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Cloud Computing Quiz

________ offers various Linux distributions upon which you can build a virtual machine:-

SaaS support multiple users and provides a shared data model through ________ model;-

Which model attempt to categorize a cloud network based on four dimensional factor:-

The ________ is something that you  can obtain under contract from your vendor:-

Which attribute should be unique:-

A cloud can not be created within an organizations own infrastructure or outscored to another datacenter:-

_____________ benefit is related to create resources that are pooled together in a system that support multi tenat usage:-

Which dimension is related to organization's boundries;-

Which of the provider rely on the virtual machine technology to deliver servers:-

___________ application have a much lower barrier to entry than their locally installed competitors:-

Pods are aggregated into pools within an laaS region called an ____________ zone;-

A system uses components to assemble services that can be tailored for a specific purpose using standard parts:-

A group of users within a particular instance is called___________:-

Rackspace Cloud Service is an example of _____________:-

Sensor can be analog as well as digital:-

Which is the major important area of concern in cloud computing:-

The Data Intensive Scalable Computing Utilizes which data center clusters to gather and maintain data:-

_________________ is not a property of cloud computing:-

Network bottlenecks occur when ___________ data sets must be transferred:-

NASA created _______ which can be 50% more energy efficient as it turns off the computers on the networks to make cloud computing efficient:-

A ________ site is one that is environmentally friendly , location that are on a network backbone:-

What is SCADA:-

Which architectural standard working with cloud computing industry:-

A _________ service provider gets the same benefits from a composable system that a user does:-

The control in SCADA is;-

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