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Library Quiz

Chairman of National Knowledge Commission is...............

DDC 22nd edition is published by

Which Bibliometrics Law describes the frequency of publication by authors in a given field ?

Who enunciated the term‘hypertext’?

Use of integrated circuits was madein

'Fair use' is the norm for determining the legality of

Chairman of National Knowledge Commission is...............

A type of  indexing  where terms are coordinated prior to searching

B.Maslow is related to

UNI MARC was developed under the umbrella of

When a source referred to on cine the foot note is referred to again and between them no-other reference (i.e.citation)intervenes,then the foot note uses the abbreviation

High Level Language is...................

Linux is an example of

‘Cran field Project’Is an example of.....................

Who coined the term PO SD CO RB?

The Indian State which enacted the library leg islation in the year1948 is:

Which is not an ear synonymterm to information?

In which year was the International Book Year celebrated by UNESCO?

MeSH Is the name of a

Conference proceeding are considered as..................

GUI stands for:

Mozilla is.................

When a source referred to once in the foot note is referred to a gain and between the moon the reference (i.e. Citation)intervenes, then the footnote uses the abbreviation 

The old stand the largest Library Association in the world is..............

‘Five Laws of Library Science’ was first published in

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