Best past tests of Biology are given here for getting 100% success in all initial tests of Pak Army, Pak Navy and PAF medical tests. If you have applied for medical post then must do practice here until you get 100% results.

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tests of biology

Online Tests of Biology

Free online tests of Biology are available here o get 100% success in all initial tests of medical post. All tests of biology are very helpful and have been collected from the past candidates. If you want to join Pak Defence forces then must do practice here before going to the examination centres. 

Tests of Biology comprises with past experience of the students here who have given initial tests of medical branch. These questions are most important for the candidates of Short Service Regular Commission, M-Cadet, Direct Captain or major in Pak Army AMC, M-Cadet of Pak Navy, Medical Officers of Pak Air Force, Medical Assistant of Pak Army, Sailors and Airman/ Airwoman.

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Biology Quiz

Which of these is not true of fermentation (anaerobic respiration)?

Which of these is not the character of reptiles?

In binomial nomenclature, whose first letter of the name is capitalized?

Which of the following is the characteristic of all fungi?

Two important terms are used in microscopy; i.e magnification and:

 In moss plant, spore on germination develops into:

They fix atmospheric Nitrogen:

Which of these studied mitosis in animal cells?

 Which of the following cellular organelles extracts energy from glucose and

forms ATP molecules:

Which of the following is included in sexual reproduction?

Fatty acids enter cellular respiration as:

Which of these makes cellulose nondigestable:

Which of the following has been used extensively in understanding the principles

of inheritance?

New leaves are formed from the

What is called the series of events form the time a cell is produced until it completes mitosis and produces new cells?

The formula of glyceraldehydes is:

Which of the following do not have true leaves?

Which one of the following best describes the scientific method?

When calyx and corolla are not distinguishable, they are collectively called:

Which of the following is the source of hydrogen in the glucose molecule formed

during photosynthesis?

Water exits from a sponge through the

When calyx and corolla are not distinguishable, they are collectively called:

 During mitosis the process of cytoplasmic division is called

Mollusks are:

Sperms are transported to the egg in seed plants through?

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