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Kashmir Day also known as Youm-e-Yakjehti is a public holiday observed across the nation on February 5th each year. It is observed to show Pakistan’s unwavering support to the people of Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir and to the selfless efforts of the Kashmiri Separatists struggling to liberate the area from Indian Control and to martyrs who have lost their precious lives to this conflict.

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History and timeline of Kashmir Day

Renown all over the world for its unparalleled, natural charm and beauty, Kashmir was thought of as Heaven on Earth, however in its current state being held up since 1947, its often depicted as hell for the Muslims being oppressed by Indian government, something opposite to the general concept of heaven. 

Although the symbol of Kashmir still holds as Heaven on Earth, its currently being tortured along with its inhabitants with barbed wire, armed forces and of course bloodshed.

At the time of partition of the British India, the region known as Jammu and Kashmir was a princely state under the rule of a Hindu Raja who as a Hindu, wanted this region of embezzling beauty to be a part of the newly establish Indian State although the people of AJK wanted otherwise. 

Fearing that through the process put in place for the separation, AJK would fall under Pakistani territory, he resorted to letting the Indian armed forces take over the region.

Hence caused a conflict which holds uptil now and had resulted in Muslims being stripped of their right to choose their country which later suffered at the hands of Indian forces and were mercilessly tortured and killed.

This conflict has never been resolved since 1947 and has caused intense political tension and instability in the international neighborhood as well as the wars of 1947, 1965 and 1971 among Pakistan and India.

Pakistan considers the Kashmir Conflict as the core issue which destabilizes the regional stability and hinders the economic and industrial development. 

Pakistan over the years has hoped to resolve this issue through international forums and promote bilateral ties but to no avail as the Indian government in the past and till today refuses to solve this problem.

The observance of Kashmir day was proposed by the Chief Minister of Punjab Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif in 1990. He appealed for a nation-wide public holiday to conduct protests against the illegal; occupation of Kashmir and urged the people to pray for the people of Kashmir.

The government declared 5th February as Kashmir Day which is observed till today and marked with almost all public and private offices, businesses being closed along with nation-wide rallies, protests, demonstrations, etc.

Kashmir day of solidarity

Public Life on Kashmir Day

Kashmir day is a public holiday in Pakistan and AJK. Mostly all of the Government and private offices, Banks and Educational institutes and businesses remain closed throughout the day. However some multi-national companies continue routine activities.

Public transport functions normally as well however traffic jams are unavoidable because of the rallies being carried out. Traffic congestions are expected in almost all the major cities and roads.

How to observe Kashmir day?

Kashmir Solidarity Day is observed nationwide by people of all ages and gender as they express their true feelings of unity and solidarity with the people of Kashmir who are suffering and who’ve lost their lives in the past. People are seen expressing their emotions by:

1. Taking Part in Public Processions

Men and Women of all ages and religions take part in the demonstrations and rallies held in almost every city across the country holding banners, posters, chanting slogans, etc.

2. Forming a hand chain

A human chain symbolizes unity, brotherhood, support, solidarity. Hence people on Kashmir Day form a human chain to express their feeling of unity with their Kashmiri brothers and sisters.

3. Using the power of social media

In our current age of social media, the whole world is a sort of global village as we’re all connected through the internet. Therefore a lot of people use social media to raise awareness about this issue among the people of this global village.

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