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Are you interested to join the prestigious ranks of the Pakistan Defence Forces through the legal branch? Whether you aim to be a part of the Pak Army, Pak Navy, or PAF, excelling in the initial academic tests is crucial. To aid in your preparation, we offer a comprehensive collection of important multiple-choice questions (MCQs) from past papers. 

These resources are tailored specifically for the legal branch, providing you with the targeted practice you need. Prepare effectively and confidently for your entry tests here, free of charge, and take the first step towards a distinguished career in the defence forces of Pakistan.

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Law Admission Quiz

Under the leadership of  ______________ constitution of 1956  was passed :-

Which country hosted the 2022  FIFA world cup :-

Name of the camel on which   Holy prophet (SAW) travel :-

Synonym of distress :-

Crips mission  arrived  in india in the year :-

ADVERSE circumstances  are not  ________, Write the  opposite of   capital letter :-

The Incident  of World Trade   center took place in ;-

Which is the largest   cannel of Pakistan :-

Who became second prime Minister of Pakistan;-

Which city of Pakistan   is called  Shaheeno ka shehar ;

Simla  Agreement   was officially   signed on ;-

The Rukn e Azam  of Hajj is :-

____________ is the original  name of   the mountain K2 ;-

Which nation was in majority in   the state of Hyderabad   Daccan  at the time  of creation of Pakistan :-

In which  of the following  "Tirch mir  "  mountain is located :-

Minto park is now called as :-

In which  country are the   Taurus  mountain located ;-

The one unit  Bill was  passed   in the year __________;-

What is the second name  of  Ghazwa e  Khandak ;-

Federal and  Supreme   legislative   body of Pakistan  is :-

Kobe Bryant  American   basketball  player just died  in  a plane  crash  which state of America :-

Select similar word , Curious :-

When Muslims  entered the Indus valley, Who was leading them ;-

Graveyard   of Empire  is considered  as the ;-

Which river is not  flowing   from Jamu  and Kashmir ;p-

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