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If you want to join Pak Army, Pak Navy through Short Sevice Commission, or in PAF as an Officer and preparing mechatronics engineering mcqs then this is right place to learn all the questions related to academic tests which are usually been taken after intelligence tests. Moreover questions of mechatronics help in engineering branch of PAF and Navy.

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Mechatronics Engineering Quiz

The dual slope analog to digital   converter   find extensive    use in ;-

When was the first   autopilot  system developed ;-

In Boolean  algebra , the OR  operation  is performed  by which properties :-

Length of rotation  is directly related to  :-

The breaking valves  are actuated  and turned  on and off   through :-

Force exerted by magnetic field  in Hall effect   transducers   is ;-

When _________ contacts   are actuated  ,they  disrupts  the power supply through   them;-

AT89C2051 has  a  RAM of ;-

Resolution is  smallest increment   of  input  that can e  detected  by an instrument :-

Actuators are devices that  control signal from the   control  system :-

What is the function of 'analysis '  in modeling and simulation  phase ;-

8051  microcontrollers  are   manufactured  by which companies :-

Which command is used   to select   the 2 lines  and 5 * 7 matrix    of an LCD :-

For low and moderate  speed engine , the cam follower   should   move with ;-

Which is not a  part of   electric   drive ;-

Chatbots   and humanoid   robots   are different   in many aspects ;-

What happens   to labour   workface  when FMS   concept is  used ;-

What detect the fault in the anti lock  braking system  :-

The task of time sharing   ,in which large   number of  data signals  are sent through  cables  or buses , is performed  by ;-

Deployment  in mechatronics   design is associated  with the final  product ;-

If the stroke punch is 100 mm,  find the   radius of   the crank  in mm ;-

What does BOCB stands for   in context  to circuit   protections :-

What is the synchronous speed   of a 3 phase   induction  motor if   has 12 poles  and its   frequency  is 60 Hz ;-

The chemical  sensor  in the  washing   machine is used  to measure  the pH value of water ;-

Which of the following   is used for   centralized   network  database :-

Mechatronics Important Questions with Answers

  1. What is the primary focus of Mechatronics Engineering?

    • Answer: Integrating mechanical engineering, electronics, computer science, and control engineering to design and create intelligent systems and products.
  2. Which discipline does Mechatronics combine to create smart and automated systems?

    • Answer: Mechanical engineering and electronics.
  3. What is the role of a sensor in Mechatronics systems?

    • Answer: To detect and measure physical quantities and convert them into electrical signals for processing.
  4. In Mechatronics, what is the function of an actuator?

    • Answer: It is responsible for converting electrical signals into physical action or movement.
  5. What does PLC stand for in the context of Mechatronics?

    • Answer: Programmable Logic Controller.
  6. Which engineering field is responsible for the design of intelligent control systems in Mechatronics?

    • Answer: Control Engineering.
  7. What is the purpose of a microcontroller in a Mechatronics system?

    • Answer: To control and manage the functions of the system through embedded programming.
  8. Which programming language is commonly used in Mechatronics for writing code for microcontrollers?

    • Answer: C or C++.
  9. In Mechatronics, what does HMI stand for?

    • Answer: Human-Machine Interface.
  10. Which engineering aspect is crucial for ensuring the reliability and safety of Mechatronics systems?

    • Answer: Fault Tolerance and Safety Engineering.
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