Notes are given for Library tests which are best for Army, Navy and PAF librarian tests. Moreover, these tests are very helpful for the tests of library in FPSC Exam, PPSC Exam, KPPSC, BPSC, and SPSC.

Important Meanings-Abbreviations for Library Test

                  Scopus: Abstract and citation database of research literature

                  J-Store (1995): Journal Storage

                  Emeralds: Full text Journal Publishers

                  Science Direct: Full-text scientific database

                  ERIC: Education Resources Information Center, is the world’s largest digital library of education literature

                  J-Gate (2001): J-Gate is an electronic gateway to global e-journal literature

                  Project MUSE (1993): Online database of more than 200 journals from nonprofit publishers

                  EBSCO: Reference Databases

                  Pubmed: Citations for biomedical articles from MEDLINE

                  IndMed: A Bibliographic Database of Indian Biomedical Literature is an indexing of medical and other biomedical journals from India not cover in Medline

                  INIS: The INIS Database, contains over 3 million bibliographic records

                  LISA: Library and Information Science Abstracts is an international abstracting and indexing tool designed for library professionals and other information specialists

                  Genamics JournalSeek: Genamics JournalSeek is the largest completely categorized database of freely available journal information available on the internet. The database presently contains 95320 titles. Journal information includes the description (aims and scope), journal abbreviation, journal homepage link, subject category and ISSN.

                  Econlit: The American Economic Association’s electronic bibliography, EconLit, indexes more than thirty years of economics literature from around the world. Compiled and abstracted in an easily searchable format, EconLit is a comprehensive index of journal articles, books, book reviews, collective volume articles, working papers and dissertations

                  REPEC: Research Papers in economics. Collaborative volunteer effort to enhance the dissemination of research in economics. The database contains information on more than 585,000 items

                  OCLC Worldcat: A global catalog of library collections.

                  Tamil Nadu (formerly Madras) Public Libraries Act. 1948

                  Andhra Pradesh Public Libraries Act. 1960

                  Karnataka Public Library Act 1965

                  Maharashtra Public Libraries Act 1967

                  West Bengal Public Libraries Act 1979

                  Manipur Public Libraries Act 1988

                  Kerala Public Libraries Act 1989

                  Haryana Public Libraries Act 1989

                  Mizoram Public Libraries Act 1993

                  Goa Public Libraries Act 1993

                  Gujarat Public Libraries Act 2002

                  Orissa Public Library Act 2002

                  Uttaranchal Public Libraries Act, 2005.

                  Rajasthan Public Libraries Act 2006

                  Delhi Public Library 1951

                  DRTC, Bangalore 1962

                  Raja Ram Mohan Roy Library Foundation 1972

                  Connemara Public Library 1890

                  Khuda Baksha Oriental Public Library 1891

                  Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute, Pune 1917

                  Rampur Raza Library, Uttar Pradesh 1774

                  State Lenin Library, Moscow 1862

                  National Library of India- 1835

                  Bibliothec Nationale, Pris (National Library, France) 1440

                  National Diet Library, Japan 1948

                  National Library, Germany 1912

                  Library of Congress, USA 1800

                  Library Association (UK)-1877 now Known as Chartered institute of Library and Information Professionals (From 2002) 1877 (now name changed in 2002 as CILIP)

                  American Library Association- 1876

                  Association of Special Libraries and Information Beureaux –ASLIB 1926

    IFLA-1929 1929 UBC-1974, UAP-1976

                  Special Library Association(SLA) 1909

    FID 1982

                  UNESCO 1945

                  India Library Association 1933

                  IASLIC 1955

                  RRRLF 1972

                  DDC by Melvil Dewey 1876

                  Expansive Classification by C.A. Cutter- 1879

                  Library of Congress Classification 1902

                  Subject Classification by J. D. Brown 1906

                  Colon Classification 1933

                  Bibliographic Classification by H. E. Bliss 1935

                  International Classification by F. Rider 1961.

