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Welcome to the page of  Supply Chain Management which are very helpful for the preparation of Officers tests in Pak Defence Forces like Pak Army, Pak Navy and Pakistan Air Force as an Electronic Engineer.

If you have applied in the supply chain / Logistic branch of PAF, Army or navy then you are at right place for preparation logistic tests. Following tests questions include past papers of logistic branch which help to prepare tests about supply chain management. It will give you the idea of the past Supply Chain management  / logistic questions. 

Online Tests of Supply Chain Management

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Logistics Quiz

E-recruiting methods include____?

Which approach that seeks the to link strategy, business, performance and HRM policies and practices, assumes that there are a number of HRM practices that are suitable for all Organisations ?

The number of people hired for a particular job compared to the number of individuals in the applicant pool is often expressed as ____?

The characteristics of human resources are ______in nature?

The Michigan Model emphasis the following functions and their interrelates.

The Japanese term “Muri” means ______?

When suppliers, distributors, and customers partner with each other to improve the performance of the entire system, they are participating in a ________

Form utility is created by____.

The process of grouping of similar types of works together is known as _____?

Which of the following term is used to identify, “what the job holder does”? “how it is done”? & “why it is done”?

The downstream supply chain is:

Why do companies use external job searches instead of internal searches ?

Which of the following statements most accurately defines human resource management ?

MRP stands for_____.

High job satisfaction is the outcome of which of the following core dimensions described by the Job Characteristics Model?

HR managers are generally the _____ managers ?

Logistics is the term for which activities?

In the product life cycle, the emphasis in marketing mix during maturity stage is_____.

The warehousing function that combines the logistical flow of several small shipments to a specific market area is____.

Now a days organizations are paying attention supply chain management for...

Well-designed SCM always go along with the organizations ____.

The first activity of purchasing cycle is ______.

Which of the following act represents a situation in which employment decisions are NOT affected by illegal-discrimination ?

Handling material in the organization within the production process is part of......

The HR policy which is based on the philosophy of the utmost good for the greatest number of people is covered under the ____?

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