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Chemical Engineering Quiz

The mach number for hypersonic flow of compressible fluid is:-

Which is an   adsorbent for  removal of  nitrogen oxides  from gas /air :-

When the Mach number is in between __________________ the flow is called super sonic flow:-

Which  is  the  most  lethal  water  pollutant :-

Superduty  fireclay  bricks  corresponds  to a  pyrometric  cone  equivalent  of  26-28:

Momentum transfer in laminar flow results from velocity gradient:-

In a free vortex ____________ changes linearly with the radial distance:-

Number of  gram  equivalent   of  solute  dissolved  in one litre  of solution is called its ;-

________________ is a type of fluid based on viscosity:-

Ceramic  recuperators  are  made of ;-

Foot valve provided in the pump is a ____________ valve:-

Tank  furnace  used  for  melting  of  glass is  made of :-

Low specific speed of a pump implies that it is a __________ pump:-

In case of venturimeter , friction losses are about ___________________ % of maximum velocity head:-

The value of critical Reynold number for pipe flow is:-

Specific speed of a centrifugal pump relates it with another pump having the:-

In case of a centrifugal pump,the theoretical head developed is dependent on the __________ impeller:-

_________ is often used in barometer:-

For pipe flows , head is proportional to ____________ at constant capacity:-

Inhalation of  silica  dust  by   human being  cause :-

In case of centrifugal fan, the gas capacity varies as:- 

Most of the centrifugal pumps used in chemical plants are usually __________ driven:-

The  formation of  oxide  film  on a metal  due to  atmospheric  exposure  reduces its :-

Venturimeter incurs less power loss as compared to an equivalent orifice meter:-

Ratio of inertial force to surface tension force is called the ___________ number:-

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