                  Library of Congress Subject Headings 1898

                  Sears List of Subject Headings (SLSH) 1923

                  AACR first published 1908

                  MARC 1966

                  AACR-I 1967

    CCF 1972

                  ISBD 1974

                  UNIMARC 1977

                  AACR-II 1978

                  Online Computer Library Centre (OCLC) 1967

                  Research Library Group (RLG)-RLIN 1974

                  Joint Academic Network (JANET)

                  Consortium of University Research Libraries (CURL) 1997

                  China Academic Library & Information System 1998

                  NICNET 1977

                  CALIBNET 1986

                  ERNET 1986

                  INFLIBNET 1988

                  DELNE 1992

                  ADINET 1993

                  MALIBNET 1993

                  MYLIBNET 1994

                  UGC INFONET 2002

                  HELINET 2003

                  Asia and Pacific Information Network (APIN)

                  Information Society program for Latin America and The Caribbean (INFOLAC) 1986

                  Global Network for Education in Journalism 1999

                  Orbicom 1994

                  UNESCO Network for Associated Library (UNAL)

                  UNISIST Programme 1971

                  CDS/ISIS 1985

                  WINISIS Distributed

                  SOUL 2000

                  GREENSTONE 1997

                  DSPACE 2002

                  KOHA 2000

                  NEWGENLIB 2007

                  EPRINTS 2000

                  Relational Indexing- J.E.L.Farradane 1950

                  Coats Subject Indexing- E.J. Coats 1963

                  PRECIS-Derek Austin 1974

                  POPSI- G. Bhattacharya 1964

                  Kaisers systematic Indexing 1911

                  UNITERM- Martimer Taube 1953

                  Science Citation Index 1974

                  Social Science Citation Index 1973

                  Arts & Humanities Citation Index 1978

                  Roget’s Thesaurus 1852

                  Andhra Pradesh Library Association, 1914

                  Maharashtra Library Association, 1921

                  Bengal Library Association, 1925

                  Madras Library Association, 1928

                  Karnataka Library Association, 1929

                  Punjab Library Association, 1929

                  Samastha Kerala Pustakalaya Samiti, 1931

                  Bihar Library Association, 1936

                  Assam Library Association, 1938

                  Utkal Library Association, 1944

                  Kerala Library Association, 1945

                  Hyderabad Library Association, 1951

                  U.P.Library Association, 1951

                  Delhi Library Association, 1953

                  Gujarat library Association, 1953

                  Madhya Bharat Library Association, 1957

                  Gomantak Library Association, 1961

                  Rajasthan Library Association, 1962

                  Jammu & Kashmir Library Association, 1966

                  Tripura Library Association, 1967

                  Manipur Library Association, 1987

                  Mizoram Library Association, 1987

                  Meghalaya Library Association, 1994

                  Nagaland Library Association, 1996

                  A&I – Abstracting and Indexing

                  CRG – Classification Research Group

                  AACR2 – Anglo-American Cataloging Rules, Second Edition

                  AALL – American Association of Law Libraries

                  AASL – American Association of School Librarians

                  ABAA – Antiquarian Booksellers Association of America

                  ACRL – Association of College & Research Libraries

                  AGRIS – Agricultural Information System

                  AHIP – Academy of Health Information Professionals

                  AICTE – All India Council for Technical Education

                  ALA – American Library Association

                  ALC – Americans for Libraries Council

                  ALCTS – Association for Library Collections and Technical Services.

                  ALISE – Association for Library and Information Science Education

                  ALISE – Association for Library and Information Science Education

                  ALOHA – Astronomy Librarians of Hawaii Association

                  ALP – Advancement for Librarianship

                  ANSI – American National Standards Institute

                  APA – American Psychological Association

                  ARL – Association of Research Libraries

                  ARLIS/ANZ – Arts Libraries Society of Australia and New Zealand

                  ARLIS/NA – Art Libraries Society of North America

                  ARLIS/UK & Ireland – Arts Libraries Society of the United Kingdom and Ireland

                  ARMA International – Association of Records Managers and Administrators International

                  ASCII – American Standard Code for Information Interchange

                  ASIS – American Society for Information Science (and Technology)

                  ASTED – Association pour l’avancement des Sciences et Tcchniques de la Documentation

                  AV – Audio-Visual

                  BALID – Bangladesh Association of Librarians, Information Scientists and Documentalists

