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Library Quiz

The University which telecasts interaction educational programmes through its own channel is

  1. World Catismaintainedby


  1. Arrange the following soft wares according to their development:


  • E-Print
  • D-space
  • Greenstone

Koha Codes


Dublin core metadat a consists of

Who contributed on the system at use of user's education?

C CF stands for

Number of States in India which have enacted Public Library Legislation tilldateis

What is Delphi method ?

ISBN consists of

Library Literature is a:

Linux is an example of

ISBN changed from 10 digits to13 from

‘Cran field Project’Is an example of.....................

Assertion(A):Collection development must be done judiciously.Reason (R) : Demand is the only governing factor in book selection.Codes:

Chairman of National Knowledge Commission is...............

Who has signed an M O U for Accreditation of Teacher Education Institutions in India


World Catis maintained by

The oryX and TheoryYwere formulated by

Which Bibliometrics Law describes the frequency of publication by authors in a given field ?

Which of the following is not true about e journals ?

Who coined the term PO SD CO RB?

Management by Objectives (MBO ) is introduced by

Staffing is concerned with providing and maintaining .............  

Index in system  in which the coordination of term sis done at the search stage was first introduced by

DEL NET stands for

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