Top Interview Questions

interview questions

Top Interview Questions

National Symbols of Pakistan for Interview Questions

Interview Questions are very important to increase confident of the candidate because he/ she feels himself/ herself more better as compared to others. If you want to pass the interview then read the following interview questions more carefully and learn all by heart. 

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  • National Leader = Quaid-Azam
  • National Poet = Allama Iqbal
  • National Animal = Markhoor
  • National Bird = Pheasant (Chakor)
  • National Flower = Jasmine
  • National Game = Hockey
  • National Juice = Sugarcane
  • National Fruit = Mango
  • National Vegetable = Ladyfinger
  • National Tree = Deodar
  • National Day = Defence Day, 6th September
  • National River = Indus
  • National Mosque = Faisal
  • National Mountain = K2
  • National Fish = Mahaseer
  • National Park = Jinnah Park

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Prime Ministers of Pakistan (Top Interview Questions)

  • Liquat Ali Khan (1947 to 1951)
  • Khwaja Nazim Uddin (1951 to 1953)
  • M Ali Bogra (1953 to1955)
  • Ch Mohmmad Ali (1955 to 1956)
  • Hussain Shaheed Sahar Wardi (1956 to 1957)
  • Ibrahim Chundriger (1957 to 1957)
  • Malik Feroz Khan (1957 to 1958)
  • Noor ul Amin (1971 to 1971)
  • zulfiqar Ali Bhutto (1973 to 1977)
  • M Khan Junejo (1985 to 1988)
  • Benazir Bhutto (1988 to 1990)
  • Nawaz Sharif (1990 to 1993)
  • Benazir Bhutto (1993 to 1996)
  • Nawaz Sharif (1997 to1999)
  • Zafar ulla Jamali( 2002 to 2004)
  • Ch Shujat (2004 to 2004)
  • Shaukat Aziz (2004 to 2007)
  • Yousaf Raza Gillani (2008 to 2012)
  • Raja Parvez Ashraf (2012 to 2013)
  • Nawaz Sharif (2013 to 2017)
  • Shahid Khaqan (2017 to 2018)
  • Imran khan (2018 to 2022)
  • Shehbaz Sharif (2022 to …..)

First in Pakistan (Frequently Asked Interview Questions)

  • First President = Iskandar Mirza
  • First Chief Justice = Abdul Rasheed
  • First Pm = Liaquat Ali Khan
  • First Governor-General = Quiad-Azam
  • First Governor of State Bank = Zahid Hussain
  • First C-In-C = Frank Messeri
  • First Muslim C-In-C = Muhammad Ayoub 

Famous Days of the Year (Famous Interview Questions)

  • Pakistan Day = 23th March
  • Defence Day = 6th September
  • Airforce Day = 7th September
  • Independence Day = 14th August
  • Labour Day = 1st May

Pakistan History (Famous Interview Questions)

  • Allama Iqbal Said in his presidency on 1930 in Allahabad Ijlas, that Punjab, Kpk, Sindh & Baluchistan Should be joined & make Another Separation Islamic Country..
  • Allama Iqbal is called “Thinker of Pakistan”
  • Two Nations theory was given by = Sir Syed Ahmed
  • In 1864 Scientific Society was Started by = Sir Syed Ahmed
  • Name “Pakistan” was Given by = Ch Rahmat Ali
  • Pakistan’s Flag Designer = Ameeruddin Qedwaii
  • Writer of Anthem = Abdul Hafeez Jallundhari
  • Musician of Anthem = Ahmed G. Chhagla
  • Number of Lines in Anthem = 15
  • Number of Words in Anthem = 50
  • Only Urdu word is in anthem = “Ka”

Old Names and New Names (Interview Questions) 

  • Old name of Hyderabad– Neroon Kot
  • Old name of Quetta- Shal Kot
  • Old name of Jaccoabad- Khan Garh
  • Old name of Sialkot – Salwan Kot
  • Old name of Attock – Cambell pur
  • Old name of Faisalabad – Lyallpur
  • Old name of Sahiwal – Montgomery
  • Old name of Bin Qasim – Pepri
  • Old name of Muslim Bagh – Hindu Bagh
  • Old name of Pakpatten –  Ajodhan pur
  • Old name of Islamabad – Raj Shahi
  • Old name of Karachi – Kalanchi
  • Old name of Lahore – Mahmood pur
  • Old name of Gujranwala – Khan Pur
  • Old name of Zhob – Fort Sanemars
  • Old name of Peshawar – Persha pur
  • Old name of Swat – Rowdayana

