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Cloud Computing Quiz

_________ Is a Microsoft software client that is part of the company's Identity Metasystem and built into the Web Services Protocol Stack:-

Cloud services span the gamut of computer application:-

SaaS software is not customizable:-

CoAP is specialized for:-

Google App Engine platform is laaS offering:-

Open source software used in SaaS is called __________ SaaS:-

How many types of dimensions exist in Cloud Cube Model:-

Which one is a virtual machine technology now owned by Oracle that can run various operating system;-

Which model attempt to categorize a cloud network based on four dimensional factor:-

RFID stands for:-

Which of the following is required by the cloud computing:-

Virtual machines are containers that are assigned specific resources:-

Cloud computing has ___________ distinct set of models;-

When did the SCADA started;-

The componentized nature of SaaS solution enables many solutions to support a feature called:-

User centric authentication takes place usually in the form of knowledge cards:-

____________ serves as a PaaS  vendor within Google App Engine system:-

Virtual appliances are becoming a very important standard cloud computing deployment object:-

Which is the most important area of concern in cloud computing:-

___________ refers to the location and management of the cloud's infrastructure:-

The OpenID and Card space specification support the authentication type of data object:-

Which model consist of the service that you can access on a cloud computing platform:-

Which dimension is related to organization's boundries;-

A development model defines the purpose of the cloud and the nature of how the cloud is located:-

___________________ model attempt to categorize a cloud network based on four dimensional factors:-

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