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Library Quiz

Today information is regarded as:-

The term ‘Exponential growth’ refers to

When a source referred to once in the foot note is referred to a gain and between the moon the reference (i.e. Citation)intervenes, then the footnote uses the abbreviation 

A periodical evaluation of an employee is done through............

Classification of all type of libraries has been made by:-

UNESCO assisted Model Public Library in India Is located at:

When a source referred to on cine the foot note is referred to again and between them no-other reference (i.e.citation)intervenes,then the foot note uses the abbreviation

Information sources are divided into:-

Whether Library is a system?

Reading Centre's story hours , exhibition and reading to literature are forms of:-

Online Europa year book has coverage since:-

Calcutta Public Library was established during

RSS feed is a tool of;-

ASK principle is related to;-

LA is the Library Association of

BSO in classification stands for;-

Dewey Decimal classification is now looked after by

What is the meaning of E-documents:-

_________ has prescribed certain standards for library binding:-

Which service enables the users of a library to borrow books that are owned by another library:-

Information Science Is a discipline that investigates

Chairman of National Knowledge Commission is...............

Main use of shelf list is:-

The user profile is a:-

Academic libraries support the activities of _________:-

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