Famous for What? (Interview Questions)

  • Punjab is famous for = Land of Five River
  • Lahore is famous for = City of Colleges
  • Karachi is famous for = City of lightening
  • Faisalabad is famous for = Manchester of Pakistan
  • Karachi is famous for = Gateway of Pakistan
  • Islamabad is famous for = Brasilia of Pakistan
  • Peshawar is famous for = Valley or city of Flowers
  • Faisalabad is famous for = City of Textiles
  • Swat is famous for = Switzerland of Pakistan
  • Bradford is famous for = Little Pakistan
  • Khyber Pass is famous for = Gateway of Invaders
  • Kaghan Valley is famous for = Pearl of the Himalaya
  • Nanga Parbat is famous for = Killer Mountain of the world
  • Pakistan is famous for = Salt Home of the world
  • Pakistan is famous for = Land of pure people
  • Islamabad is famous for = City of greeneries
  • Punjab is famous for = Bread Basket of Pakistan
  • Punjab is famous for = Queen of crops

Vitamins Source and Uses (Interview Questions)

  • Deficiency of vitamin A causes dryness of skin and night blindness
  • Vitamin A is stored as Ester in liver
  • Riches source of Vitamin A is eggs
  • Vitamin A is found in Dairy products
  • Deficiency of Vitamin A causes Night blindness.
  • Vitamin A is found in carotene bearing plants.
  • Water soluble vitamin are B and C and all other are fat soluble
  • Vitamin B helps maintain normal appetite and good digestion
  • Vitamin B1 is available is yeast.
  • Vitamin B2 has what other name Riboflavin
  • Vitamin capable of formation of blood is B12
  • Vitamin C is a preventor of infectious disease
  • Vitamin C is also called Skin food
  • Vitamin C can easily be lost in cooking and food storage
  • Vitamin C hastens healing of wounds
  • Vitamin C can not be stored in human body.
  • Scurvy, arising due to deficiency of vitamin C, it is related to Gastro-intestinal disorder.
  • Vitamin C is also known as Ascorbic Acid.
  • A guava contains more vitamin C than an orange
  • Skin food is Vitamin C
  • Vitamin C is also called Ascorbic Acid it prevents scurvy
  • Vitamin C is also necessary for utilization of iron
  • The food which contains largest amount of Vitamin C is tomato
  • Cod liver oil contains Vitamin D
  • Riches source of Vitamin D is code liver oil
  • Vitamin D is essential for calcium metabolism.
  • Cheese contains vitamin D
  • Vitamin E promotes oxygenation and acts as anti aging
  • Vitamin E is called anti-aging agent
  • Vitamin E helps in fertility process
  • Vitamin E is necessary for iron utilization; normal reproductive function.
  • Vitamin E is for reproduction.
  • Vitamin K helps to form prothrobin (fibro gin) one of the enzymes helpful in blood clotting
  • Collagen is the substance that gives elasticity to skin
  • Carbon dioxide we release comes from food we eat
  • Fats are made of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen
  • Protein found in milk is Casein, in beans is Legumes, in meat is myosin and in eggs is albumin
  • Too much presence of the Potassium salt in human blood increase the risk of heart attack.
  • The lack of calcium in the diet causes what condition-Rickets
    Celluloses are carbohydrates.
  • Milk contains lactose.
  • Vitamin not stored in human body- C
  • Deficiency of Calcium leads to rickets
  • Sodium is necessary of nervous system.
  • Ground nut has maximum protein
  • Digestion of fat in intestine is aided by Emulsification
  • Hair, finger nails, hoofs, etc are all make of protein
  • Deficiency of sodium and potassium causes muscular cramps, headache and diahrae
  • Milk contains 80% water
  • Milk is a complete food.
  • Deficiency of Thiamine causes Beri Beri.
  • Glucose is the source of energy for human brain.
  • Major component of honey is Glucose
  • Three main food nutrients are carbohydrates, protein and fats. Other are vitamins and minerals
  • Meat is rich in iron we need to make blood cells
  • Eating of coconut increases man’s mental faculties
  • Food poisoning can result from the eating of too much toadstools.
  • Celluloses are carbohydrates.
  • Milk contains lactose
  • Ascorbic acid is essential for the formation of bones and teeth.
  • Citric acid is a good substitution for ascorbic acid in our nutrition.

