Past papers of Physics Tests

Passing physics tests of Pak Defence forces is quite easy now. Find all important questions here which have been asked in the past papers of Army, Navy and PAF.

If you want to pass the initial tests of all commissioned officers, Airman, Sailors and Soldiers then do practice here. If your score comes above 90% then you will be pass with good marks. Otherwise, there s need to practice a lot in the following online tests. 

Past Papers of Physics MCQs

This is specially prepared for the students who want to Join Pak Army, Pak Navy and Pakistan Air Force in commissioned service or below. All questions have been collected from the previous students who appeared in the different tests of commissioning branches and cleared the initial academic tests.

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Physics Advance Quiz

tail spin

Value of g increases with the _____?

Types of Mechanical Energy are:

The study of the structure and properties of matter is called?

Two circular rings have masses in the ratio 1:2 and diameters 2:1 . The ratio of their moment of inertia is:

An example of scalar quantity is:

The significant digits in 275.00 are?

Energy possessed in a body due to its motion is called ____.

p-type material contains?

 If 2 bodies are oppositely charged with 400µC and 200µC, the distance between them in the air is 0.5 m. The force between the bodies should be?

 SI unit of electric potential is?

The acceleration depends upon force and _________?

Dimension of Torque is _________.

Unit of pressure is called?

A single electron or one of two or more electrons in the outer shell of an atom that is responsible for the chemical properties of the atom is called _____.

The motion of simple pendulum is an example of …………….

Base unit is__?

An element is identified by the number of _____ in its _____.

An example of derived unit is:

A single vector having the same effect as all the original vectors taken together, is called:

The number of fundamental units in the international system is______

Whenever light enters from denser to rare medium and angle of incident and angle of reflection are equal and forms 90 degree angle with each other then it is called………………

Newton gave his laws in ______.

The force on the wire is at right angles to both the direction on the magnetic field and the direction of the current. This is discovered by?

If an object is moving with constant speed then its distance time graph will be lie a  straight line______?

 A small airplane without engine which ride over the terminals is known as?

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Physics MCQs with answers
Physics MCQs with Answers PDF
Physics Past Paper

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