All important MCQs of Mathematics are available here for passing initial tests of Pak Army, Pak Navy and Pakistan Air Force with 100% surety. If you want to pass the initial tests of Pak Forces then must do practice here. 

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Practice Tests of Mathematics

Free online practice tests of Mathematics are available here which are very helpful for Initial Academic Tests of Army, Navy and PAF. All tests have been collected from the past students who have passed the academic tests.

You are advised to test your skills of Mathematics here. If you want to join Pak Defence Forces then increase your passing score in the following tests. We prepare our students with 100% preparation and give confidence. 




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Math Advance Quiz

If r is the radius and C is the circumference of a circle ,then value of C/r is:

If 0 .00054 coulonds charge in the circuit find its scientific notation.

If added on both sides of an equation then value is called ______ value.

If x = 0, then |X| = ?

The HCF of x²-1 and x³-1 is____.


Domain of tangent function is R excluding :

Equation of vertical line through [5,-3] is:

Commutative property with union is …………….?

2xyz + 2xy + 3 is a polynomial of degree___.

Point (-2,-3) lies on___.


6 √3 + 2 √3 = …………?

The factorial notation was introduced by:

Sin(90° - a) = ____?

3 x 2 + 2=_____.

In any ΔABC ,c²+a²-b²/2ca =_____.

0.003 × 0.02 = ?

Find sum of roots ɑ + β of the equation 3x² + 5x + 4 = 0

Equation of the line in form of y-y1=m(x-x1) is:

The value of Cot 60° is____. 

LCM of (a – b)3 and (a – b)2 is ……………

Distance between the points (2,3) and (3,2) is:

Period of 2 cosec x/4 is:

Factorial form of n(n-1)(n-2) is:

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