General Knowledge Questions

  • Q: What is the date of birth of Quaid-e-Azam”
  • A: December 25, 1876
  • Q: Where was Quaid-e-Azam born?
  • A: Karachi
  • Q: What was the name of the building where Quaid-e-Azam was born?
  • A: Wazir Mansion in Kharadar
  • Q: What was the name of his father?
  • A: Jinnahbhai Poonja
  • Q: What was the name of his mother?
  • A: Mithibai
  • Q: Name the ancestral village of Quaid’s family?
  • A: Paneli in Kathiawar
  • Q: What was the name of Quaid’s aunt who first took him to Bombay in his childhood?
  • A: Manbai
  • Q: Name the brothers and sisters of Quaid-e-Azam?
  • A: Rahmat, Maryam, Ahmed Ali, Bande Ali, Fatima, Sh in n
  • Q: What was his mother tongue?
  • A: Gujrati
  • Q: What was the profession of his father?
  • A: Business
  • Q: When did Quaid-e-Azam first marry?
  • A: 1892
  • Q: What was the name of his first wife?
  • A: Emibai
  • Q: When did his first wife die?
  • A: 1894
  • Q: When did his mother expire?
  • A: 1893
  • Q: When did his father die?
  • A: 1902
  • Q: What is the date of birth of Quaid’s sister Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah?
  • A: July3l, 1891
  • Q: What was Fatima Jinnah titled?
  • A: Madar-e-MiIlat (Mother of the Nation)
  • Q: When did Quaid-e-Azam’s second marriage take place?
  • A: Aprill9,1918
  • Q: What was the name of his second wife?
  • A: RatanBai
  • Q: What was the name of her father?
  • A: Sir Dinshaw Petit
  • Q: When was Quaid’s only child born?
  • A: August 14, 1919
  • Q: What was the name of Quaid’s only daughter?
  • A: Dina
  • Q: When did Quaid’s second wife die?
  • A: February 20, 1929
  • Quaid-e-Azam Early Life
  • Q: When was the first tutor engaged to teach Quaid-e-Azam at home?
  • A: 1882
  • Q: Which school did he first join?
  • A: Sindh Madrassah-tul-lslam
  • Q: When was he admitted at Sindh Madrassah-tul-Islam?
  • A: July4, 1887
  • Q: When was he first taken to Bombay?
  • A: 1887
  • Q: Which school did he join during his brief stay in Bombay?
  • A: Anjuman-e-lslam School
  • Q: When was he readmitted at Sindh Madrassah-tul-Islam?
  • A: December23, 1887
  • Q: Which was the game he used to play in his school life?
  • A: Cricket
  • Q: At what age he took to horse riding.
  • A: Ten years
  • Q: When did he leave Sindh Madrassah-tul-lslam?
  • A: January 30, 1892
  • Q: Which school did he join in after leaving Sindh Madrassah-tul-lslam?
  • A: Mission High School
  • Higher Education of Quad-i-Azam
  • Q: When did Quaid-e-Azam leave for England for higher studies?
  • A: December 1892
  • Q: On whose advice did he proceed to England?
  • A: Sir Leigh Croft
  • Q: In which bank did he open his account upon arrival in England?
  • A: Royal Bank of Scotland
  • Q: In which company did he begin apprenticeship in London?
  • A: Graham Trading Company
  • Q: Which educational institution did he first join in England?
  • A: Lincoln’s lnn
  • Q: Why had he chosen to join Lincoln’s Inn?
  • A: He specifically chose to join Lincoln’s Inn because he noticed the name of Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) heading the list of the great-est law-givers of the world on a plaque at its main entrance.
  • Q: When did he join Lincoln’s Inn?
  • A: June 25, 1893
  • Q: What was the aim of his voyage to England at first?
  • A: To establish business over there
  • Q: When was the degree of Bar-at-Law conferred upon him?
  • A: April29, 1896
  • Q: Which library was first joined by him in England?
  • A: British Museum Library
  • Q: When did he change his surname from Jinnah Bhai to Jinnah?
  • A: 1893
  • Q: Who was the Prime Minister of England when Quaid-e-Azam was studying law in England?
  • A: William Ewart Gladstone
  • Q: Which were Quaid’s favourite newspapers during his stay in England?
  • A: The Times, The Liberal Daily News and The Pall Mall Gazette
  • Q: When did he return from England after completing his education?
  • A: 1896
  • Q: When did Quaid-e-Azam leave for England for higher studies?
  • A: December 1892
  • Q: On whose advice did he proceed to England?
  • A: Sir Leigh Croft
  • Q: In which bank did he open his account upon arrival in England?
  • A: Royal Bank of Scotland
  • Q: When did he join Lincoln’s Inn?
  • A: June 25, 1893

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