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Software Engineering Quiz

Transmission control protocol is connection oriented protocol:-

Which class can be used to create an XML document from scratch:-

Custom controls is derived from which class:-

How many retest techniques are there:-

What command is used with vi editor to save files:-

Web.config file is used to store the ________________:-

PARAM was developed by:-

Object can't manage themselves:-

Identify a fourth generation language:-

Decision making process has been proposed by Herbert simon in____________:-

Which is not an example of business process:-

Which is a risk associated with using hypertext in web application:-

What layer of OSI determines the interface of the system with the user;-

Storage device found inside the computer______:-

Soft copy refers to:-

_________ and _______ are two issues of requirement analysis:-

Spiral Model does not work well for smaller projects:-

Letters , numbers and symbols found on a keyboard are:-

The business engineering requires a major change in:-

Which is an example of configuration items:-

Critical information for top management is provided by ------------- information system:-

The ___________ takes on different shapes depending on task you are performing:-

Requirement traceability may also be referred to as the heart of requirement management:-

The CMM emphasizes the need of:-

___________ and __________ diagram of UML represents interaction modeling:-

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