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Journalism Quiz

Back bench is the senior editorial executives of a Newspaper:-

The author of the well known communication book "Men, Message, and Media; A look at human Communication' is:-

In India, the first television station was set up in___:-

A full service advertising agency has;-

The author of famous book " Covering Islam" 

Tv made its advent in Pakistan in:-

Who was the owner of the Calcutta Morning Post:-

Which of the private Pakistani Tv channel has the greatest number of viewers:-

What is by Line:-

A large size headlines across the entire page is called:-

CPNE is the representative body of:-

APP is the news agency of:-

Gandhi started the _____ under the editorship of Mahadev Desai:-

_____ were the first European nations who brought a printing press to India:-

The first Urdu Newspaper was:-

Radio of Pakistan was converted into Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation in:-

Kuldip Nayar is a well known Indian:-

S.M.C.R is a well known:-

Which is the year of The French Revolution:-

Who was the founder of the DAWN:-

Blogs means:-

Who was the founder of yellow journalism:-

The Individuals that initiates the advertising process is called:-

Calcutta gazette a newspaper, was first published on 4 March _____:-

Communication is a:-

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