                  BCI – Bar Council of India

                  BFM – Bibliographic File Maintenance

                  BI – Bibliographic Instruction

                  BIBCO – the monographic BIBliographic record COmponent of the Program for Cooperative Cataloging

                  BIP – Books In Print

                  BL – British Library

                  BLISc – Bachelor of Library and Information Science

                  BnF – Bibliothèque nationale de France

                  BONET – Bombay Library Network

                  BPL – Boston Public Library

                  CAHSL – Connecticut Association of Health Sciences Librarians

                  CALIBNET – Calcutta Network

                  CAPS – Content, Abstract and Photocopy Service (INSDOC)

                  CDA – Communications Decency Act

                  CDC – Curriculum Development Committee

                  CD-R – Compact Disc-Recordable

                  CD-ROM – Compact Disc Read-Only Memory

                  CD-RW – Compact Disc ReWritable

                  CDS – Cataloging Distribution Service (Library of Congress)

                  CDS/ISIS – Computerised Documentation Services Intregated Set of Information System

                  CEP – Continuing Education Programme

                  CILIP – Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals

                  CIP – Cataloging-In-Publication

                  CLA – Canadian Library Association

                  CLIR – Council on Library & Information Resources

                  CLISc – Certificate Course in Library and Information Science

                  CLS – Certificate in Library Science

                  CNI – Coalition for Networked Information

                  COMLA – Common Welth Library Association

                  CONSER – Cooperative ONline SERials (PCC component)

                  CPSO – Cataloging Policy and Support Office (Library of Congress)

                  CSIR – Council of Scientific and Industrial Research

                  CV – Curriculum Vitae

                  DCM Z1 – Descriptive Cataloging Manual Z1 (“Yellow Pages”)

                  DDB – die Deutsche Bibliothek (German National Library)

                  DDC – Dewey Decimal Classification

                  DDS – Document Delivery Service

                  DEC – Distance Education Council

                  DELNET – Delhi Library Network

                  DESIDOC – Defense Scientific Information and Documentation Center

                  DEVSIS – Development Science Information System

                  DIRKS – Design and Implementation of Recordkeeping Systems

                  DLIS – Department of Library and Information Science

                  DLSc – Diploma in Library Science

                  DMCA – Digital Millennium Copyright Act

                  DOI – Digital Object Identifier

                  DRC – Data Referral Centra

                  DRM – Digital Rights Management

                  DRTC – Documentation Research and Training Center

                  DVD – Digital Video Disc

                  ENVIS – Environment Information System

                  ERIC – Educational Resources Information Clearinghouse

                  FDLP – Federal Depotisitory Library Program

                  FRBR – Functional Requirements of Bibliographic Records

                  GIF – Graphics Interchange Format

                  GIS – Geographic Information Systems

                  GPO – Government Printing Office

                  GUI – Graphical User Interface

                  HR – Human Resources

                  HTML – HyperText Markup Language

                  HTTP – HyperText Transfer Protocol

                  HTTPS – HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure

                  IALL – International Association of Law Libraries

                  IAMSLIC – International Association of Aquatic and Marine Science Libraries and Information Centers

                  IASLIC – Indian Association of Special Libraries and Information Centers

                  IATLIS – Indian Association of Teachers in Library and Information Science

                  IB – Information Behavior

                  ICSSR – Indian Council of Social Science Research

                  ICT – Information and Communication Technology

                  IE – Internet Explorer

                  IFLA – International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions

                  IFLA – International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions

                  III – Innovative Interfaces, Incorporated

                  IIT – Indian Institute of Technology

                  ILA – Indian Library Association

                  ILL – InterLibrary loan

                  IMLS – Institute for Museum and Library Services

                  INFLIBNET – Information and Library Network (UGC)

                  INSDOC – Indian National Scientific Documentation Center

                  ISBD – International Standard Bibliographic Description

                  ISBN – International Standard Book Number

                  ISC – Information for Social Change (Advocacy group : United Kingdom)

