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Chemical Engineering Quiz

Discharge from a 24 inch pipe of water at 10 ft/sec will be ___________ ftツウ/sec:-

Multistage centrifugal pumps are generally used for:-

The discharge through a semi circular weir varies as:-

The viscosity of water at 20ツーC is:-

While starting a centrifugal pump, its delivery valve should be kept:-

A pressure of 10 m head of water is equivalent to _________ kN/mツイ:-

Bernoulli's equation depends on the:-

Head developed by a centrifugal pump depends on its:-

Pumps used for transportation of molten sodium in fast breader reactor is a ______________ pump:-

The pressure coefficient is the ratio of pressure force to ____________ forces:-

In a forced vortex,  the velocity of flow every where within the fluid is:-

Power loss in an orificemeter is ____________ that in a venturimeter:-

The velocity profile for turbulent flow through a close conduit is:-

Viscosity of liquid decrease ------------- with rise in temperature:-

Stagnation point is the point in fluid mechanics where the velocity of the fluid at that point is _______________:-

The pressure at a point in a fluid is not the same in all directions, when the fluid viscous and:-

With increase in molecular weight of the gas , the head developed by a centrifugal compressor will:-

The specific volume of a liquid is the reciprocal of:-

The head loss in turbulent flow in a pipe varies:-

The atmospheric pressure with rise in altitude decreases:-

What is fluid mechanics:-

Which is a mathematical technique used to predict physical parameter:-

With increase in pump speed , Its NPSH requirements:-

The value of coefficient of velocity for a sharp edge orifice __________________ with the head of water:-

Isotropic turbulence occurs:-

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