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Free solved Verbal Intelligence tests are given here in PDF format which have been collected from the best recommended books including past experience of the students. All questions are mostly repeated in different initial tests of Pak Army, Pak Navy and PAF. 

If you are worried about Verbal Intelligence Tests then see all the questions given below. If it feels difficult to solve then there is no need to worry, just subscribe YouTube channel of Shaheen Forces Academy for better understanding about their techniques. Also, click on the following buttons to practice the more tests. 

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Verbal Tests in PDF

Verbal Tests are given with Non Verbal tests which are very helpful for the initial tests of Pak Army, Pak Navy and PAF. Both Intelligence tests are useful for commissioning and non commissioned tests.

Moreover, these tests are very helpful for the tests of Airman , Soldiers and Sailors. Even in the tests of Civilian tests these questions are very helpful. Undermentioned tests are in pdf format which can be understood easily.

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Verbal Intelligence Tests with Answers

Verbal Intelligence Tests PDF

Verbal Intelligence Tests Online Free

FAQs about Verbal Intelligence Tests

1. What is a verbal IQ test?

  • A verbal intelligence test is an assessment that evaluates a candidate’s ability to comprehend and use language effectively. It assesses skills such as reading comprehension, vocabulary, and verbal reasoning.

2. Why are verbal IQ tests used in military selection?

  • Verbal intelligence is important in military roles for tasks such as communication, following orders, understanding written instructions, and conveying information effectively.

3. What types of questions are typically included in verbal tests?

  • Verbal intelligence tests often include questions on vocabulary, analogies, sentence completion, reading comprehension, and verbal reasoning.

4. How can I prepare for a verbal test?

  • To prepare for a verbal intelligence test, you can:
    • Improve your vocabulary by reading regularly.
    • Practice reading and summarizing passages.
    • Work on analogies and completing sentences logically.
    • Take practice tests to become familiar with the format.

5. Can you provide tips for reading comprehension questions?

  • When tackling reading comprehension questions, read the passage carefully, highlight key points, and take notes if allowed. Pay attention to details, and try to understand the author’s main idea and supporting details before answering questions.

6. What are verbal analogies, and how can I approach them?

  • Verbal analogies involve identifying relationships between words and applying them to new pairs of words. Approach analogies by determining the relationship between the given words (e.g., synonym, antonym, part-whole) and applying the same relationship to the answer choices.

7. How are sentence completion questions typically structured?

  • Sentence completion questions provide an incomplete sentence, and you must select the most appropriate word or phrase to complete it. To answer these questions, read the sentence carefully and consider the context.

8. Are there any time constraints for verbal tests?

  • Yes, there are usually time limits for completing verbal tests. It’s important to manage your time effectively, not spending too much time on any single question.

9. Is there a passing score for verbal tests in the military selection process?

  • Passing scores may vary depending on the specific military branch and the test’s difficulty. It’s essential to aim for a high score to improve your chances of selection.

10. Are verbal intelligence tests the same for all branches of the military? – While the basic principles of verbal testing are similar, the specific tests and formats may vary between branches. It’s advisable to inquire about the exact test format for the military branch you are interested in.

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