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Journalism Quiz

What is a editorial:-

Who started the paper ' The Boston Newsletter' :-

Photography was developed in____ century:-

the largest Newspaper of Pakistan is:-

The Calcutta Journal was launched by:-

Wax Wyllie wrote:-

Master Antenna Tv & cable Antenna Tv transmission of TV channel are similar system;-

The first printed book published in China by _____ in 868 A.D:-

To be considered a daily , a newspaper has to appear at least:-

Agenda setting is the main objective:-

The news which appears in the paper two or three days before an important event is called:

Radio is a:-

The first book printed in India was in ____ language in old Goa:-

The author of well known communication book " Process and Effect of Mass Communication " is:-

Gandhi started the _____ under the editorship of Mahadev Desai:-

What is dummy:-

Communication is a:-

What is considered as father of popular journalism:-

The audience for whom the message is specifically designed are called:-

A large size head line across the entire page is called:-

The structure of Newspaper was designed by;-

____ was invented by Baird:-

The headquarter of CNN is situated in:-

Communication is a:-

The Number of Radio station which Pakistan got in 1947 was;-

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