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Colour Blind Test is also called Enchroma or Ishihara Test which helps to check that whether you are physical fit for Pak Army, Pak Navy or Pakistan Air Force. 

If you want to join Pak Army, Pak Navy, or PAF then you must check yourself through colour blind tests below which is totally free. For more online preparation of Armed forces tests install Mobile App or subscribe YouTube channel. 

colour blind test

Enchroma Colour Blind Test is basically designed to determine person’s type and level of colour blindness. This colour vision test is also known as Ihihara Test which means to find out the number or element written inside the bubles of different colour. If you are able to recognise the written number inside the bubbles then you are fit. 

Colour Blind test is usually taken in the initial medical tests of Pak Defence Forces whether it is related to the Commissioned Officers, Soldiers, Sailors, Airman, or Airwoman. This test is mendatory for uniform persons so that in future they must be able to differenciate the target in more befiting manner. 

Most of the people think that it has no value but in Pak Defence forces or in any military force, it has much value because being a soldier, recognition of target in different situation must be clear. If vision of the soldier will be clear then he/ she will be able to hit the target well. 

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Colour Blind Test

53 1
65 8
24 nil
69 9
13 3
18 42
4 7
86 X
23 nil
44 53

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