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Business Finance Quiz

Financial decision involves investment, financing and _____________:-

The bonds with shorter maturity will have ____________ duration:-

In case of partially debt financed firm, K0 is less:-

If A = Annual Requirement O = Order cost and C = Carrying  cost per unit annum, the EOQ:-

Inventory is generally used as lower of:-

Which combination is good for firms:-

Which cost of capital require tax adjustment:-

Which is most expensive source of funds:-

Which is not a standard method of inventory valuation:-

____________Indirect form of working capital financing and bank assume only the risk the credit being provided by the supplier himself;-

Real discount rate is equal to:-

The kind of takeover which is done through negotiation between two groups is called;-

___________ can be traded through out the trading day at market price;-

Existing investment in a project is not treated as sunk cost:-

Marketable securities are primarily:-

______________ synergy refers to increase in the value of the firm that occurs in the combined firm from financial factors:-

Financial manage would not supervise on the following area:-

Difference between the bank balance as per cash book and pass book may be due to:-

__________ means reputation of a firm which is in existence for a number of the year in market:-

Combined leverage is obtained from OL and FL by their;-

Which element of the basic NPV equation is adjusted by the RADR:-

Cost of capital for Bonds and Debenture is calculated on:-

Credit policy of a firm should involve a trade off between increased:-

Which is not a motive to hold cash:-

Cost of issuing new share to the public is known as:-

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