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In the intricate world of national defense and strategic planning, knowledge is power. For aspirants seeking to join the esteemed ranks of the Army, Navy, and PAF, a thorough understanding of Defense and Strategic Studies MCQs is an essential stepping stone. 

MCQs of Defence and Strategic Studies serve as a rigorous assessment of candidates’ grasp of complex defense concepts, strategic theories, and historical precedents, all of which are crucial for navigating the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of military affairs.

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Defence & Strategic Studies Quiz

In which year did America joined WWII:-

What is the highest commissioned rank awarded in Navy:-

Which institution released a ' list of Priority fungal pathogens :-

Exercise Al-Mohed Al Hindi 23' is held between India and;-

In which city the head quarters of Punjab Rangers located:-

Which international organization was established to verify the obligation of the members of the nuclear Non proliferation Treaty:-

Who was the first scholar use the word 'Supperpower' as it is currently used:-

_______________ means departure out of Pakistan of any person for employment by any means:-

WWI commenced in:-

Name the highest battlefield in the world:-

Which International organization issues common control lists of items with political dual uses application that require export license:-

Battle of waterloo won by:-

Capital of Belgium is:-

Where Army Medical College is located:-

In which PM's rule was the objective resolution passed:-

Who was the prime minister of Britain during the second World War;-

Structural Functionalism holds society as a _____________ organization:-

_________ missiles is air to air missile:-

_____________________ is known as Machiavelli of India:-

The recently launched INS khanderi Submarine is built in collaboration with:-

Raja Dahir was the ruler of;-

Which country announced India as the theme country at its 2025 international Book fair:-

Who stated that ' Geopolitics is a pseudo science creation the factor of geography into an absolute:-

Which mode of data delivery , the transfer of data from server to clients is initiated by a client pull:-

Duties to God, Duties to oneself , and duties to others comes under ______________ part of normative ethics:-

Defence and Strategic Studies Notes of MCQs

  1. The study of the use of military power and strategy to protect a nation’s interests is known as ___________. (Answer: defence and strategic studies)

  2. ___________ is the term for the coordinated use of military, economic, and diplomatic measures to achieve national goals. (Answer: grand strategy)

  3. The concept of deterrence aims to prevent aggression by making the potential cost of an attack ___________. (Answer: unacceptable)

  4. The examination of a nation’s military capabilities and intentions is a key aspect of ___________. (Answer: intelligence analysis)

  5. ___________ is the strategy of making small, continuous efforts to weaken and destabilize an opponent over time. (Answer: asymmetric warfare)

  6. The acronym NATO stands for ___________. (Answer: North Atlantic Treaty Organization)

  7. The study of how geography influences military and political actions is known as ___________. (Answer: geopolitics)

  8. The comprehensive analysis of a nation’s economic, political, and military strengths and weaknesses is called ___________. (Answer: national security assessment)

  9. The doctrine that emphasizes the use of overwhelming force to quickly and decisively defeat an adversary is known as ___________. (Answer: shock and awe)

  10. ___________ is the term for military actions taken to respond to a direct attack on a nation. (Answer: defensive operations)

  11. The concept of ___________ involves making an adversary believe that certain actions will lead to undesirable consequences. (Answer: psychological warfare)

  12. The acronym MAD stands for ___________. (Answer: Mutually Assured Destruction)

  13. The study of the ethical and moral dimensions of war and conflict is known as ___________. (Answer: just war theory)

  14. ___________ is the coordinated planning and execution of military actions to achieve specific objectives. (Answer: strategic military operations)

  15. The term ___________ refers to the use of non-military measures to influence and control other nations. (Answer: soft power)

  16. The examination of the political and military dimensions of space is part of ___________. (Answer: space security studies)

  17. The principle of ___________ involves adapting military strategy to the specific conditions of a conflict. (Answer: flexible response)

  18. The strategy of ___________ involves spreading military forces to avoid being a target for concentrated enemy attacks. (Answer: dispersion)

  19. The study of the historical evolution of military thought and strategy is known as ___________. (Answer: military history)

  20. The coordination of military forces from different nations under a unified command is referred to as ___________. (Answer: joint military operations)

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