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Welcome to the page of  Supply Chain Management which are very helpful for the preparation of Officers tests in Pak Defence Forces like Pak Army, Pak Navy and Pakistan Air Force as an Electronic Engineer.

If you have applied in the supply chain / Logistic branch of PAF, Army or navy then you are at right place for preparation logistic tests. Following tests questions include past papers of logistic branch which help to prepare tests about supply chain management. 

It will give you the idea of the past Supply Chain management  / logistic questions. 

Online Tests of Supply Chain Management

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Logistics Quiz

Job descriptions are also called as___?

What is meant by the term “Management” by Objectives’?

In a process flow chart storage of information is depicted by ____?

The process of developing an applicants’ pool for job openings in an Organization is called____.

Form utility is created by____.

In the today's competition world every organization want give proper service to the customers with the help of.......

Which of the following approach emphasizes the effect of psychological and social factors on employees’ performance?

The primary aim of recruitment and selection process is to ____?

Master scheduling is the process that_____.

HRP stands for ____?

In the ‘ABC’ approach, analyzing the behaviors means ?

A list of the duties, responsibilities, reporting relationship, working conditions and supervisory responsibilities of a job as a product of a job analysis is ______?

The benefit paid to terminated employees or laid-off employees is ?

The employees who are more committed and loyal to employer more likely to ?

Time utility is created by____.

......... can increase customer value to the product.

In career development, providing assignments that develop careers is the part of ?

_____ is the process of deciding what positions the firm will have to fill ?

Movement of goods within the organization is also part of.......

A pension plan, an employer’s acknowledgement of financial standing of employee’s account, placing percentage on the basis of annual compensation and interest, regarded as ?

“ Zero defects in manufacturing _____”.

Purchasing responsibilities can be divided into Buying, Clerical and ____ division.

Job analysis produces which of the following, regardless of the technique used ?

A Supply Chain which includes the Distribution of finished products and services

Keeping stock updated in the warehouse is the function of_____.

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