Cyber security What is it? In the ever-evolving landscape of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), the realm of cybersecurity stands as a critical bastion against an array of digital threats. For students aspiring to excel in academic tests for Information and Communication Technologies Officers (ICTOs) or commission jobs through Direct Short Service Commission, understanding of cybersecurity is a strategic advantage through this course Cyber Security.

cyber security mcqs


Cybersecurity, in this context, we answer what cyber security is in Army, navy or PAF, which extends beyond the theoretical to the practical application of safeguarding sensitive information and ensuring the integrity of digital infrastructures. In an era where technological advancements are inseparable from national security concerns, mastering the intricacies of cybersecurity becomes paramount for those seeking to contribute to the defense and stability of digital domains. 

This introductory exploration into cybersecurity aims to equip students with the foundational knowledge essential for Cyber Security Jobs or jobs in cyber security. Cyber security jobs pay is same as the other officers of Pak Army, Pak Navy or Pak Air Force get. Do practice of the following cyber security tests for getting 100% success in the initial tests of LCC, DSSC or ICTOs. 

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Cyber Security Quiz

Where might a spammer get your personal information from;-

The DNS would convert any domain into:-

For a client server authentication , the client request from the KDC a__________________  for access to a specific asset:-

In cryptography cipher is an algorithm for performing___________--:-

Who is founder of cyber security:-

Which one is not a higher -layer SSL protocol:-

Which is known as the oldest phone hacking technique:-

_________ spam filtering issues stop valid messages from being delivered:-

PGP make use of which cryptographic algorithm:-

In cryptography the original message before being transform is called:-

Using spy cameras in malls and shops to capture private parts of any person comes under ___________ of IT  Act, 2008:-

There are ____________ types of VPN protocols:

When you use the word ____________ it means you are protecting your data from getting disclose:-

Security measures needed to protect ____________ during their transmission:-

Which are email security protocols:-

Cyber space was coined by;-

Daniel has developed an antispam solution in his network. If a spam SMTP is accepted , it is called as:-

Antivirus signatures are constructed using______________:-

Which is not a form of scanning:-

Reverse DNS Look Up technique is sued to check the DNS server validity:-

_______ is the protection taken to protect information from unauthorised access:-

When information is read by some one not authorized to do so, the result is known as:-

Symmetric key encryption is also called as:-

Why should not a user click unsubscribe links from spam message:-

In _______________ a person is constantly followed  by another person :-

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Online Past Tests for Cyber Security Jobs

See also questions related to Cyber Security which are mostly repeated. 

  1. In cybersecurity, the term “_______” refers to the protection of systems, networks, and programs from digital attacks.

    Answer: Cybersecurity

  2. A common cybersecurity best practice is to regularly update your operating system and software to patch known _______.

    Answer: Vulnerabilities

  3. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) enhances security by requiring users to provide at least _______ forms of identification before granting access.

    Answer: Two

  4. The process of converting plaintext into unreadable ciphertext to protect sensitive information is known as _______.

    Answer: Encryption

  5. Phishing is a type of cyber attack where attackers attempt to trick individuals into disclosing confidential information, such as usernames and _______.

    Answer: Passwords

  6. A software that detects and removes malicious programs, such as viruses and malware, is commonly known as _______.

    Answer: Antivirus

  7. The principle of least _______ advocates for providing users with the minimum levels of access and permissions needed to perform their tasks.

    Answer: Privilege

  8. A security incident response plan helps organizations effectively manage and mitigate the impact of cybersecurity _______.

    Answer: Incidents

  9. Cybersecurity awareness training is crucial for educating employees about potential _______ and promoting a security-conscious culture.

    Answer: Threats

  10. Firewalls act as a protective barrier between a trusted internal network and external networks, controlling the flow of _______.

    Answer: Traffic

Important MCQs for Jobs in Cyber Security

  1. Regularly backing up your important data is a key component of a robust _______ strategy to ensure data recovery in case of a cyber attack or system failure.

    Answer: Backup

  2. Security patches and updates are crucial for closing security gaps and improving the overall _______ of a computer system.

    Answer: Security posture

  3. The process of systematically evaluating an organization’s security measures to identify and address vulnerabilities is known as a security _______.

    Answer: Assessment

  4. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) are cryptographic protocols that provide secure communication over a computer _______.

    Answer: Network

  5. The practice of hiding sensitive information within seemingly harmless files or messages is known as _______.

    Answer: Steganography

  6. Security policies and procedures help establish a framework for maintaining the _______ of information assets within an organization.

    Answer: Confidentiality

  7. Cybersecurity professionals use ethical hacking, also known as _______ testing, to identify and fix security vulnerabilities before malicious hackers can exploit them.

    Answer: Penetration

  8. The unique digital signature of a file or message that ensures its integrity and authenticity is known as a _______.

    Answer: Hash

  9. Social engineering relies on manipulating individuals into divulging confidential information through psychological _______.

    Answer: Manipulation

  10. The term _______ refers to the process of returning a system to its original, secure state after a security incident or compromise.

    Answer: Remediation

Repeated MCQs for Cyber Security jobs

  1. A security incident response plan should include clear communication procedures to ensure timely reporting and coordination during a security _______.

    Answer: Incident

  2. Network segmentation is a cybersecurity strategy that involves dividing a network into smaller, isolated segments to contain and limit the impact of a security _______.

    Answer: Breach

  3. Security tokens, biometrics, and smart cards are examples of technologies used in the implementation of robust _______ systems.

    Answer: Authentication

  4. The process of systematically monitoring and analyzing system activities for signs of suspicious behavior or security _______ is known as security monitoring.

    Answer: Incidents

  5. A hardware or software-based security mechanism that monitors and controls incoming and outgoing network traffic based on predetermined security rules is called a _______.

    Answer: Firewall

  6. The practice of ensuring that individuals have the right to access specific resources and data based on their role and responsibilities is known as _______ management.

    Answer: Access

  7. Security awareness training is essential to educate employees about the importance of maintaining strong password _______.

    Answer: Hygiene

  8. The term _______ refers to the unauthorized copying, distribution, or use of software or digital content, often violating copyright laws.

    Answer: Piracy

  9. A security incident involving the unauthorized access and manipulation of data is commonly referred to as a data _______.

    Answer: Breach

  10. Security best practices include regularly reviewing and monitoring user _______ to ensure that only authorized individuals have access to sensitive information.

    Answer: Permissions

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