                  ISP – Internet Service Provider

                  ISSN – International Standard Serial Number

                  IT – Information Technology

                  JAKE – Jointly Administered Knowledge Environment

                  JPEG – Joint Photographic Experts Group

                  JSTOR – Journal STORage

                  KWIC – KeyWord In Context

                  KWOC – KeyWord Out of Context

                  LAB – Library Association of Bangladesh

                  LAN – Local Area Network

                  LC – Library of Congress

                  LCC – Library of Congress Classification

                  LCCN – Library of Congress Control Number

                  LCRI – Library of Congress Rule Interpretation(s)

                  LCSH – Library of Congress Subject Heading

                  LCSH – Library of Congress Subject Headings, aka “The Big Red Books”

                  LFF – LIbrarians For Fairnesss

                  LIS – Library and Information Science

                  LIS – Library and Information Science (common abbreviation)

                  LISA – Library and Information Science Abstracts

                  LISA – Library and Information Services in Astronomy

                  LISBd – Librarians and Information Scientists, Bangladesh

                  LITA – Library and Information Technology Association

                  LOCKSS – Lots of Copies Keep Stuff Safe

                  LTTE – Letter To The Editor

                  MALS – Master of Arts, Librarianship

                  MARC – MAchine Readable Cataloging

                  MARC – Machine Readable Catalogue

                  MARC 21 Machine Readable Catalogue 21 Century

                  MCI – Medical Council of India

                  Medical Library Association

                  MFHD – MARC Format for Holdings Data

                  MIS – Master of Information Science


                  MLA – Modern Library Association

                  MLIS – Master of Library and Information Science

                  MLS – Master of Library Science

                  Modern Language Association

                  MSLIS – Master of Science in Library and Information Science

                  Music Library Association

                  NAAC – National Assessment and Accreditation Council

                  NACO – the Name Authority COmponent of the PCC

                  NAMTC – National Association of Media & Technology Centers

                  NAR – Name Authority Record

                  NASIG – North American Serials Interest Group


                  NASSDOC – National Social Science Documentation Center

                  NCLIS – National Commission on Libraries and Information Science

                  NCTE – National Council for Teachers Education

                  ND – No Date

                  NISC – National Information Services Corporation

                  NISCAIR – National Institute for Science Communication and Information Resources

                  NISO – National Information Standards Organization

                  NLA – Nevada Library Association

                  NN/LM – National Network of Libraries of Medicine

                  NTIS – National Technical Information Service

                  NUC National Union Catalog

                  NYPL – New York Public Library

                  OCLC – Online Computer Library Center

                  ODLIS – Online Dictionary for Library and Information Science

                  OED – Oxford English Dictionary

                  OP – Out of Print

                  OPAC – Online Public Access Catalog

                  OS – Out of Stock

                  PC – Personal Computer

                  PCC – Program for Cooperative Cataloging (Library of Congress)

                  PDF – Portable Document Format

                  PGDIT – Post Graduate Diploma in Information Technology

                  PGDLAN – Post Graduate Diploma in Library Automation and Networking

                  PLA – Pakistan Library Association

                  PLG – Progressive Librarians Guild (Advocacy group : chiefly United States)

                  PMOLIB – Prime Minister’s Office Library

                  PO – Purchase Order

                  PPL – Peace Palace Library

                  RA – Readers’ Advisory

                  RAK – Regeln für Alphabetische Katalogisierung


                  RDA – Resource Description and Access

                  RDF – Resource Description Framework

                  RFID – Radio Frequency IDentification

                  RFK – Regeln für die Formalkatalogisierung

                  RFP – Request For Proposal

                  RIM – Records and Information Management

                  RLG – Research Libraries Group

                  RRRLF – Raja Rammohun Roy Library Foundation

                  RSS – Multiple, depending on the version

                  RSWK – Regeln für den Schlagwortkatalog

                  RUSA – Reference and Users Services Association

                  SAA – Society of American Archivists

                  SACO – the Subject Authority COmponent of the PCC

                  SCCTP – Serial Cataloging Cooperative Training Program

                  SCM – Subject Cataloging Manual (Library of Congress)

                  SIC code – Standard Industrial Classification code

                  SLA – Special Libraries Association

                  SMS reference – Short Message Service reference

                  SPARC – Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition

                  SRRT – Social Responsibilities Round Table (American Library Association)

                  SSL – Secure sockets layer

                  SuDoc – Superintendent of Documents

                  t.p. – Title page

                  TOC – Table Of Contents

                  UDC – Universal Decimal Classification

                  UGC – University Grants Commission

                  URI – Unifrom Resource Indicator

                  URL – Uniform Resource Locator

                  USA PATRIOT Act – Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act


                  USB – Universal Serial Bus

                  VHS – Video Home System

                  VLOG – Video (web-)log.

