Tests of Biology

Best past tests of Biology are given here for getting 100% success in all initial tests of Pak Army, Pak Navy and PAF medical tests. 

If you want to apply in medical branch of Pak Forces at any post then have applied for medical post then given biology questions are very important for you.

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tests of biology

Online Tests of Biology

Free online tests of Biology  quizzes are available here to get 100% success for biology tests in all initial tests of medical post. 

All tests of biology are very helpful and have been collected from the past candidates. If you want to join Pak Defence forces then must do practice here for biology tests questions before going to the examination centres. 

Tests of Biology comprises with past experience of the students here who have given initial tests of medical branch. It also covers all important questions of biology subject. 

Biology practice tests are most important for the candidates of Short Service Regular Commission, M-Cadet, Direct Captain or major in Pak Army AMC, M-Cadet of Pak Navy, Medical Officers of Pak Air Force, Medical Assistant of Pak Army, Sailors and Airwoman.

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Biology (Basic) Quiz

The heart of reptiles is

Which of these are regarded as the first of the vertebrates?

Man can now be saved from fatal diseases by using:

Chromosomes are composed of oligonucleotide acid and:

The seed of Pinus germinates and forms new:

 During mitosis the process of cytoplasmic division is called

The transfer of high energy phosphate bonds to ADP by the substrate is called:

The empirical formula of chlorophyll a is:

Which of the following is adaptation of fungi for terrestrial mode of life?

The ability of ATP to store and release energy is due to its:

Which is one of the main types of programmed cell death?

Alternation of generation:

The number of pairs of legs in insects are:

Plant cells are connected by channels through their walls called:

A  student got 96% marks out of 1050. how  many marks did he obtain?

Telocentric chromosomes have centromere located at

Root-like hyphae of Rhizopus are called:

When calyx and corolla are not distinguishable, they are collectively called:

The study of internal structures is called:

Which of these is found in seed plants?

Common cold is caused by:

Which of the following is adaptation of fungi for terrestrial mode of life?

 Which of the following is obtained from phosphoglyceraldehyde in the dark

reaction of photosynthesis?

Pollen tube is required for the production of:

Amino Acids in Insulin molecules are arranged in:

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Famous branches of Biology are including botany, conservation, ecology, evolution, genetics, marine biology, medicine, microbiology, molecular biology, physiology, and zoology.

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