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Library Quiz

Which is not a programming language;-

Currently “Science Citation Index” is published by....................

Online Europa year book has coverage since:-

The sixth law as devised by James R.. Retting is:-

‘Five Laws of Library Science’ was first published in

One of the following search engine is exclusively meant forscientific information:

Physical conditions of the books should be properly maintained. This is known as:-

BSO in classification stands for;-

Scrutiny of financial transactions is called:-

Assertion (A):IS B Ds were devised by UNESCO.

Reason(R): They are the standards for all types of bibliographic activities.

Chairman of National Knowledge Commission is...............

The book 'Library Administration 'was brought out by Ranganathan in

Where did Dr. S.R.Ranganathan put forth his five laws in Library sciences:-

Following is not a network protocol:-

What is the full form of IATLIS?

Assertion (A):Web OP AC is a computer is ed library catalogue  available to the patrons online.

_______________ are the storage area for the various types of documents kept in a library:-

Libraries provide macro documents to their users, whereas information centres provide micro documents to their users:-

Association number means;-

Which is not covered under Intellectual property Rights:-

Which of the following is not true about e journals ?

Rules for dictionary catalogue were devised by:

Which variable can not be expressed in quantitative terms:-

What are the two parts of annual report of the library:-

PR stands for;-

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