Human Resource management

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management (HRM) has a great role in the development of any organization. In Pakistan Defence Forces, when someone wants to apply in Logistics Branch then these questions help to pass the initial tests of logistics. 

All Questions have been collected from the past students who have given the examinations of logics branch in Army, Navy and PAF. If you want to practice these questions then try to get 100% result here. 

Given MCQs are best for initial tests of Short Service Commission (SSC) of Pak Navy Logistic Branch and Education Branch. In PAF Logistic branch and Army Direct Short Service Commission (DSSC). 

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Human Resource Management (HRM) Quiz

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The Mental Process to interpret environment as’ per one’s own understanding is known as: _____?

The benefit provided to an individual who is unable to work, due to his or her own faults, regarded as ?

A plan to accommodate employees’ preferences of planning for benefit, classified as ?

Which one of the following responsibilities is specifically associated with the HR function of employee relations ?

What are the ideas underpinning ‘soft, commitment’ or ‘high-road’ HRM practices?

A pension plan, an employer’s acknowledgement of financial standing of employee’s account, placing percentage on the basis of annual compensation and interest, regarded as ?

The focus on long-term issue, that are hard-to-reverse are the part of ?

When constructing the ad, it is important to consider how to best ________?

The public relations executives, tend to be one of the personality orientation types, regarded as ?

The reviewing of data like productivity, absenteeism, down time and product quality is the futile part of ?

An analysis of pending retirements should include?

The aligning of skills, training and performance to have a successful career is also known as____.

In traditional focus, the use of statistical data, included ?

In career development, providing assignments that develop careers is the part of ?

One of the important organizational factors affecting ‘Job Design’ is _____?

In traditional focus, the rewards for employees which are based on talent is a part of ?

How often HR planning process is implemented within an Organization?

Why does the Resource-based view of SHRM represent a paradigm shift in SHRM thinking?

The first step in the human resource planning process is ____?

Once a firm has a pool of applicants, the first step in Pre-screening is the _____?

Why Organisations provide, attractive salaries, fringe benefits, career development opportunities:

The procedure for determining the duties and skill requirements of a job and the kind of person who should be hired for it is _____?

The advising, counseling and guiding the employees and subordinates is called ?

When planning for employment requirements, what must be forecasted?

HRP stands for ____?

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