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Journalism MCQs Practice Tests with Answers

If you aspire to join the prestigious ranks of Pakistan Army, Navy, or PAF and are preparing for initial tests in the Public Relations branch, focusing on journalism can greatly enhance your chances of success. Journalism skills are invaluable in the realm of public relations, emphasizing effective communication, critical thinking, and the ability to disseminate information accurately and efficiently. 

By mastering these tests, you not only strengthen your candidacy but also equip yourself with essential skills that are highly valued in military and civilian sectors alike. Dedicate yourself to preparing thoroughly, and aim for nothing less than 100% success. Your determination and commitment will undoubtedly pave the way for a promising future in the armed forces.




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Journalism Quiz

S M C R model of communication process was produced by:-

'journalism for all' written by:-

Al Hilal published by Maulana Azad from calcutta in;-

A reading of the copy, or article to eliminate all errors after the reporter has finished the story is called:-

The subject allotted to a newspaper reporter  is called:-

Koh e Noor circulation was:-

What is the most important person in the TV News:-

As a first Urdu daily of Bihar , Dini Bihar '  started in;-

Pak Tea House was a cafe that has traditionally been frequented by the city's artistics, cultural and literary personalities:-

A withdrawal of a previously published story is called:-

The term artillery of the press was coined by:-

Who was the first news editor and reporter of PTV;-

Hakeem Yousuf Hussain's Literary magazine was;-

A few words used to break up large amounts of text, normally taken from the main text is called:-

In 1919 , the Pratap was started in Lahore by:-

The communication based on purchased time is called:-

The Avadh punch was at its best for about twelve years , then it began to decline and was closed down in:-

Radio Pakistan was converted to Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation in:-

Back bench is the senior editorial executives of a Newspaper:-

APS associated Press service, the news agency , is working in:-

Reporters without Borders was found in:-

The first Urdu paper to publish photographs and illustrations was;-

The number of radio stations, which Pakistan got in 1947 were:-

The author of famous book " Covering Islam" 

The term graphic design was actually coined in____:-

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