengthen her economy?
  • How can we improve our judicial system?
  • Should we restrict the activities of Tableegh in Pakistan?
  • What is important for Pakistan; Education or Weapons?
  • How can Pakistan play her role for bringing Muslim countries at one platform?
  • Why America takes interest in Pakistan?
  • What is important for Pakistan to preserve its freedom?
  • Should students participate in politics?
  • What is important for Pakistan in development; Industrial or Agricultural?

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List of Group Discussion Topics in PDF

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Note: More recent topics of group discussion are being updated here for continuous personality development of the students. If you want to get more refinement into your psychological tests, then take guidance from Psychologists. 

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