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Business Finance Quiz

Financial manage would not supervise on the following area:-

NPV of a proposal, as calculated by RADR real CE Approach will be:-

Intrinsic values of a bond is ______________ value of the all future cash flow;-

Net profit ratio signifies:-

In case of Indivisible projects which one may not give the optimum results:-

Cheques deposits in bank may not be available for immediate use due to:-

If the closing balance of receivable is less than the opening balance for a month then which one is true:-

Cash budget is based on accruall concept:-

A sound capital Budgeting technique is based on:-

Higher degree of financial leverage means;-

The kind of takeover which is done through negotiation between two groups is called;-

Capital Budgeting Decisions are based on;-

_____________classifies merger as vertical and horizontal:-

FL is zero if;-

Residual value of an asset is:-

Between two capital plans, if expected EBIT is more than indifference level of EBIT, then:-

According too the traditional approach what is the effect of increase in degree of leverage on the valuation of the firm:-

Which one is not considered in Lintner' s model:-

Financial planning starts with the preparation of:-

_____________ means the basic criteria for the extensions of the credit to customer:-

Receivable management deals with;-

In risk adjusted Discount rate method, Which one is adjusted;-

Capital budgeting deals with:-

A current ratio of less than one means:-

Two mutually exclusive projects with different economic lives can be compared on the basis of:-

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