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Welcome to the page of  Supply Chain Management which are very helpful for the preparation of Officers tests in Pak Defence Forces like Pak Army, Pak Navy and Pakistan Air Force as an Electronic Engineer.

If you have applied in the supply chain / Logistic branch of PAF, Army or navy then you are at right place for preparation logistic tests. Following tests questions include past papers of logistic branch which help to prepare tests about supply chain management. 

It will give you the idea of the past Supply Chain management  / logistic questions. 

Online Tests of Supply Chain Management

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Logistics Quiz

In the ‘ABC’ approach, reviewing the consequences means ?

Which of the following term is used to identify, “what the job holder does”? “how it is done”? & “why it is done”?

Selection of the candidates is done out of____?

Human Resource Management is______________?

SCM always strive for to give.......... Time for the material handling.

In a materials processing operation, which of the following process type is associated with the highest volume and lowest variety?

The process of developing the applicant’s pool for job openings in an organization is called____?

The flow of work in process is_____.

A job design is _____?

The Japanese term “Jidoka” means ____?

In the mass production era there were 4 types of operations process; complex project, batch production, assembly line and ______?

Human resource planning techniques include the use of some or all of the following?

The ‘psychological counseling’ is an example of ?

The uncertainty that could be reduced through forecasting techniques is___.

 When planning for employment requirements, what must be forecasted?

Michael porter explained the concept of____?

A _______ encompasses all activities associated with the flow and
transformation of goods from the raw material stage, through to the end user, as well as the associated information flows.

Positive, long-term relationships between supply chain participants refer to:

Full form of MRP in operations and SCM is ______?

The best medium to reach a ‘large audience for the process of recruitment is___?

HR’s basic challenges in formulating strategies include(s):  ___?

Moving goods from suppliers to the production unit is called as......

In the product life cycle, the emphasis in marketing mix during growth stage is___?

In a career development, offering and discussing variety of paths for career development, included ?

MPS stands for_____.

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