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Online Practice of English Tests

English Tests are prepared to assess your understanding of English Grammar, Vocabulary and Phrasing. This is rich website for the students who want to join Pak Army, Pak Navy and Pakistan Air Force. 

More than 100 online English Tests are given here for getting best result in the all initial tests of Pak Defence Officers. 

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Online Practice of English Tests

English Tests contain all types of questions like parts of speech, synonyms, antonyms, similar, phrases, fill in the blanks, direct indirect and passive voice. 

All tests are very helpful for the initial tests of Officers in Pak Defence Forces. All questions are taken from the past papers and collected from the previous candidates. 

Online English Tests (Advance)




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English Advacne Quiz

-----she is clever, she often makes mistakes?

Synonym of “churlish” is---- ?

Antonym of HYPOCRISY----- ?


Synonym of Ridiculous is------- ?

Which one of the following is antonym of ” Apocryphal ” while others are synonyms?

A sad poem usually written to praise and express sorrow for someone who is dead is known as   ____   ?

Afridi plays the Harmonium and the sitar is--- also?

Antonym of INORDINATE is------- ?

Synonym of “pecuniary” is---- ?

Synonym of “unequaled” is---- ?

Antonym of PATHOLOGICAL is------ ?

The problem------ a lot of thought?

----weight gain or weight loss is not good for your body ?

Who is known as the Poet of Nature?

Did the boys turn----- for football practice?

Synonym of “wrangler” is---- ?

Synonym of Infringe is------ ?

Synonym of “cult” is----- ?


Idiom “A slap on the wrist” means?

Synonym of ” Uproar ” is---- ?

Antonym of DUCTILE is------- ?

I------ to Islamabad with some friends last night?

Synonym of ” Lambast ” is------ ?

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