Past papers of Physics Tests

Pssing physics tests of Pak Defence forces is quite easy now. Find all important questions here which have been asked in the past papers of Army, Navy and PAF.

If you want to pass the initial tests of all commissioned officers, Airman, Sailors and Soldiers then do practice here. If your score comes above 90% then you will be pass with good marks. Othersie, there s need to practice a lot in the following online tests. 

Past Papers of Physics MCQs

This is specially prepared for the students who want to Join Pak Army, Pak Navy and Pakistan Air Force in commissioned service or below. All questions have been cllected from the previous students who appeared inthe different tests of commissioning braches and cleared the intial academic testts.

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Physics Advance Quiz

 The energy use in solar cookers, solar distillation plants, solar power plants is known as?

Rate of change of displacement is called________?

  The power of lens is?

A static device which transfers electrical energy from one circuit to another through the process of electromagnetic induction is called _________.

The change in the quality of the environment that can be harmful to living things is called?

What happens to the thermal conductivity of a wall if its thickness is doubled?

1 mile = _____ kilometer

Work is a product of displacement & ……………..?

Unit of Torque is ………………..

There are ____ forms of equilibrium.

Wave form of S.H.M is :

Who discovered proton?

In Newton’s Third Law reaction acts on …………..?

  Water waves and sound waves are the examples of?

Which instrument is most suitable to measure the internal diameter of test tubes?

 The height of geostationary satellite is about?

Hydrogen has _____ isotopes.

According to Archimedes Principle FB =  _______?

Nuclei with atomic number 1 to 82 are?

If two resisters R1 = 3 Ω    and R2 = 6 Ω are connecting in series then total resistance in circuit is _______? 

Unit of Stress = ?

The minimum number of unequal vectors whose vectors sum can be zero are?

To paint new cars automobile workers use?

Our waling on the surface of the earth is an example of_______.

If an object is passing through median with speed 2.55 x 10 ⁸ m/s then its reflecting index is ________?

Physics Test Questions and Answers pdf

Physics MCQs PDF -1
physics MCQs pdf download
Physics MCQs with answers
Physics MCQs with Answers PDF
Physics Past Paper

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