                  VPN – Virtual Private Network

                  WAN – Wide Area Network

                  WLIC – World Library and Information Congress

                  WWW – World Wide Web


For more notes of the Subjects : Click Here 

library notes

Important Terms & Dates for Librarian Tests

1. IPO : United Nations

2. Digital watermarking is part of : Steganography

3. Information Ice berg : 1/3 Visible 2/3 Non- Visible

4. A Proxy server is used for : Share Internet Links

5. Library warrant : W.Hulme

6. Barcode system uses one of the following technologies : Pattern Recognition

7. Information observed and reported by some one else is know as : Empirical Information

8. Brain Storming : Alex Osborn

9. IV volume of 20th DDC : Relative Index

10. Data Ware house is : An Electronic Repository Of Organizational Data

11. World Intellectual property day : A prinl 26 , 2009

12. Cyberspace is not wires cables and microwave but : A Physical Place

13. The book “ S.R. Ranganathan : Pragmatic Philosophy Of Information Science A

Personal Biography”

14. Perochial Libraries : Thomas Bray

15. TQM needs : Concept Oriented Management

16. Acronym : Donald Davinson

17. First Public Library Act : Madras

18. already the world is well into the third great phase of Human history – the information age

articulated by : Alvin Toffler

19. Buffer overflow : An Attack By Computer Hacker

20. An equivalent of Is 14000 standards is : ISO 9000

21. In flow chat Activity is represented by : Rectangle

22. One of the following is not a cause for obsolescence of published literature : No Longer


23. Gantt chat : Horizontal Bar Chat

24. M in five fundamental categories ( PMEST) : Matter

25. Value added information model for evaluating information systems and centres was provided

by : Robert S Taylor

26. Soul 2.0 is complaint to : Ncip2.0

27. OSI Stands for : Open System Interconnection

28. ISO standard for Dublic core Metadata elements set is : Iso 15836 : 2009

29. Seymour Lubetzky was associated with : Catalogue Codes

30. VIRUS : Vital Information Resources Under Siege

31. The largest unit of a database : A File

32. The term “ Exponential Growth refers to : Geometrical Progression

33. The exhaustiveness of indexing system will : Increase Precision

34. ILA : 1933

35. DELNET : Wan

36. Recommended 6.5% of univ budget : Radhakrishna Committee

37. Second Generation computers is : Transistor

38. Where is wisdom we have lost in knowledge : T.S. Eliot

39. Bradford formulated the law of scatter : 1948

40. Saraswathi mahal library : Maraja Sarafoji

41. Invisible colleges : Derek De Solla Price

42. Half life of information is : Rate Of Obsolescence Of Information

43. First university to introduced M.Phil. Program is LIS 1980 : University Of Madras

44. Not a image format : Uap

45. KWIC index was : Hp Luhn

46. Graphical representation of data on y-axis is : Quadrant

47. Z39.50 : Client Server Protocol

48. Phenomena of literature on a subject appearing in periodical devoted to other subject is know

as : Scatter

49. Which of five laws of library science strongly advocated adv of open access : First Law

50. BIOS : Basic Input/ Output System

51. Punjab Library Primer : A D Dickinson

52. Classification : Grouping And Arrangement Of Entities

53. LIS – FORUM : Ncsi

54. Starvation policy : Revision Of Udc

55. Five Laws of library science : 1931

56. Documentation was brought : S C Bradford

57. Wisdom of mass principle : Wikipedia

58. Thesaurofacet : Jean Aitchison

59. Central tendency : Average

60. Atom index : Inis

61. Free floating subdivisions : Library Of Congress Subject Headings

62. Shanon and weaver theory of information is based on : Mathematical Theory

63. Bodlein library is the university library of : Oxford University

64. A patent may be granted for a new useful and non obvious : Innovation

65. Facebook is a : Social Networking Site

66. World cat is : Oclc

67. Direct method of electro static copying is : Xerography

68. Focus is a : Facet

69. Encyclopedia of library and information science is published by : Marcel Dekkav

70. Dare : Undp

71. RSS in internet terminology means : Rich Site Summary

