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Pedagogy Quiz

A good leader does not  ________ his power ;-

How many  number  of students   are in the  method of  micro  teaching :-

Which is not included   in print  media  :-

The study of the physical  , social  and mental  aspects  of aging  is called :-

Dyslexia  is associated  with _______   disorder =

The most  complex  skill of Bloom's  taxonomy   is ;-

Providing   temporary  support and   encouragement   to student   until help in  no  longer  needed is called :-

Pedagogy is  the study of  :-

The student  learn mot  from those   teachers  who ;-

The truth of  the  conclusion of  an inductive   argument is ;-

In which city of  Pakistan  Education  conference   heldin 1947:-

Who stated that curriculum present   instruction materials ;-

The model based on  the philosophy   that  learning   occurs  when there are  changes in  mental  structure  are called ;-

Role  of student   is active in :-

In 1951 , what was the literacy rate  of Pakistan ;-

There are ______________ laws of connectionism ;-

Hilda TABA is  expert in ;:-

A person incapable of learning   is   called 'Dunce';-

Teaching by small steps   and frequent  short  assignment   technique  are useful  for ;-

The _________  the stimulus -response  bond   , the better  a person has   learned the lesson ;-

In pedagogy  computer is  used to ;-

A ___ is a list of   content  within   a curriculum ;-

There is  a  ____________ in working   memory as   people gets older  :-

Answering   and performing    are related  with :-

Which question has  increasing objectivity   of marking :-

What is Pedagogy?

Pedagogy means to teach young children.

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