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Geography plays a pivotal role in understanding the world around us, and for students aspiring to join prestigious institutions like the Army, Navy, and PAF, a solid grasp of geographical concepts is indispensable. Whether it’s comprehending global landscapes, understanding climate patterns, or analyzing geopolitical scenarios, a strong foundation in geography is crucial for those looking to excel in the initial academic tests. 

The multiple-choice questions (MCQs) presented here have been meticulously curated based on the past experiences of successful candidates. These questions are designed to provide aspiring military personnel with a targeted and effective study resource, ensuring that they gain the knowledge and confidence needed to succeed in their academic assessments. By focusing on these geography-oriented MCQs, students can harness a strategic advantage and increase their likelihood of achieving excellence in their pursuit of a career in the armed forces.

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Geography Quiz

The lower Indus plain starts from:-

POTWAR  plateau bounded  in the east by :-

Khewra is  famous for minerals  of  ;-

How many rivers flow in Punjab Province:-

Omara port is  in which  province ;-

Oxygen  in the atmosphere  is ;-

According to OAG the world busiest road is:-

Due to geo strategic position no peace is possible in Afghanistan without the active support  of:-

What is the height of Tirich mir Peak:-

Asia  continent is  what  percent  of  earth  area ;-

Atmospheric  pressure  at  sea level is  :-

What is the difference between one degree of longitude:-

Sulemanki Headworks is constructed on the river;-

Marble  is  a ;-

What is the total length of Siachin glacier:-

The first gas field discovered  in Pakistan   was at :-

Deltas  plain of Pakistan  starts from ;-

Rawal lake is situated in:-

Which is the second highest Glacier in the world;-

Which  river  is also  known as  Yellow  River ;-

Pluto  was  discovered in:-

In a  solar  or  lunar  eclipse,  the region  of  earth's  shadow  is divided into :-

According to Krummel water covers ______ of the globe:-

What is a basin:-

What is  the  total area of Balochistan :-

Geography Quiz Questions and Answers

  1. The equator is an imaginary line that divides the Earth into the Northern and Southern ____________.

    • Answer: hemispheres
  2. The highest mountain in the world, ____________, is located in the Himalayas.

    • Answer: Mount Everest
  3. The Amazon River is the second-longest river globally and flows through the heart of the ____________ rainforest.

    • Answer: Amazon
  4. The Great Barrier Reef, the world’s largest coral reef system, is situated off the coast of ____________.

    • Answer: Australia
  5. The capital city of Japan is ____________.

    • Answer: Tokyo
  6. The Sahara Desert, the largest hot desert, spans across ____________ countries in North Africa.

    • Answer: several
  7. The ____________ Ocean is the largest and deepest ocean on Earth.

    • Answer: Pacific
  8. The Northern Lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis, are commonly visible near the ____________ Circle.

    • Answer: Arctic
  9. The Nile River, often regarded as the longest river globally, flows through ____________.

    • Answer: Egypt
  10. The prime meridian, starting point for measuring longitude, passes through the Royal Observatory in ____________.

    • Answer: Greenwich
  11. The capital of Brazil is ____________.

    • Answer: Brasília
  12. The ____________ Plateau is known for its high elevation and is often called the “roof of the world.”

    • Answer: Tibetan
  13. The Dead Sea, known for its high salt concentration, is bordered by ____________ and Jordan.

    • Answer: Israel
  14. The city of ____________ is famous for its canals, historic architecture, and gondola rides.

    • Answer: Venice
  15. The Great Wall of ____________ is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and spans over 13,000 miles.

    • Answer: China
  16. ____________ is the largest continent, covering about 30% of the Earth’s land area.

    • Answer: Asia
  17. The ____________ is the world’s smallest ocean and is located between Australia and Antarctica.

    • Answer: Southern Ocean
  18. The largest desert in the world, after Antarctica, is the ____________ Desert in Asia.

    • Answer: Arctic
  19. The ____________ Peninsula is known for its scenic beauty and is located in the southwestern part of Europe.

    • Answer: Iberian
  20. The capital of South Africa is ____________.

    • Answer: Pretoria
  21. ____________ is the world’s largest island, located between the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans.

    • Answer: Greenland
  22. The ____________ Trench is the deepest part of the world’s oceans, located in the western Pacific.

    • Answer: Mariana
  23. The country of ____________ is known for its fjords, Viking history, and Northern Lights.

    • Answer: Norway
  24. The ____________ is the world’s highest navigable lake and is located in the Andes Mountains.

    • Answer: Lake Titicaca
  25. The capital city of Canada is ____________.

    • Answer: Ottawa

Geography Past Papers Questions and Answers

  1. The ____________ is the longest river in Europe and flows through several countries, including Germany and Hungary.

    • Answer: Danube
  2. ____________ is the smallest country in the world, located entirely within the city of Rome.

    • Answer: Vatican City
  3. The Great Dividing Range is a series of mountain ranges in ____________.

    • Answer: Australia
  4. The ____________ is a large, cold desert in Antarctica, covering about 5.5 million square miles.

    • Answer: Antarctic Desert
  5. The capital of India is ____________.

    • Answer: New Delhi
  6. The ____________ is the longest river in Africa and flows through multiple countries, including Uganda and Sudan.

    • Answer: Nile
  7. The Grand Canyon, a natural wonder known for its layered rock formations, is located in the state of ____________.

    • Answer: Arizona
  8. The ____________ Islands are known for their volcanic landscapes and unique biodiversity.

    • Answer: Galápagos
  9. The ____________ Strait separates Asia from North America and connects the Pacific and Arctic Oceans.

    • Answer: Bering
  10. ____________ is the highest capital city in the world, located in the Andes Mountains.

    • Answer: Quito
  11. The ____________ is the world’s largest salt flat, located in southwest Bolivia.

    • Answer: Salar de Uyuni
  12. The city of ____________ is renowned for its historical significance, housing the Acropolis and Parthenon.

    • Answer: Athens
  13. The ____________ is a large, shallow bay in Russia, known for its extreme tides and sea ice.

    • Answer: Bay of Fundy
  14. The ____________ Canal connects the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea and is a crucial waterway for international trade.

    • Answer: Suez
  15. The ____________ Ocean is the smallest and shallowest of the world’s five major oceans.

    • Answer: Arctic
  16. The country of ____________ is known for its Maori culture, stunning landscapes, and the All Blacks rugby team.

    • Answer: New Zealand
  17. The ____________ Desert is the largest desert in North America, covering parts of the United States and Mexico.

    • Answer: Sonoran
  18. The city of ____________ is located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia and is known for its historical architecture.

    • Answer: Istanbul
  19. The ____________ Islands are a group of volcanic islands in the North Atlantic, known for their dramatic landscapes.

    • Answer: Azores
  20. The ____________ is the world’s largest hot desert, covering much of North Africa.

    • Answer: Sahara
  21. The ____________ is a large river in South America, flowing through Brazil, Colombia, and Peru.

    • Answer: Amazon
  22. The ____________ Mountains, often called the “Roof of Africa,” stretch across several African countries.

    • Answer: Drakensberg
  23. The ____________ Sea is a landlocked body of water in Central Asia, bordered by Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

    • Answer: Aral
  24. ____________ is the world’s second-largest continent, known for its diverse cultures and landscapes.

    • Answer: Africa
  25. The ____________ is the world’s deepest lake, located in Siberia, Russia.

    • Answer: Lake Baikal

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