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Software Engineering Quiz

To select test by shading as you drag the mouse arrow over the text is referred to as:-

Which type of change does not fall into category of support phase:-

Suspend thread can be revived by using:-

The CMMI assessment is based on x-point scale. What is the value of x:-

How can you rebuild the RPM file to include the new patches:-

(SOA) is______________:-

Which pattern is the basis of interaction management in many web based system:-

What is meaning of jar:-

The command used to compare the files is known as:-

Which one is not a risk management activity:-

Which is default authentication method for llS:-

To deliver a message to correct an application program running on a host, the ______________ address must be consulted:-

Software evolution does not comprise:-

Identify a fourth generation language:-

Which statement describes taxonomy:-

Which command is used to have a two way communication with any person who is currently logged in:-

If special forms are needed for printing the output, the programmer specifies these forms through:-

How to implement authentication via web.config:-

Which are not four major data processing functions of a computer:-

All storage media have read and write capabilities except:-

Storage which stores data after off is called:-

____________ test make sure that new codes does not break the existing code:-

Decision making process has been proposed by Herbert simon in____________:-

__________ details are given by management to marketing service system:-

In a_______________ network, application processing is shared between clients and one more server:-

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