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Business Finance Quiz

Which combination is good for firms:-

Cost of not carrying sufficient inventory is known as:-

Which one is  not considered by Mill-orr Model:-

Which is a measure of Debt Service capacity of a firm:-

Cost of capital refers to:-

NOI approach advocates that the degree of debt financing is:-

Marginal cost of capital is the cost of:-

Financial decision involves investment, financing and _____________:-

In case of risky projects the required rate of returns would generally be:-

Dividend payout ratio is:-

The real cashflows must be discounted to get the present value at a rate equal to:-

 In capital budgeting Opportunity costs are excluded:-

A firm has capital of 10,00,000 sales of 5,00,000, Gross profit of 2,00,000 and expenses of 1,00,000. What is the net profit ratio:-

All listed and traded securities are valued at:-

Which element of the basic NPV equation is adjusted by the RADR:-

Which one is liability of bank:-

ABC analysis is used in:-

Business risk can be measured by:-

______ is a entity formed by two or more companies to undertake financial activity together:-

In order to calculate weighted Average cost of weights may be based on:-

In order to calculate the proportion of the equity financing used by the company, the following should be used:-

Which one is related to receivable management;-

___________ can be traded through out the trading day at market price;-

Marketable securities are primarily:-

Cost capital for equity share capital does not imply that:-

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