Best past tests of Biology are given here for getting 100% success in all initial tests of Pak Army, Pak Navy and PAF medical tests. If you have applied for medical post then must do practice here until you get 100% results.

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tests of biology

Online Tests of Biology

Free online tests of Biology are available here o get 100% success in all initial tests of medical post. All tests of biology are very helpful and have been collected from the past candidates. If you want to join Pak Defence forces then must do practice here before going to the examination centres. 

Tests of Biology comprises with past experience of the students here who have given initial tests of medical branch. These questions are most important for the candidates of Short Service Regular Commission, M-Cadet, Direct Captain or major in Pak Army AMC, M-Cadet of Pak Navy, Medical Officers of Pak Air Force, Medical Assistant of Pak Army, Sailors and Airman/ Airwoman.

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Biology Quiz

Four polypeptide chains take part in the formation of:

Which of the following has segmented body?

The characters of vertebrates are:

 In which of the following flowers are produced in dense spikes?

Which of these is an example of amphibian?

Phosphoglyceraldehyde is oxidized during Glycolysis. What happens to the

hydrogen atoms that are removed during this oxidation?

Which of the following diseases is not caused by fungi?

Which of the following have unicellular reproductive organs?

The structure of a protein can be denatured by:

The ability of ATP to store and release energy is due to its:

Which of the following is hydrolyzed into simple unit:

In reptiles amnion and allantois are extra membranes of:

The break down of water molecule (photolysis) in photosynthesis occurs during:


 In blue-green algae nitrogen fixation occurs in specialized cells called:

Which of the following cell organelles is present in both plant and animal cells?

Which of the following causes smut in wheat?

The hypothesis that stand the test of time are called:

Which of these is the naturally occurring auxins?

In which of the following reproductive organs are not surrounded by sterile cells?

Protein are composed of:

Male gametophyte develops from:

Reproductive leaves produced at the ends of upright branches in Selaginella are


At the end of the electron transport chain during respiration, electrons are

accepted by:

Taxonomy is the study of:

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