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Welcome to the page of  Supply Chain Management which are very helpful for the preparation of Officers tests in Pak Defence Forces like Pak Army, Pak Navy and Pakistan Air Force as an Electronic Engineer.

If you have applied in the supply chain / Logistic branch of PAF, Army or navy then you are at right place for preparation logistic tests. Following tests questions include past papers of logistic branch which help to prepare tests about supply chain management. 

It will give you the idea of the past Supply Chain management  / logistic questions. 

Online Tests of Supply Chain Management

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Logistics Quiz

tail spin

Which of the following statements is true of LEAN?

The sixth step of the SHRM application tool is to evaluate the plan against success criteria. During this stage it is important to note: _____?

Executive recruiters are also called ______?

The Mental Process to interpret environment as’ per one’s own understanding is known as: _____?

The HR policy which is based on the philosophy of the utmost good for the greatest number of people is covered under the_____?

For an occupation of farming, the best classified personality orientation can be ?

______ is a Japanese term meaning continuous improvement.

Operations typically differ in terms of volume of output, variety of output, variation in demand or the degree of ‘visibility’ (ie, customer contact) that they give to customers of the delivery process. Please match the following element with the most appropriate of the above dimensions. Low unit costs are most closely matched to:-

The number of stages that the goods and services flow through____.

The mental process to interpret environment as’ per one’s own understanding is known as: ____?

Scope of the HRM includes ______________?

EOQ stands for____.

The goal of this stage of HR intranet site development is to provide employees with a truly individualized experience based on their individual profiles ?

Counseling the employees for second careers inside the firm is an example of ?

HRM typically provides which of these types of training to temporary employees ?

Which of the following factors is one of the environmental factors affecting job description:

When an organization owns its suppliers it is known as ________?

Human Resource Management aims to maximize employees as well as Organizational _____?

A manager reviewing ‘Does employee’s training is adequate’ is the part of ?

In career development, employees self-assessment for their own values are being considered, regarded as ?

Moving goods from producer to the distributor is called as........

Factors affecting job design are _____?

......... with the customers is very important in today's era.

The time period, in which many people have few responsibilities and authority is called ?

________is mainly deals with all activities associated with the flow and transformation and information of goods from the stage of raw material to the end user i.e. consumption.

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