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Free online practice tests of Mathematics are available here which are very helpful for Initial Academic Tests of Army, Navy and PAF. All tests have been collected from the past students who have passed the academic tests.

You are advised to test your skills of Mathematics here. If you want to join Pak Defence Forces then increase your passing score in the following tests. We prepare our students with 100% preparation and give confidence. 




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Math Advance Quiz

(AB)= ____?

A triangle with three acute angles is called ________ triangle.

We use first of cosine (tangent) then law of sine when measure of………. are given.

Angle with same initial and terminal points is called ____?

If set A has four members then the set A x A has ____ members.

A triangle with an angle of 90° is called ___?

If x+y=8 and xy=15 then find the value of x²+y²

Who introduced the term matrix in 1850?

In right angle triangle Cosθ=____.

Commutative law w.r.t. addition is: 

Additive Identity is _____.

The set of data that appears most is called _______?

The circle passing through the vertices of a triangle is:

If x=2+√3 , then x+1/x =_______?

The number of 3-digit numbers formed by using each of the digits 2,3,5,7,9 only once is:

Any side can be a ______ when it is considered to be the bottom side of the triangle. 

If A completes a particular work in 4 days and B completes the same work in 12 days. How many days will it take if they work together?

The fraction x2+7x+3/x+1 is:

If X = 0 then |X| = ?

The word trigonometry means ____?

If  x= 2+√3, then value of x²+ 1⁄x²=______?

If sum of two numbers is -13 and product is -30, then find the numbers…………….

An angle that measures greater than 90 degrees is called _______ angle.

The equation ax2 +bz+c=0 is called the ________form of a quadranl equation

aˣ  = n is equal to ______.

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