Eid Milad un Nabi

‘Mawlid’ is celebrated by Muslims as a special time of happiness and prosperity for the family. This is also referred to as the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). It is observed as a public holiday in many countries with a large Muslim population.

Muslims mark the date of the 12th of the month as the birthday of Prophet Mohammad. On that day, Shias commemorate his birth, while Sunnis celebrate it by remembering the prophet’s death. In Sunni Islam, there are various branches of the religion.

Every year the date of the Islamic calendar is different than the Gregorian calendar. This difference results in the two calendars moving out of alignment with each other by one or two days each year.

The Islamic Calendar is about 11 days shorter than the Gregorian calendar, which means that in some years this holiday occurs twice.

Meaning of Eid Milad Un Nabi

In Urdu Language, meaning of Eid Milad un Nabi is:

  1. Festival of birth anniversary of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
  2. To celebrate the birthday of a person.
  3. To wish a happy new year.
  4. The name of a festival celebrated by Muslims on the occasion of the birthday of the Prophet Mohammad.
  5. Birthday of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).
  6. In the month of Shawwal, the tenth Islamic lunar month, the festival of the birthday of the prophet Mohammad is observed.
  7. On this day, people offer prayers and greet each other with peace.

Dates of Eid Milad un Nabi 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026

20229 OctSunMilad un-Nabi
202328 SepThuMilad un-Nabi
202416 SepMonMilad un-Nabi
20255 SepFriMilad un-Nabi
202625 AugTueMilad un-Nabi

Eid Milad Un Nabi in Islam

Eid Milad un Nabi in Islam (or simply Eid) is an important day of celebration for Muslims. This holiday marks the end of the month-long Ramadan fast. During this time, Muslims abstain from food, drink, smoking, sex, and other activities that break their daily fasting. On this day Muslims send wishes of Eid Milad un Nabi Mubarak to all family members and friends.

Muslims believe that God created Adam and Eve on the first day of creation. On the seventh day, he rested after creating the heavens and the earth. He blessed his final creations by saying “Behold! I have set my slaves free to enjoy all kinds of good things. So eat what you like and give thanks.”

This is why the holiday is also known as the Feast of Breaking Fast.

However, the date for Eid varies depending on whether it falls in the spring, summer, fall, or winter. It’s usually observed sometime between May 30th and June 4th.

The most important thing to remember about this holiday is that there are many different ways of celebrating. You can celebrate with family, friends, or even just yourself.

Eid Milad un Nabi 3

Happy Eid Milad Un Nabi Wishes: Why Muslims Celebrate It?

In addition to celebrating the start of the new year, people also mark the occasion with special meals and gifts. For example, some people give each other small presents, while others might make their own food.

Jashne Eid Milad Un Nabi in the East

Eid Milad Un Nabi in the East is a celebration that Muslims celebrate in the month of Ramadan. It commemorates the birth of Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) in the year 570 CE.

In this article, we will discuss the meaning, importance and significance of the eid. The eid means “celebration”. It was celebrated by the prophet and his companions.

The first day of the eid starts on the ninth of Dhul Hijjah. This is the last lunar month of the Islamic calendar. On the tenth of the same month, the moon is sighted for the first time after it sets.

This sighting marks the start of the fasting period. During the next 10 days, people abstain from eating and drinking. The eid is important because it celebrates the birth of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). It also celebrates the end of the fast.

Happy Eid Milad Un Nabi in the Middle East

Eid Milad un Nabi is the celebration of the birth of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). This holiday is celebrated in the Muslim world on the birthday of the prophet. The date of this holy day varies from year to year.

In the Islamic calendar, the first month after the Hijri year 1400 begins with Muharram. And the last month of the year ends with Rajab. Thus, the period between these two months is known as Shawwal. During the time of the Holy Prophet, Muslims observed the fasts of Ramadan and the feast of Eid-MiladunNabi, the birthday of the prophet.

As per the traditions, the celebration starts at dawn on the first day of the month. On the next morning, people visit the graves of their ancestors. Then they pray together in the mosque. After that, everyone eats a meal. Finally, they go to the place where the prophet was born. There, the family members of the prophet perform some rituals.

How to Celebrate Eid Milad Un Nabi?

Eid Milad Un Nabi is a special day for Muslims. This holiday celebrates the birth of Prophet Muhammad. However, this celebration isn’t just limited to Muslims. People from all walks of life enjoy celebrating this occasion.

In order to understand why Muslims celebrate Eid Milad, it’s important to know that the prophet was born on the same date as Jesus Christ. The two men were born in the year 570 CE. So, the celebrations for both holidays are similar.

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