72. The organizational structure is determined by : Span Of Control

73. See also cross reference normally represent : Associate Relations

74. Research done to find a solution for an immediate problem is known as : Applied


75. The term Informatics was coined by : Otto Nache

76. Laissez – faire is : Allow To Act

77. The diffusion of innovation and its acceptance normally follows : S-Shaped Curve

78. The periodical “ college and research Libraries is published by : Ala

79. First Ph.d in the LIS in India : 1958

80. John cotton Dana : Ala

81. Indian Reference sources is : J.S.Sharma

82. You tube is associated with : Google

83. Computer virus is a : Computer Programme

84. Lotka laws is concerned with : Productivity Of Authors ( Dought)

85. Library pathfinders : Referral Service

86. Charles ammi cutter : Rules For Dictionary Catalogue

87. Coden is : Sericals

88. Method of experimental enquiry was advocated by : J S Mills

89. Truncation device is used to improve : Precision ( Dought)

90. Maximum storage space is available on : Hard Disk

91. Demand Theory of Books selection was coined by : L R Mccolvin

92. The Hyderabad public libraries Act was : 1960 ( Actualy 1955)

93. SRELS Journals : Bangalore

94. ATM stands for : Asynchronous Transfer Mode

95. Ocr is a : Input Device

96. IASLIC bulletine is a : Quarterly

97. Acheme of role operators are used in : Précis

98. Intellectual property rights are a bundle of exclusive rights over creation of the mind covering

: Both Artistic And Commercial Creations

99. CODATA was establish by : Icsu

100. Which one of the following has accelerated the growth of electronic publishing :

Optical Median

101. Weka is a : Data Mining Software

102. Cumulative book index is a : Trade Bibliography

103. Field tag in MARC : Directory

104. The inverse square law is the law referred to : Lotks’S Law

105. As per internet standard terminology RFC refers : Request For Comments

106. Manual of library economy was : Brown

107. ISBD : Ifla

108. Five new laws of library science have been offered n 1995 by : Crawford And Gorman

109. The papyrus one of the earliest writing materials was mainly used by : Egyptians

110. Decimal classification completed hundred years in : 1976

111. Principle of regency is related to : Library Publicity

112. Computers process data into information by working exclusively with : Multimedia

113. Relics are sources of information for : Historical Research

114. Median is not affected by : Different Values

115. The acronym ubc coined by : Donald Davinson

116. Name given by sr ranganathan to book mobile : Librachine

117. Information as a flow and knowledge as stock : Marshall Mchuhan

118. CCF : Unesco

119. Which one of the following is an ideological library : Adayar Public Library ,


120. The idea of bibliographic coupling was first advocated by : M.M. Kessler

121. Canan for verbal plane are : Four

122. Baud rate is used to measure : The Speed Of Data Transmission In


123. Ernet is : Education And Research Network

124. Term “epitome” : Review

125. Thomas website is associated with : Thomas Publishers And Co

126. Who coined the word ROBOT : Karl Capek

127. Notation does not make a classification but it may mare it : Wc. Berwick Sayers

128. Farmingtio plan was initiated in uK in the year : 1948

129. A postulate is a : A Self Evident Statement About The Possibility Of A Thing

130. PROLOG : Programming In Logic

131. Which of the following is not a house keeping operation in library : Reference

132. AGRIS regional centre for European countries in located at : Philippines

133. GPSS : Gateway Packet Switched Service

134. Which of the following evaluation techniques is used in forecasting : Delphi


135. The earliest style of chines writing was mainly : Pictographic

136. V-mail : War Time

137. Digital library of resource of Indian cultural heritage has been named as : Kalanadhi

138. Ugc-net consist of : 4 Sections

139. First Librarian of national library of india was : B.S Kesavan

140. Indcat is a online union catalogue maintained by e : Inflibnet

141. Digital library of India is hosted by : II

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